Doomsday on Demand 2 - Closed Beta Test - Over



I would like to participate if its not to late
I have read the first book


Thank you for being interested in beta testing! Sadly, the beta testing phase is over for now. I’ll invite you guys if there’s a second wave of beta testing.


When will be released?


It’s going through the review process now. As soon as it’s found compatible with the current standards/rules, it’ll be in the queue. It’s hard to say an exact date, sorry. I’m hoping for a release sometime in the very near future :slight_smile:


I loved the first book very much. would love to beta


Thank you for taking interest in the beta test, but it’s over.

I hope you’ll get to play it when it’s out, and find enjoyment while doing so! :slight_smile:


Does this game have more RO’s the the other?


Yes, it contains slightly more RO options.


Can’t wait for the release. DoD was my first CYOA and got me hooked. 10/10.


Hi developer Myst is it out yet in google playstore? It’s today right


No, it’s being released tomorrow on the 21st.


will we be able to play where we left out in the first one? cheers i really enjoyed number 1


Is it possible to save the game at the end of dooms day on demand? because I couldn’t


@js2502 @Captaincharisma_Ezhi

I think we can’t save file from DOD 1 and continue from there, we will create a new background in DOD 2… This is @Myst reply in my earlier thread :

" I suppose DoD2 will… not continue how most of the people would expect it to. Also, no one has a save file, so the prologue is designated to the creation of your background."


Tomorrow is friday july 22 today is thursday 21


Yeah but the CoG staff are based in America I think so they go by the American dates. Technically, it is the 20th right now over here, so you might have to wait a little longer for DoD2 to come out.


Today is Wednesday 20th. It’s not Thursday that’s tomorrow.


He’ll most likely update the first game to where we can save.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my ending for the first one was so good i became a co-dictator alongside that guy. Heartbroken if i can’t continue my reign of terror


I think there should be a background selection in DOD 2 similar to your ending

I love my ending with Lizzie of living happily ever after :slight_smile: I also like Lizzie’s style of blowing everyone else just for me, can’t find that kind of girl easily… well, i would said Sarah Kerrigan from Star Craft is another "bad ass " female protagonist who is willing to sacrifice everyone else just for her lover :wink:

That will be cool…although then i need to replay DOD all over again … :slight_smile: