Draconic Challenges WIP (Last update: 07/June/16)


Thanks @RyseAbove @Giratina @RanchoJoe and @Misa101 :slight_smile: I’ll keep working on it.

@Maxmansung Using the med kit actually does prevent permanent damage from happening :slight_smile: I’ll take the over emotional think into consideration, might see if I can tone it down a bit. Wow 0 health is a problem. Not sure there are meant to be dracoliches in this game! I’ll fix it. Thanks for the error code (Had a spelling error in the code, I’ll fix that too).

Thanks @alliebee ! I’ll see if I can find the error there.

Sorry the story was not more to your liking @Drakeye I’m not quite sure what qualifies as a dragon fanboy game but hope you find something more to your taste :slight_smile:

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umm that was a good comment toward the game i said it had interesting points and its not just fan-service basiclly



Oh sorry about that Drakeye, I thought you meant you’d hoped it was something different to what I’d written. Thank you :slight_smile:



Dracolich needs to be a thing now btw :smiley: That would be ridiculously cool! D&D has to creep into fantasy games somehow :stuck_out_tongue:



I love the story so far! It’s kinda like a love letter to Eragon. I also like that you have multiple dragon types.

However part of me is hoping you will include more dragon types.
For example:
The leg less Amphiptere dragons
Or the leather skinned wyrms

I am also wondering if you will be adding more colors to the mix? Like red and silver.

I also ran into this problem while accepting Kales harness.

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Thanks for the report @LadyKuonji :slight_smile: Yep I’m aware there’s a bug in the code there that’s messing it up, sorry have been super busy at the moment but will try to get some updates up soon including a bug fix for this section.

I hadn’t planned on different colours and types at the moment but I’ve had a few requests for it so I’m thinking I might consider it. If it’s looking like adding to the story I might add them in later with some different stats or abilities. Might make for some different choices if they are not all able to do the same sorts of things.



I like it it is good but what if the dragon turns on you then your dead could the dragon be attac with giving you a scar and if you dye the dragons dose



Thank you for all the help so far guys :slight_smile: Probably going to have to put this on hold for the moment while I work some things out, apologies.



I like it so far. I look forward to more



Thanks @JustAReader. I’m probably putting all my writing projects on hold for at least a little while but may come back to it. Glad you liked it so far :slight_smile:



Okay. I look forward to it. Good luck

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Ok long time, no update, sorry guys. Small update today, still needs a heap of editing so parts of it are still in draft stage. Still need to address Maxmansung’s concern about overly whiny character parts as well. I think I’ve fixed all the broken links (hopefully) and added a bit to the story. I’ve also taken out the early sudden death parts and I think the stats affecting which choices will come up should be ok now. (If anyone gets broken links or no choices available, please let me know but seems to be passing all the autotests). Currently sitting at about 27000 words.

Anyways feel free to let me know what you think. Happy to take constructive negative feedback as well :slight_smile:

(Removed old link to avoid confusion)

Edit: Forgot to mention, there is one choice where you get to choose to join/not join Kale, have to pick join at this stage (Has a note on the other choice that it’s unwritten). Still deciding whether to keep that story diversion in, going to concentrate on the core storyline for now.



Welcome back and how u been



Thanks @Terrell_Williams. Just needed a bit of a break for a while, hopefully back to get some more writing happening again now :slight_smile:



Find a extra today

Never mind that. Want to go for a fly with me today today?" She lets out a happy whistle, bringing her head in close for an eye ridge scratch.

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Thanks for finding that @Terrell_Williams. I’ve fixed it as well as a few other typos and I think the impulsive/reasoned stat is hopefully working now as well. (I’ve swapped them on the stats page and I think that’s ok now). I’ve also moved it to dashingtons as it’ll allow me to make minor changes like this without having to replace the whole link.




? As long as you keep the name of the compiled file the same as the version before that and upload it to dropbox it should be accessible through the same link, so I have some trouble seeing the problem. Anyway, if you want me to change the old link for the new one just drop me a note.



I didn’t realise that, I’ve been replacing links with each update on dropbox since the compiled versions had different names >.<

Anyway, I’ve moved it to dashingtons for now so it might as well stay there for the moment. That would be fantastic if you could change the link, thank you :smile:



And done. Glad to be of service :wink:

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Bit of an update, have added some scenes, now at about 38500 words :slight_smile: