Game ending abruptly and restarting?


I have two complaints from two people who tried the Dark Order demo concerning the game stopping abruptly and returning to the start page. Those situations happened in different scenes and unrelated code. So far I have not been able to reproduce the problem.

Has anyone experienced a situation like this? If so, have you found a solution? Is there a known bug that causes this?

P.S.: I’ve thought about frequent use of *gosub and *gosub_scene might be the cause, but it didn’t seem likely as I always have a *return which supposedly removes the last stack.


You can activate this option in randomtest to see if there’s a particular branch that’s never shown.
If you have a node that is always shown (like chapter 1 line 1) and you test the game 10.000 times it would say 10.000 before the line at the end of the test.
If you have one line or entire branch or chapters that aren’t shown for some reason you’ll see it there and maybe help you know if there’s an issue somewhere.


Weird question but were there any updates to the game made between them starting playing and the behaviour being reported? When updates happen during play, the current chapter resets.

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