Doomsday on Demand 2 - Closed Beta Test - Over

Hello Everyone!

I couldn’t touch Doomsday on Demand 2 for a long while at all, as I’ve had too many things on my plate in real life. That’s all about excuses. Onto the point!

The story in a nutshell, if you are not familiar with Doomsday on Demand:

You had to survive in the demolished district after the nuclear bombings. You had to face mutants born of the nuclear radiation, while dealing with what humans are left in the struggle for the hope to end your living nightmare. You decided who you’ll trust, and overcome the challenges that await you.The end solely depended on you. A couple years later is where Doomsday on Demand 2 picks up the story again. You will meet new people, various other mutants, and new places. You will encounter many conflicts, and romance as well If you choose to. What you choose tailors your journey, and shapes its end.

I plan to code a quick rundown on the first game, allowing you to set variables like that, or randomly generate a story. Before it starts.

Beta Testing:
DoD2 is currently around 90k words, I plan to expand it roughly with 20-30k words by the time it reaches it’s finished form, the beta testing phase. Of course as with the first part, I’m more than open to suggestions from the beta testing teams, hence the waves of testing.

The first wave of beta testing starts on the 1st of November, and the second wave starts preferably in December-January. I have quite a few things to do until that, but I’ll try my best to be able to finish in time with everything I have planned.

DoD2 is a game you can replay several times. I’d say playing through one path will take around 2 hours. Please apply if you are willing to go through as many of the possibilities and outcomes as you can, and will have the free time for it. There are quite a few. I might also ask to have a certain path played through.

What I’d mostly appreciate having feedback of:

  • As the second part relies heavily on the choices you have made in the first part, It would be really helpful to have people who have played through the first part, or is willing to do so by November 1, to be able to point out the logical flaws, or characteristic mistakes in the story. It is not a requirement though, just an extra help for me

  • Typos, spelling, grammar errors.

  • Anything you find worthy of mentioning. Since every help is highly welcome and appreciated, I’m open to everything from coding improvements/mistakes to content suggestions.

Some Disclaimers:

  • Sadly, the game is still gender locked because of the continuation. You will have to play as a male.

  • Just like the first game, the theme will be dark as well. If not darker.

  • The game doesn’t contain any strong language, however, both fantasy and realistic violence appears frequently.

  • There’s a slight “teenage” romance involved.

Considering these, I’d like to ask participants to be at least 16+ years old.

Just like the first episode, this one will have a private beta testing as well. So please post below if you would like to participate.

Thank you!

EDIT: First wave of beta testing has started. The game hit 130K total word count.
EDIT2: Beta testers are more than welcome.
EDIT3: Beta testing is closed for now, thanks to everyone who participated.


ok sir i hope you do your best

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I would like to participate in the beta. how do I sing up?

With this post you have just did :slight_smile:
Also, edited the post to make it clear.

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I’d be up for looking for any grammar mistakes.

Sign me up as well! :smile:

love be in this it will fun

I am interested in pointing out grammatical errors

also will the demo link be private?

I would like to beta test your game. What should I do

I am up for the beta. Sign me up. :smile:

i guess at that time i’ll have some free time to do beta test again :grin:
sign me up~
btw, i usually typo hunting and pointing logical flaws and tend to whines a lot at the romances part (so prepare yourself :wink: )

Hi, I’d like to participate in the test. I can help make sure everything is in order with continuity and the like.

I loved this game if was awesome

may I be able to join in as well? Hopefully I am not too late.

I would love to beta test! Doomsday was one of my favorite pieces.

Yes, it will be a private beta test, just like before.

I’m glad to have a real rough critic who holds nothing back. Just what I need! :wink:

You’re not, it starts in November. Also everyone posting will be invited :slight_smile:

That’s flattering. :blush:

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May i join the party?

Sign me up as well I love the first book so no doubt that I wil love this as well.

Count me in. I’m interested.

Yes, everyone replying to this thread can.