Draconic Challenges- A Windhammer Entry (And maybe a COG later)

Hi everyone, I’ve put together an entry for the Windhammer comp. It still needs significant editing for wording and likely will have some typos, (which if you see I would be forever grateful if you point out but you don’t have to,) which I’m going to try and do over the next few weeks as I get the time. I’ll probably try to revamp it as a hosted game some time in the future if the interest is there, so any feedback I get now will also help when I come to do that :smile:

It’s my first attempt at writing one sort of gamebooks of these so if anyone would like to give it a read and let me know what you think it would be much appreciated. It’s a different style with dice rolls and page numbers rather than script, which is a little annoying on a computer screen. You can use the “find” option on your word processor or browser to help with the page numbers, I find that makes it a bit easier. (I think you need to download it first for that, otherwise it seems to crash the browser in dropbox.)

You also need one 6 sided dice or can use a random number generator such as this: RANDOM.ORG - Dice Roller

I might need to play with the stats a bit as well if people are finding it too hard or easy.

Onto the story itself: Basically it’s about a person who leaves their family business to take up the dangerous task of obtaining a dragon egg and raising/training her for a type of race.

I know it’s a bit railroaded and I do apologise in advance. There was going to be other storylines running but I ran out of words to do it properly. (There’s a 25000 word limit).

(If a non COG scripted game is not ok on this forum, please let me know and I’ll remove the topic. Thanks :slight_smile: )

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the Other Interactive Fiction category is more appropriate for this until and unless it’s been converted to choicescript, yes.

No problems I’ve moved it :slight_smile: Wasn’t sure where to put it since it’s still a WIP

At a quick glance though, its seems interesting and its been a while since I read something like this. I will read it properly in a bit and give some more constructive feedback…

Thank you @Sinj :smile:

Thank you very much to Sinj for the feedback :slight_smile:
Link updated: