Can't modify stats for CoG label games

does CoG distrust it’s player base that much?.. too bad i can’t return this game, i already have it on ios so i supported this game’s author already, buying it on chrome store again was just a waste of money… tsk… not all people want to steal you know, some just want to make things easier or enjoyable aka cheat the stats a bit… smh…

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It might help if you described what exactly was going wrong when you tried to edit stats.

I think he’s saying he’s wanting to modify the games code to make it easier?

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@daemonofrazgriz821 Since it seems that you don’t know, I’d like to mention that you can get the game on CoG’s web store without buying it twice. (which seems to be your main point of frustration)

Are you editing the .json files or the .txts? Because editing the txts will do literally nothing. And in my experience there is no CoG game you can’t edit.

Hi, so you can mod all CoG games? but i tried to mod metahuman inc, but no matter what i do? nothing changes what so ever, :slightly_smiling:

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It changes per platform. The instructions for Steam (and some other stuff) can be found here:

I actually tried all of that, but still nothing, the hosted games work fine though, :slightly_smiling:


well i wanted to buy it again full price to support the author as well as a justification (for myself atleast) that i can make my game easier and enjoyable, ie experience the thief class exclusive quests without actually focusing on being a thief, something like that…

@Blazerules, let’s see, i use mac and played thru chrome and i mod the json files using the txt files as guide… i modded hosted games before no problem, but after i modded a CoG game, the index.html will crash and the app turns grey so i need to delete it and download it again…

That’s a problem that Chrome has had for a long time, actually. Modifying the files for the apps renders them unplayable in Chrome, try loading index.html with FireFox.


using a chrome app on firefox?.. how do i do that sir?.. i’m seriously and not sarcastically asking, i swear…

If you know where the Index.html file is on your computer, then you just need to go there, right-click (or the Mac equivalent), go down to Open With and pick FireFox.

cool… let me just download firefox right now and test it… thank you!.. :clap: