Donor: A Vampire Victim's Tale [GAME RELEASED!]


@Idon_t_havaname I’m so sorry! Glad to hear that it’s working again for you, though. :heart:

Is it possible to get that one supplement dude from the club without triggering the “Uh oh you’re starting to panic” prompt? I’ve tried going at it with high detachment and heavy intake but it does nothing

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No, unfortunately you can’t get the supplement at the club without triggering a panic, and this is something I’ve received numerous complaints about.

It would change the arc of the story too much if the hunting trip were successful. And while I thought it would be fun to give readers a taste of what it would be like to hunt with Paul, and add a taste of what it’s like for the character to experience a panic attack, I can see where the branch is ultimately just frustrating. :frowning:

Apologies, and thank you for reading!!! :heart:

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I played this game and loved it so much! My favorite playthrough was the last one where I pretended to be a model prisoner, was super manipulative and then finished all the vampires off.

I don’t really understand why the vampires are so fond of the MC though… seems like she isn’t that exceptional. I think it was hinted somewhere that she is similar to Paul’s sister, but otherwise I really don’t get why Paul for example would be so nice as to allow her to keep the silver bracelet and dagger.


THANK YOU!!! And congrats on killing all the vamps! :smiling_imp:

I think this is such a great question because you’re absolutely right - the MC isn’t exceptional in any way. Here’s my take on why each vamp cuts her a little more slack than the typical victim, however:


  1. Keeping the MC alive is a large blow to Charles, whom he loathes.
  2. Most of Richard’s donors have been “willing volunteers,” and he has nothing but contempt for wannabe vampires. The MC represents a refreshing change of pace.
  3. Richard likes to keep to himself, and so does the MC. In this regard, she’s an excellent roommate, even if he doesn’t feel a personal connection to her.


  1. As you mentioned, the MC does remind Paul of his little sister, whom he felt responsible for.
  2. Paul, having lost his own large family, identifies with the MC somewhat, who has no family of her own.
  3. In his effort to befriend the MC in order to use her as bait, Paul becomes more and more attached as he gets to know her. This is more a factor of Paul’s personality than the MCs, however - he just becomes attached easily, which also explains his loyalty to Charles.
  4. At least in the books, Paul likes the MC because she likes him (platonically, of course). She isn’t a vampire groupie angling to be turned; she simply enjoys his company and the two have an easy/natural rapport. IMHO, friendship often has more to do with mutual comfort than how much two people have in common on paper.

Now don’t you feel just awful for killing your two besties?! :wink:


So I was looking at Angela’s room and I saw one book which was a romance story between a human and a vampire. Did Angela fantasize that she would be with a vampire and what was her disappointment when she met Paul and Richard(cause they are def not vampire from those books)?


Hello again, Elena.

Well, I managed to get the ‘Unexpected Ally’ ending - but that was via Warp Zone, which made it a lot easier to make Charles like my character. Not sure how to really do it, the long way round, given that he’s trying to have the MC killed off at one stage.

I’ve now tried this adventure about 13 times - getting killed about half the time. On the last occasion, my MC tried to become a vampire, but despite taking Xanax at little as possible and going clean, the poisoning attempt failed (but Charles starved, as per my back up plan). Don’t know if I erred somewhere. My MC’s Humanity was at 22%, but the vampire option didn’t show (possibly because Paul was angry at my MC for Charles going downhill).

My questions at present are:

  1. How do I get the Achievement involving Richard rewarding me for killing Charles? I presume the answer is in one of the earlier chapters. And…
  2. What does his ‘reward’ entail? Is the ‘becoming a vampire’ ending keyed into this, at all? I know the normal route for this ending depends on Charles dying, and the MC’s Humanity being something like <=20%.
  3. Less important, but how did Angela’s friend get into the basement before the story began? Did he have a skeleton key, or copied key? And what exactly was Angela’s ‘crime’, which led to Richard killing her? Just curious as to the details.

PS: By the way, thanks for making the MC a Taurean! :wink:

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Congratulations! I was very excited about this book, especially since it was the first book that I read on this site. It also introduced me to this forum. You did a wonderful job and the effort you put into this was worth it and also appreciated. Good luck in the near future!

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I love this question. :heart_eyes:

Yes, Angela (like most of Richard and Paul’s victims) had a somewhat romanticized view of vampires, and one that probably evaporated slowly over time rather than all at once. So I doubt she would’ve been all that disappointed when she initially met Paul and Richard. After all, Richard is supposed to be movie-star handsome, and Paul can be pretty charming–what’s not to like?

