Doomsday on Demand 2 - Closed Beta Test - Over



I felt a bit of another I-think-well-known-game by reading the first Doomsday on Demand. Really liked the playthrough of that game and so liked reading your story. Please count me in.


Happens if you died in the first book?


Then you can’t carry your save.


You will still be able to continue with the second game. Though, it won’t be forgotten that you died :wink:


Will we play as zombie :crazy_face:


I would love to beta test


I would like to beta test


I’d like to test please


I’d be very gratefull to test.


Me as well :grin: I would like too


Not quite. At least not at the start :wink:


I would love to beta test.


I’m going to shamelessly bump this thread for the first and last time, since no one is actually testing the game.


im really sorry, eventhough i volunteer a while ago to test it, im still unable to do betatesting til now (the same thing also happen with another games that i promise to do some test but unable to do it yet) :bowing_man:


I can help with beta test if the position still open!


I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THE BETA!!! i loved the first one read it about 4 or 5 times now and im ready to read the second!


I would love to beta test part 2.


Thank you, I’ve invited both of you.


Your work is great, the characters, the world and the anomalies are very interesting i would be happy if i play the beta. I felt kind of lonely after finishing DoD, i think it was the very first interective fiction ive ever played(not that I matter)


I would love to beta for Doomsday on Demand 2.The first game was amazing,and I would love to beta test for you.