How large is the CoG fanbase?

Just because I am curious, about how many people actively purchase and play these games for free. Is it in the thousands or perhaps more? I feel like it’s not a crazy large amount because CYOA games have a very small community. Just a question. :slight_smile:

Well some of the older games have 10,000+ downloads or even 100,000 (COtD) on the android app store (though I’m not sure if that’s unique downloads or just total).

But recent offerings seem to be peaking at 1k to 500 in the first couple of months, so while the fanbase isn’t huge in gaming standards, I think there is a sizeable market - certainly big enough for further expansion.

@CJW Thanks for the info. I’ve been really curious of this recently and now that curiosity is sated. :stuck_out_tongue:

But i think the dedicated fans, people with accounts here, are few, i beleive i know them all that still use their accounts

You know the site has very few account # when you know most of the people on the threads , it’s like a screwed up literate family in here…

“Screwed up literate family” I think I’ll be using that one.

It’s true though … well at least I hope most of us are literate?!..

I’m not literate. :frowning:



Back on topic, I think the COG fanbase is rather large for entirely text-based gaming without any shiny graphics. It relies solely on the author’s writing ability.

The “community” is typically a small portion of the actual fan base.

Ima fan *raises hand* :3

I’m a fan And I always buy the new games when they come out, but I have to say, I don’t like the current trend of shorter games and higher prices.

we are small and neutral