It wouldn’t have been until after living in the basement for a few weeks that the reality would set in. Richard is never going to return your affection. Paul isn’t really your friend. And they’re both planning to kill you. I’m sure it was a tough pill to swallow, and a story that probably warrants a novel in its own right.

Hope that made sense!


Hello again yourself :slight_smile:

Getting the Charles ending it tough without the warp zone - the best advice is NOT to pull him into dinner theater, which shuts off the path completely.

Hmm, going clean and taking as much Xanax as possible should’ve done the trick… I can’t remember if starving Charles cuts off that branch, but definitely try the normal route. Did you go hunting with Paul earlier? I think that can also hurt your chances as it prompts you to take extra Xanax before leaving. I’ll take another look at the code.

Around the end of chapter 6, I believe, you need to suggest that Richard kill Charles – and be sure to have very high honesty. He’ll offer to get you your own place and hook you up with a job at the apartment complex.

The “reward” isn’t all that great (surprise, surprise), and it isn’t keyed into the vampire ending. As long as Richard has made you this promise earlier, he’ll make good on it–pretty sure that even holds if you end up sticking it out with Rich after he kills Charles in chapter 10 (replacing “rare vintage”). Let me know if you have any issues getting to this ending and I can walk you through it in detail, same with becoming a vamp.

In my mind, the friend that Angela brought back to the apartment was someone she’d gotten to know at the vampire clubs that she and Paul frequented. This person was someone she genuinely liked, and she thought it would be alright to take him back to basement to hang out after Paul had finished drinking from willing victims. It wasn’t. Well, that’s Paul’s excuse, anyway. The truth is that he just got hungry and lost control, so stating that her friend shouldn’t have been there wasn’t entirely true - it was more like Angela should’ve known better than to bring him back in the first place if she didn’t want Paul to eat him.

As for Angela’s “crime,” it was in striking Paul with a silver dagger in a hopeless effort to defend her friend. There’s a bit more to that story, too, though–her attack was a long time coming. After living under the vamps’ control for such a long period of time, she just kinda lost it… :frowning:

My best friend in college was a Taurean!!! :wink:


I had no idea!!! That’s actually so flattering that I don’t know what to say. :blush:

Thank you so so much not only for reading, but for following up after the story was published!!!
:cry: :hugs: :heart: :kissing_heart:

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Some tips.

Apologies if these points have already been noticed. I’ve been testing the parameters of the game in some scenes tonight - and have noticed some curious things…

  1. From Warp Zone, regardless of which version of the Laundry Room chapter I choose, the application takes me to the same version (where the MC told Charles that Paul didn’t intend to turn him).
  2. During the Blackjack game (and this is something that I first spotted some weeks ago), sometimes the computer selects a card that’s already been played. How do I know? I always play through the scene with an actual deck of cards, to help my chances.
  3. After some struggles at poisoning Charles turning Chapter 9, despite my MC going clean of Xanax, I recently managed to kill him a few times. Tonight, I repeatedly struggled again. I’m not entirely sure why. What seems to be the case is if you want to successfully poison Charles, your MC should never agree to hunt for Paul (not even in Chapter 7), and you might be better off refusing Richard’s request for you to assist him with Mrs Grayson/Deidre, then head to the furnace and - on your return - ensure that the choking man isn’t rescued. It also might be better if you don’t tell Charles about Paul not wanting to turn him (which means Mrs Greyson will be the prisoner, later). And I’ve noticed that - regardless of you having found silver by the time you play Blackjack, Paul’s offered reward to entice you to have a bet with him is liable to change. Tonight, I’ve had the ‘100% stats with Paul’ offer - then, in a later attempt, his offer to let you go free during the next meal at the diner. Every time I had the former offer, Charles will later cough up the Xanax given to him (even though my MC has taken as few pills as possible earlier, and is going clean. This is via Warp Zone, though, and not from the start of the game.

Anyway, just wondered if anyone else had encountered these issues.

Oh, and has anyone got the secret Achievement? Can’t remember if it was just one in the first place - but I’ve got one left to get.

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Hmm I’ll definitely check this one out - I could’ve sworn I fixed that…

Now this one is pretty interesting to me. Never thought of testing with my own deck of cards before, but something I will try over the weekend. How often would you say the problem occurs?

