Draconic Challenges WIP (Last update: 07/June/16)

Hi all,
This was my entry for the Windhammer comp which I decided to try and convert into a COG. I’ve so far only got the first section coded as I’m having to adapt all the stats into coding that will work with the COG format and adding more options along the way as the Windhammer entries are fairly short so this may take me a while and updates might be on the slow side at the moment.

You can play up to the point where you choose a riding harness then will get an error as the codes are not fixed past that point :slightly_smiling: (If you really want to see what happens you can find the traditional gamebook version for free over at the Windhammer page. I’m hoping to flesh it out a fair bit from that though).

I’ll admit it got fairly mixed reviews in the Windhammer comp, something I’m trying to fix so any feedback on how the new format is working would be very welcome. I decided to put up the WIP rather than the completely coded version when I’d finished it so if there’s any suggestions I can try and work them in now rather than having to start from scratch. Some of the actions are stat dependent so if you attempt something that requires say a high speed stat, you’ll get a different result depending on what your speed stat is.

Sorry there may be some spelling/grammar issues. I accidently used an earlier version of my windhammer entry as the template and only realised once I’d coded way too much of it to start again. I’m fixing them as I find them again (but if you’d like to hit me with the spelling error stick of shame, please feel free to do so).

Do you like having text there telling you when your health goes up or down? (I was undecided and leaning towards taking it out).

One more thing, if you want to attempt the gold lair nest (rather than the blue-green one), don’t pick the “jump for the ledge” option unless you want to die. (There will be other options that don’t involve an early demise soon but I haven’t written it yet). You can successfully attempt the gold lair but at the moment it requires a high agility (tree climbing) stat. (There are other storylines that branch from that point with a lower stat though and there will be other options once I’m done with that section).

Anyway here it is, any/all constructive feedback good and bad welcome. Thanks :smiley:

Draconic Challenges Draft


i like it , also is nice to have more dragons games :blush:

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Should that be “arithmetic”?

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@anon4518890 Thanks :smiley:
@LordOfLA: Yes, yes it really should be. Not sure why I had arrhythmias on my mind seemingly :confused:

You can just claim you were playing through http://www.katawa-shoujo.com/, the MC in that has heart arrhythmia.

Edit: also you got some letters swapped around in “percipice” :slightly_smiling:

Sure that’ll work :grin:

Can we get different looks of dragons. Like if we took the sand covered egg it’s got a sand like look to it?

The only other error I spotted was an instance of “come one!” instead of “come on!”

Now, given the back story has our characters frequently bending the rules so to speak, I wonder if we can bend the rules at the training facility?

@NukeboomV2 At the moment there are 3 types of dragons (based on colour which also affects their stats). Probably not going to have wildly different types of dragons as it’ll complicate the writing quite a bit without likely adding to the story much. (If I change my mind I’ll keep it in mind though).

@LordOfLA Thanks again :slightly_smiling:
Funny you should say that. The second part of the book needs work, it’s a bit too brief and linear as it is. I was thinking about allowing you to break some of the rules with consequences (especially about leaving the grounds and potentially attracting good and bad attention from others in the town as a result).

I got an error message pop up after I chose to accept the harness

I like this wip and i think that’s were it end

Thanks @Terrell_Williams :slightly_smiling:
And yes that’s right, I’ve only coded the story up to that point @Zeus

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Ok Edit up. (See the link in the first post).
I’ve made the changes pointed out above and included the coded section up to the first flight and the missing option for the blue/green nest. (The extra gold nest option still needs writing).

Progress after this may be a bit slower. Due to the word limit, in the Windhammer version it jumps straight from here to the first comp. I thought it might be good to have some extra content between the two points though so I’ll have to get writing :slightly_smiling:


Woah super speedy update man! Im lovin the story so far :smiley: the beginning kinda reminded me of how the “Eragon” dragon system is with the telepathic link and getting to raise your dragon and such.
Keep up the hardwork.
Oh and do you plan on submitting this to COG as a full game, if so imma buy it lol.

I love this story is put together well and updates are speedy.

I loved how my dragon’s name ended with a “-th”. It reminded me of the Dragonriders of Pern series =D

This is a great story, really well writen and interesting the whole way through. Every character is interesting and the choices are fun (although dying at the beginning was a bit of a pain, what’s the point in my health?)

Only character I found annoying was the MC. He spent the whole time whining at his dragon and then getting overly emotional about everything. Also he was completely useless when she became unwell even though I told him to use the med kit!

Here are the errors I encountered if this helps:
Main story line 1510 “error unable to find “pages””

Causes the game to freeze up as I go to rode my golden dragon in kales camp.

Also since my gryphon fight my dragons health has been “0 RIP” which is kind of worrying :slightly_smiling:

Overall I loved it, looking forward to playing more.

I’m always down for dragons.

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i think i had a stereotypical anime school girl moment when i found out about this game a lot of squealing, hand waving and inability to stop smiling when i saw this. The reality hit me, it has as much interesting points and is not just a dragon fanboy/girl dragon game its so far a reasonably thought out story. and i am most certainly a :dragon::dragon_face: fanboy

I like this game a lot so far! Just came across this error: