Doomsday on Demand 2 - Closed Beta Test - Over



I would like to participate if its not to late
I have read the first book


Thank you for being interested in beta testing! Sadly, the beta testing phase is over for now. I’ll invite you guys if there’s a second wave of beta testing.


When will be released?


It’s going through the review process now. As soon as it’s found compatible with the current standards/rules, it’ll be in the queue. It’s hard to say an exact date, sorry. I’m hoping for a release sometime in the very near future :slight_smile:


I loved the first book very much. would love to beta


Thank you for taking interest in the beta test, but it’s over.

I hope you’ll get to play it when it’s out, and find enjoyment while doing so! :slight_smile:


Does this game have more RO’s the the other?


Yes, it contains slightly more RO options.