If you’re starting from the warp zone, make sure to select a configuration for an extremely light Xanax user. I can also test this one out over the weekend to make sure it’s working as intended.

Heh, you might not want to bother with this one, but I’ll let you know what it is: In the “dinner theater” chapter, the vamps will eventually give up after you go through 50 rounds of the number selection game. This was suggested by a reader waaaaaay up in the thread and I thought the idea was so funny that I implemented it. With that said, it isn’t particularly rewarding/exciting.

@DenaFan YOU ABSOLUTELY ROCK. Thanks so much for taking the time to test so thoroughly, can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!!!
:heart: :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:

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Ah thanks, Elena! :star_struck:

I know playing with my own deck of cards whilst playing the mini-game of Blackjack is somewhat cheating, but it helps me to calculate the likelihood of when my MC is liable to go bust or not. I’m still more likely to lose against Paul, than win against him, though! But having now got the knack of how to play Number Scrabble, at least Paul isn’t killing my MC anymore (because her heart rate isn’t reaching 100% anymore).

The computer card anomaly doesn’t happen every time, I would say, but I seem to notice it more than 50% of the time…

I think I’ll give the hidden Achievement a miss, then… I still need to get Death #5 as it is.

PS: I’ve started on the fanfiction story! Hopefully, when I’ve finished it, I can get my fanfiction website of choice to create a new category for it (as they don’t already hold any ‘Donor’ fanfiction. :nerd_face:


Please PLEASE keep me posted! Very excited about this :smiley:


Hey @DenaFan, after looking into it over the weekend, I think you might be experiencing an issue where certain quickstart character configurations are overwriting your selected path. For example, if you select chapter 7, and then select “Master Manipulater,” it will force you into chapter 7b because that configuration is specifically designed to achieve the “Unlikely Ally” ending, which isn’t possible to achieve on the other branch. If you select chapter 7, and then choose “Hell Hath No Fury,” however, I believe it should take you to the correct branch. At least it did for me when I tested it, but please let me know if you have a different experience.

And I’m still testing out the blackjack issue… stay tuned :grimacing:

Just occurred to me… Are you saving and reloading if you lose a hand in blackjack? There’s a known bug related to the choicescript "rand’ function that might flare up if you’re doing this. Rand | ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom

I could definitely see this throwing things off as I believe the cards might be reselected every time you reload a hand - cards that have already been played shouldn’t be affected, however.

Hello Elena.

I don’t yet know if it was certain quickstart character configurations that caused the issue. But thanks for looking into the game’s set up, anyway. Perhaps that’s the answer.

On the Blackjack issue… No. I usually play straight through any game of Blackjack within the game. I did so twice last weekend, and the card glitch occurred again on the second game - but not the first. However, I have noticed that, if I have to pull out of the game whilst playing a hand (because of having to see to something else), that bug you’ve pointed out does change the cards upon re-entry. Just as well, because when it happened to me, Paul lost his Ace and Court Card hand!

Incidentally, this time playing from the start, I found that it was possible for my MC to refuse to aid Richard poison Charles, but go for the ‘Go Clean’ option on pills. During Chapter 9, having got Paul to offer my MC her freedom, and allow her to keep the silver and dagger, he offered her the 100% statistics with Paul prize. Upon my second attempt, I won at Blackjack. With my normal statistics with Paul at 70%, I wanted to test if my MC could appeal to Paul into taking her on as his vampire hunting partner, after Charles overdosed - and it DID work. The scene just before Charles died correctly left out the ‘as you wait for Charles to draw his last breath’ text.

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Thanks for the additional info, I’ll continue to investigate.

Oh good! Really sorry about any frustration you experienced before. :sweat_smile:

Thanks again for all your help :heart:, I’ll keep you posted on what I find regarding the blackjack issue.

Great answers! That explains their motivations really well. Reading this, I think I like Paul a little more than Richard - it feels like he actually has a genuine attachment to the MC instead of Richard who is more pragmatic.

I might have felt a little awful, but after getting betrayed by the vampires so many times and getting killed by them in very gruesome ways, it mostly felt like fitting revenge, to be honest. I would definitively have felt worse for them if I hadn’t gotten so many bad endings at first though.

Just a side note: I wonder why the vampires with all their connections couldn’t make a deal with a blood bank? That would be very convenient for Richard since he doesn’t like to deal with people.