Diabolus Ex Machina


Hi folks, INTPlayer here!

For my next game, Diabolus Ex Machina, I’ve decided to combine two of my former game concepts into one game with an innovative feature: you can play as two different characters at the same time!

Diabolus Ex Machina is an action adventure RPG, combining early modern historical fiction with 21st century cyberpunk science fiction.

Your first character is set in 1542. You are an inquisitor for the Roman Catholic Church, a witchhunter who will drink from the fountain of youth allowing you to live without ageing. You will experience adventures in renaissance age Europe, and live on to experience the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s, and perhaps even… the future.

Your second character is set 500 years later, in 2042. You are “subject 5”, a poor soul who has leased his body to a multinational megacorporation. After being shot down from a helicopter your spinal cord is shattered, and the company offers to rebuild your body with cybernetic enhancements, at a cost…

This story will have your two characters develop on their own paths, but eventually come together and meet to deal with a common foe. The themes and experiences will be different per character:

Early Modern Witchhunter: focus is on the paranormal, Christian mythology and historical intrigue. You will build a character that can gain increasing metaphysical powers, but only at the cost of selling your integrity to demonic powers. Not so much focused on relationships but more on actions.

21st Century Cyberpunk: focus in on the interplay of politics, technology and corporatocracy. As a cybernetically enhanced human you will engage in corporate espionage and become embroidled in a global conspiracy. The theme is again the temptation of power: will you sacrifice your humanity for ever increasing technological advancement? Will also explore romantic and non-romantic relationships with a cast of characters.

I’ve finished 4 chapters so far, mostly about building your character, let me know what you think!



I think you have a good writing skills. However, I found questions in prologue weird, dreak totally game flow. And are confusing, are the character in america the one who answer or the other… really confusing. I didnt ended the demo because all options are goodie goodie and i dont like being goodie hero i want being ruthless and ambitious


The concept sounds really cool. I’ll be sure to check out the demo when I can.


“It’s the year 2042, and a lot has changed in the last few decades… You
were born in 2016. The year Donald J. Trump was elected the 45th
President of the United States…”

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ! :scream:

“…You were seven when he was assassinated.”

Yes ! :triumph: Wait… that means he was reelected ?! :fearful:


He’s suspended if you look on his profile.


I love the concept and what you have written so far, but I have a question. Why is it that we can type in our own name for the inquisitionor if we don’t want any of the options of names to choose from, but in your 2042 persona, you can’t type in your own name there? Call me picky, but that’s what made slightly less fun reading on because I felt it defeated the purpose of “reinventing myself” after the crash, since my uncommon name wasn’t there (not that I would expect it to be). Because truthfully, I thought of the 2042 persona as myself rather than the 1542 persona. Also is the name you give your 1542 persona final if I’m playing it as a woman disguised as a man? Cuz if she were Joan-of-arcing it up in there, wouldn’t she have to have some sort of made-up, masculine name to go w/ the disguise? And finally, assuming that both your characters meet at some point, the inquisitionor one being immortal, is it possible for them to fall in love? Cuz that’s what I was cooking up in my head for where I wanted my readthrough to go.

Btw sorry, that’s way more than just one question.


I like it so far can’t wait for more


Not a fan of the fact we can’t choose the second protagonist’s name


I really enjoyed this; a lot more than most other WIP’s.

Shame the writer is suspended for 274 years. How does one even get banned for that length of time?


He cercumvated a ban by creating another account.Also I believe he was the maker of 1542 and that acount was banned.


No, I gathered that. It was more of a rhetorical question than anything else.

But thank you anyway.


Now this is a wip I can get behind and k will get behind i really can’t wait to see what the sorry will bring us next


According to my research, while this account may be banned till 2290, his other account is only banned till October of 2015


Oh, I didn’t see that the author was banned… That’s a shame.


Wait why is the author banned?


Wow, first time I heard a banned author. It is almost funny. Now if you are so rebel to be banned you could add a not super hero choices because all was a) Goodie ultra catholic b) Goodie. No very religious aware of social problems c) Goodie Meh I dont care life is this way.
I would love a I am doing this shit for money and power and I dont care the rest.


This Account:
This user is suspended until May 9, 2290 1:42pm.
Reason: Circumventing a Suspension

his other account:

        Immortal Pigs1
              This user is suspended until October 20, 2016 11:49am.

              Reason:  Sock Puppeting, Transphobic Posts


I don’t even know what Sock Puppeting is.


neither do I, presumably it’s controlling another account


Here be your answers for sockpuppeting.
Best example of this is Day One: Garry’s Incident where the developer put in false (positive) reviews of his own game to raise sales. Though I didn’t know that this kind of thing applied to forums as well. Perhaps I should get rid of my extra accounts. Don’t wanna get caught for sockpuppeting of all things.