Drag Star! — Slay the catwalk on TV’s hottest drag competition!



I think the worst thing about this situation is that the game is almost impossible to find on Google play, so most of these early reviews are probably from fans of past CoG games who are on the mailing list. One of them (Ali G) even stated as such. That’s a real kick in the teeth. :frowning: Anyway, I did my part and left a 5 star review. Loved the game on beta and love it now.


I only could find it using the link in the forum, because I have some bad experiences with this bug.


I found it easy after adding the ! to drag star, before it was even difficult to find with choice of games in the search too. Which is strange


I only play once so far so Poison a classic. There will be a Mara Jadea. And Glitter litter of Mars


Faye Monroe


I loved the default Hiro Complex too much not to use it. So I played the kawaii as fuck pint sized powerhouse Hiro. :metal:


You have give me a idea for a drag King Called pink panther. It is a super joke because in spain there os famous snack that is like a brownie covered in pink chocolate and stuffed with a white cream… You could imagine how the innuendo goes


This is magnificent.


I use pub.Choice of Games LLC to find new releases.


You have ruined pantera rosa for me, Mara :joy:

I am going to Spain in a few days, when I go to the supermarket and see them I will think of this moment :rofl:


Ughhh, GO THE HELL AWAY IF YOU’RE GOING TO LEAVE SHITTY REVIEWS ON 95% OF CSGs. Like damn, do yourself and all of us authors a favor.


Oh yeah, I think I got tagged by Jess too. I guess it’s a rite of passage at this point. I assume there was just one specific story she liked, and everything else gets trashed because it commits the cardinal sin of not being that story.


Lmfao, literally. She left those kinds of reviews on all 4 of my games and I’m like…okay, fair points on some of them, but after a while you should realize you just hate the stuff I write and stop buying them. XD


My drag name when I first played was Tyra Fyra (yes, pun on tire fire, because my life is at that point), and that got really confusing during chapter 1. :rofl:


Ok, let’s be careful about dogpiling on someone that’s not using hate speech (this Jess Nunley person).


In other news, we received our second death threat of the year last night over this game. Woo hoo!

I responded by telling him that we were going to have extra-socialist gay sex with rainbows and unicorns and the Communist Manifesto in response.

Controversy around CoG's DRAG STAR!


You mean “comrade or czar” gets a reboot using the full potential of “fighting the russian revolution with nuclear zombies”? D=


As soon as I get home, I’m signal blasting this to the tiny following on my drag IG :triumph: I genuinely enjoyed this game while beta-testing and will only tolerate genuine reviews, not bigoted ones.

Idk much about how CoG markets things, but has anyone considered getting the word out to the drag community on Instagram? There’s thousands of amateur drag queens and enthusiasts just hanging out on there and plenty I’m sure would be into interactive fiction. Also, like, there’s a bunch of online amateur drag competitions on Instagram, there’s gotta be a way to get the word out, that’d honestly probably be the most effective route to do an IG campaign–if such a thing is possible!


Let’s do like a tree and throw shade.