(Discontinued) In Your Hands

Oof, turns out coding is harder than it looks, who knew?

Anyways, this is my first attempt at this kinda stuff so please be patient with me. I hope y’all enjoy this lil’ game of mine! Feedback and critique are highly apprieciated btw.

(Note that all of these are wip therefore might be edited in the future)

Content Warnings

This game includes but is not exclusive to: violence, gore, brutality, death, murder, speciesism, elitism, and manipulation. (More TBD)
Note that you’ll be able to read, skip or see a more subdued version of the more graphic depictions.


After having numerous world-ending visions, the local shaman eventually has one where it seems the world could possibly be saved. He is sure that you are the prophesized one.

With conviction, he has sent both his kids to accompany you on your mission.

Like it or not, you are now the chosen one, tasked with saving reality as we know it. You are to subdue or eliminate the threats, whichever it may come to.

The targets? The Twins of Blasphemy–the incarnate of Life & Order as well as the incarnate of Death & Chaos. The demonic angel and the angelic demon.

An endevour few would even consider—much less take. But you’ve always been one of a kind, haven’t you?

  • Play as male or female. Save the world out of of avarice or altruism? Are you emotional or stoic? Do you follow your heart or your mind?

  • Choose your profession; are you the Great High-Mage? The feared God-hunter? A reknown performer? Or perhaps just an ‘ordinary’ archivist?

  • Make friends with the Calamity Duo and steer them away from the path of destruction or antagonise them and make them snap—effectively marking them as a threat.

  • Romance the gentle saintess, the hotheaded hunter, a mysterious soul—or pehaps the two powerful entities themselves?

  • Will you be able to stop the apocalypse? Or will you be the reason for it?

Update Log

15 Sep 23 ~ fin prologue and 1st chapter

16 Sep 23 ~ made this post. Also, the demo is now public. Tweaked the prologue. Changed the title too.
Edited the story even more lol.
A lil bit of the 1st chap should be available.

Update 18 Sep: More of chap 1 should be available.

Update 21 Sep: More of chap 1! Meet the shaman and the crazy catlady that’s definitely not gonna appear again.

Update 26 Sep: A save feauture has been implemented!


I just lost all my progress and I can’t log in to any my dashingdon account either…

Yeah, this wip is officially dead. Sorry.
Might try to make another one in the future


I can’t really say much about the demo, since I get a “bad label two” error after line 300 and can’t proceed past that. I’ll tell you though, you need to put way more effort into making me understand what setting I’m actually in or even how the environment looks. There are no descriptions of anything that isn’t immediately relevant, and when I hope to get at least an approximate idea of what kind of culture I’m in by seeing the example names I get the choice between… Cheng, Smith and Volkov? Are the characters aliens who use completely random human names? I mean, that would explain shaking eyes but I really think you should reconsider your stylistic choices.

Also, the names are just random. I chose 'em them purely cause I like the sound of 'em

Edit: yeah, I think something went wrong. Back to the coding board


The demo is barely 2 pages before the error happenes, so it’s hard to give an assessment. Maybe the descriptions you’re looking for come after the 300 words we got to read?

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Okay, so for me personally, I think it’s a good start. I’m already looking forward to more and seeing where the story goes. Like the other person said, It’s Definitely not enough to give a huge opinion and such stern criticism.

Even so, What you have so far, is honestly really well written. Especially saying as though this is your first attempt. :grin:

This game includes but is not exclusive to: violence, gore, brutality, death, murder, speciesism, elitism, and manipulation. (More TBD)

Oh and after looking at the warning, you may want to think about making a thread in the Adult Content section- depending on how descriptive you plan to be with the gore and stuff. I know many of the writers/authors keep two threads, the main one for more casual and soft topics of conversation about the game.

The other for more NSFW conversations and topics of the game; where readers can talk about the darker and less appropiate aspects ie gore, killing, violence and or sexual innuendos- if you allow that.


Ouh, okay!

But there’s def not gonna be anything sexual. Heated flirting at best but that would be it.

Meow’s fam would probably kill me if I do lmao /h srs

And thanks for your thoughts!


Update 18 Sep: More of chap 1 should be available.

(Hopefully, I’ll be able to fin all of chap 1 today)

I can’t edit the main post anymore… sad

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Another WiP needs an editable magic spell.


Done! @MeowMeow422 you should be able to edit it now :slightly_smiling_face:


Lemme try this again…

So I’m kinda torn on what trope/archetype should I go with for The Calamity Duo so I’ll let y’all decide.

Le polls

For the Demonic Angel

  • Sadist
  • Himedere/ Oujidere
  • Kamidere
  • Femme fatale
  • Then Let Me Be Evil
  • Other
0 voters

For the Angelic Demon

  • (Defrosting the) Ice queen/king
  • Tranquil fury (calm even when furious)
  • Shundere/ kuudere
  • Gentle giant
  • Well-intention extremist
  • Other
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