CoG Apk files torrented

Hey guys, just though I would relay some interesting stuff I found out earlier today. While going through some back room forums of one of the sites I am a member of I discovered that on multiple torrent sites the APK files for nearly all of CoGs games are in the database. I didnt really believe this so I went to one of these torrent sites and discovered that it is true. I didnt download any of them, but I thought I should share this since CoG needs its revenue to keep its games up.

Man it’s true i’ve searched several games and it’s there

This isn’t really surprising. APK files aren’t that difficult to torrent, it was only really a matter of time before they were uploaded I guess.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any effective remedy against this, they’ll crop up regardless of what action is taken against them.

And now that everyone knows about it, I’m guessing there are going to be a lot more torrents. I’m sure the majority of active members won’t, but there are always those that will.

@RVallant is probably right, as sad as this is, I’m not sure if much can actually be done about it.

If people are going to torrent things they’ll do it regardless of whether or not there’s a forum message about the subject. People are always going to steal games. It doesn’t matter the price of the games. It doesn’t matter any security measures that are taken.

There’s that famous story of the makers of Game Dev Tycoon who released a version of their own game on the torrent sites which highlighted the whole issue. and so many people just didn’t get it at all.

I think there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about torrent files other than hoping that those who play them see the games, have a crisis of conscience and decide to purchase them.

But if you see people advertising the torrents report them on the forums you’re on. Or point out how good and cheap the games are and that if they don’t buy them no more games will be made. Maybe it’ll help. Probably not.

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Honestly, that’s part of the reason our games or priced so low. We think they should really be closer to the price of a book (like, $8-$10), but the higher the price, the more likely it will be pirated. In my opinion. I mean, some people wil just pirate because that’s who they are. But I think there’s a middle ground of people who will pirate if they view it as too expensive, or, conversely, if the amount of money saved by pirating is negligible compared to the time spent torrenting, then they’ll just pay.

Yeah, I’m actually surprised people would pirate over shelling out a measly 2-3 bucks. That’s like the price of coffee.

What are torrents and APK files and all that stuff?? I’ve never heard those terms before.

@Galador .APK files are how android applications are shipped and installed - it’s essentially loads of little files turned into that one big file. Think of it like an .exe(cutable) for windows.

As for the other one, I can’t be bothered explaining it so ^^

@CJW Thanks! That’s interesting! Also, I’ve never seen that whole “Let me Google that for you” thing before, and I thought that was hilarious!

I agree with @9inchh. You might’ve done a disservice by making it publicly known.

I’ll just hope that the low price as well as consumer ethics will ensure that CoG continues sailing regardless of pirates.

@Galador youmust live under a big internet rock :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway now people who don’t know about torrents will know about the torrents, the people who already use them wont stop just because of this, seems like the thread did more bad than good. not that you were wrong to bring it up but just observing…

2.99 is Cheap, good lipsticks cost ten times that

If someone of this forum pirate this games deserve being curse for the choice script goods ; the tierran saints and the dragon seeker lol.

They are cheap i buy some one of the competence far more expensive and We are a community if we don’t buy our community games what cra p of forum group we are [-X

I disagree with @9inchh and @Caddmuss

If you’re gonna pirate, you’re gonna pirate. If you’re that determined to get a game, you’ll find out about pirating sooner or later. Hell you can google ‘free’ *title* and get a torrent link.

Let’s face it, nearly everyone has pirated or knows of piracy in some form, and if they don’t a la @Galador then the information on it is merely fingertips and one internet page away.

@RVallant, So you think that shining a spotlight on the idea didn’t affect the number of people who were searching for the APKs?

I’d think that now, some people who didn’t know or think about the idea may go out and look for them because they saw this thread.

***k. why people have to steal from hard working writers? i have a friend who always said he could pirate all the good games. he told me about it but it still confused me. but the point was this.

(him), “sometimes we pirate the stuff cause its to expensive, other times its just for fun. but no matter what you do, someone somewhere is going to take the game/gamebook and pirate it eventually”

he’s left the business though.

@Caddmuss - I think those predisposed to getting a game for free will have tried finding out how to do so.

I don’t think talking about torrenting is going to increase torrenting, it’s not as simple as that. More importantly though, I don’t think someone should be blamed for bringing the matter to light regardless of consequences, s/he was clearly trying to be helpful.

As proof that they’ll pirate anything and everything, some of those choice games being torrented are free. Not that I’ve looked directly at the sites because I don’t trust them not to be brimming with malware.