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First of all, it is in many places. Second, what’s your point? You’re either not familiar with the work we publish, our values, or this forum, or you are and you’re trolling. So two options: go away, or make a substantive comment about the game Drag Star, which is the purpose of this topic.


Wires crossed?

Always one to embrace rather than rebuke the general arming of oneself with prior knowledge, a necessity in such times where survival depends upon being well-informed, (everyone, please stay so in life), I take issue with the notion that leaving a positive review on this game, Drag Star!, too soon is harmful by handing justification to a negative reviewer who would post such vitriol as that entrenched within Samuel’s screenshot. Neither did the author hand them justification for their dark viewpoints by the act of creating and releasing the game. Such line of thinking is a dangerous road to travel…

Again, loving the subject matter without knowing this game intimately is not the same as hating the subject matter and the people it celebrates without knowing this game intimately. Those reviews are not just an attack against a game, but their neighbors, our loved ones and friends. In this case, I prefer not begrudging anyone when or how they should leave their excited, five starry-eyed reviews, no matter where they are in the installation process. I’m not advocating the practice of reacting blindly to hate, but neither would I advocate the outright rejection or black-and-white rigidity in the face of support. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hate speech is against European laws and most of international laws . Come to a forum to accuse fans of acting political and then defend hate speech comparative of pederasty with homosexual it is okay.

It is not only puerile, it is madness. Why so much hate against freedom and other live goals and genders. Only some one that is in denial of their own self could be so fearful brute against lgtbq.


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I wish I could have a better grasp of English to give a charismatic drag response But well only cowards go denigrating and denial others nature. And those people lost same those that let awful reviews just because other people are different from them. I just could say My Poison drag persona phrase A Poison kiss… darling deserve eternity.

Okay I need working my English catch phrases lol


I don’t expect either of us is going to magically start siding with the other about the appropriateness of blind reviews. Probably best to just agree to disagree and not worry about it.

I see the search thing also extends to Google itself (and also remains unresolved on the Play Store). I type drag star google play as a search engine entry and come up with jack squat. I hope this isn’t going to be a recurring issue with new releases there and is instead either a technical issue or somehow related to the fairly generic title.


I had the same problem in the Amazon App Store.


Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone.

Amazon has an App Store?


…Am I the only one who immediately thought of this?


Makes me think of something else.

“Gasp! A talking piñata! Anything for you, magical, fat-faced, talking piñata!”



(EDIT: I deleted my first reply and posted this do-over because I wanted to draw a circle around the Amazon thingie because it seemed like an important detail to include and also I’m a huge dork.)


It does show up for me in search if I type the title in brackets. It’s buried though beneath all the drag racing games with millions of downloads. Maybe give it a couple of days for google to sort statistics out.


Heh, sorry, it was my poor attempt at a joke. I know Amazon has an app store, my game is on it. I just enjoy mocking their App Store since it’s such an insignificant marketplace in the grand scheme of things. Them and their silly non-tablets.

@Jumo_004 Let’s hope so. Not being searchable at all is bad juju.


Also funny: What do you suppose I meant when I mentioned having the same problem in the Amazon App Store?
HAHAHA. I’m laughing so hard I almost dropped my silly non-tablet.


This has literally become the catch phrase of bigots. :joy: People seem like they get more offended now only because society is currently less accepting of bigotry in general.


But “kiss my glitter” is glorious.

Like a girl with a too tight ribbon around her finger, just a reminder that this was not an objection to blind reviewing in general, but as to your specific reasoning behind why one shouldn’t, as it relates to this specific game. But certainly * poof *, the ribbon unravels and all remaining worries are forgotten to the wind…

You shine like my cheek highlighter and understand me in the purest of ways.


But now for the actual tea:

What are your queens and kings and funky club kids’ names?


are you ready for a bit of the

The Young Ultra-violets

Trouble sHelix

Dangerous He-Lays-On


Phallus of Versailles?



Mine is Fabulous Farrah Harding, short is Fay, I just suck with names^^


After being called a “shady little Sasquatch,” I knew I had stumbled upon a masterpiece.

Really, I’m not usually one for comedic works, but I adore this charming little gem and its indulgent sass. :nail_care: Excellent author, excellent puns, excellent :coffee:- 10/10 would recommend.