Drag Star! — Slay the catwalk on TV’s hottest drag competition!



The problem with that is rheir reviews affects Economically so Seriously i personal don’t care the morals than bigots and directly support the people that is not vbigot and they could kiss my glitter and I call to people give five stars. I always do.


I’m from Narnia ? :rofl: is that Australia ?


Hey guys!

I’m not sure if this would be the place to put it, but there is a bug in the 3rd main challenge where it suddenly changes your pronouns.

I’m not sure how to put it under the summary tag…


Bugs are always to be reported to support AT choiceofgames DOT com, but we got this fix and it’ll be in the next update, very shortly.


I had so much fun beta testing this! The author reached out to me personally due to my feedback and we had lovely conversations about the game. As a huge fan of Drag Race, this is such a faithful, accurate homage and a great game in its own right. I will be purchasing the game even though I’ve already played just to support the author. Seriously, y’all betta get this game.

Also, I just wanna point out that our lovely author wrote unique titles for every. single. page. break. If that isn’t commitment and passion, I don’t know what is.


Anyone else not choose brown rice and vegetables?

Abso-lutely. :wink:

Oh no. Silence isn’t always golden or fair in the match where the hate stacks high against the far fewer open-minded. Understand that one with narrow views will still twist their thoughts into pretzels to fit such shallow pockets, no matter how ahead of the integrity and knowledge game we remain.

Someone who sees this piece spotlighting them and their community in a positive manner should absolutely be allowed to react with their hearts and hopes first.

Suggesting suppression in liking the game for merely existing is altogether disheartening as it is then a suggestion to cater to those who actually use their voice by disliking certain people for merely existing. Both are not equal in weight as the majority of societal viewpoints are already heavily skewed towards and rigged for the latter. In this, I believe, positivity and light should always and forever be allowed to drown out the negative…


Who’s that that’s interolable?


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I was not looking forward to this game (not really into reality TV) and I figured I would buy it to support COG. Never have I been so wrong about a game, this game was really fun and imaginative. Any game that let’s me do a performance of bjork and dress up as zombie David Bowie gets two thumps up in my book.


It is not appearimg in the play store when you search, you have to use the link. I recommend you check that for it is going to damage the rating of the app.


Oh, also someone tell me if this is rated 18+ in Russia. D=


Funny thing the only review I can read is yours :grin:


I saw that too with the search thing. Very odd.

@Quaintrelle I don’t think suggesting people read a story before reviewing it is an overly controversial position. Near as I can tell it’s standard operating procedure for any release here. I can appreciate that you want to fight ignorance, but doing so with more ignorance may not be the optimal way to do so.


A name destined for greatness


Sure it is. Tolerance isn’t having kind words to say about everybody’s opinion. It’s allowing everyone to have and publicly express their opinion – however wrong, misguided, or dumb that opinion may be. Tolerance works best when people do argue back against bad and bigoted opinions, calling them what they are.

If someone’s opinion is flagged and removed from a forum like this, that’s intolerance. If it’s called idiotic, or argued with, or dismissed but allowed to stand, that’s still tolerance.


No one should feel obligated to tolerate people who are themselves intolerant.

Bigotry isn’t a differing opinion to be respected. It’s just ridiculous behavior.


Did you see @Samuel_H_Young’s screenshot? That should answer it for you. Not saying everyone is entitled to give positive reviews, but there is a big difference between criticizing something you don’t like in a game and hatespeach.


You’re on incredibly thin ice here. If you don’t think equating homosexuality and pedophilia is hatespeech, please go back to school.


Why’re people still assholes this day and age?


I give up… It should be obvious why blaming child rapes on gay people is wrong on so many levels.