Devil's Heart

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The demo has finally been posted after year long hiatus/stop-and-start process of learning the script and ironing out the storyline! I hope you enjoy it!


Enter a world where creatures have lived alongside us for as long as we can remember. Play as a demon, trying to make a living and survive day by day in a world where your own species is the most dangerous threat to your existence. Devour your siblings, gain Energy, master the powers of Flesh and Spirit to become the apex predator among your kind, and carve out a place to call home.

  • This is - tentatively - labeled as adult fiction and will possibly contain graphic and nongraphical descriptions of child abuse and neglect, torture, murder, and/or gore. (I say ‘tentatively’ and ‘possibly’ since I haven’t written the scenes yet.)

  • Note that if you don’t, or didn’t, like Samurai of Hyuga for its linear storyline, then Devil’s Heart might not be your cup of tea.

If you see a flaw in my logic, don’t be afraid to point it out! I’d rather you catch it and help me fix it, then let that plot hole linger! :smiley:

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Update Log:

6/11/18 - Demo uploaded.
6/23/18 - Fixed the stats and added some tiny narrative changes.
8/15/20 - This WIP thread is closed permanently.


Ha! I’m just imagining a group of humans learning that and some of em stoked about it, while others are rethinking their lives.

But this sounds interesting indeed, I love a good demon type read, so yea - bring it on.


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So… welcome! Although you’ve been a long lurker here…

Actually, Dante is a half angel and half demon (a nephilim), not human-demon.

Anyway, you’re currently worldbuilding your story then? Then let the brainstorming begin!
My questions will be:

  1. Are this demons is basically brainless, dummy monsters or are actually intelligent higher-being? Or perhaps, both?
    It will help at creating various scenes for your morality choices.
  2. Do you have something like “limbo world” or do these demons co-exist on our world? (the dark side of the world, ofc)
  3. I’m curious about other fantasy/supernatural creatures. So, we got this circle group of nymph, fairy, ghost, spirit and will-o-wisp gossiping the demons?

Now about the PC motivation, I think you’ll need to setup the cast of antagonist first. Is there a “big bad boss” demon or a “breed machine of demons” (which can be arguably the human’s own mind. WOOOHOO) or just a simple overwhelming swarms of demons that litter the world?

From there, I think the inspiration for the PC’s motive will arise by itself. Or even better, you won’t need to define their motivation. I mean, yeah, let us the player decide that :confused:

When I say that the idea is based off of the DMC franchise, I’m specifically talking about the franchise before the DmC: Devil May Cry alternative continuity where Dante is a half human half demon hybrid and not a half angel half demon hybrid.

  1. A mixture of both/depends on the demon. Some “small fry” who are instinctive creatures - no more intelligent than an earth predator (still intelligent, just not human intelligent); some have grown to Cthulhu otherworldly intelligence; others have human intelligence. This is where the Evolve video game mechanics come in: eat more, grow, repeat.

  2. Undecided. I’m leaning towards the ‘creatures from another dimension’ origin. They come to ‘our’ reality to feed and then move on, once they’ve had their fill.

  3. I don’t know if the MC will assemble a group of other creatures to fight demons, but I’ll probably have scenes where you can interact with other creatures. Beyond that, I’m not sure where I’ll go their existence. As exciting as it would be to include them, if there’s no narrative/plot relevant importance to them, then I’m scrapping that idea.

I’m currently undecided on how the antagonist will manifest. It might be a mixture of all those things: a “big bad boss” - maybe not that big - and possibly swarms/armies of demons. I might have some demons carry a notion that the MC is an interesting challenge, or maybe an abomination, that should be killed.

From there, I think the inspiration for the PC’s motive will arise by itself. Or even better, you won’t need to define their motivation. I mean, yeah, let us the player decide that

Eh… I’d rather have several choices for the player to choose as possible motivation. Even Dante from Devil May Cry has a motivation that evolved throughout the games: originally a demon hunter as a sword for hire, found his brother and went on search quest for him to save him, and money.

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Will we meet or know our demonic parent? Do half human half demon hybrids face any discrimination?

Traditionally… A Nephilim was the spawn an Angel and human, no demon involved. If demons were mindless, most stories involving them would fall apart. Traditional demons exist in Hell, not some “limbo world”… Obviously the most recent DMC has perverted all traditional knowledge about these kind of subjects… Figures. @AChubbyBlackCat The Seven Deadly Sins actually have nothing at all to do with demons, they are simply sins that can lead to quite a literal death. Can’t really comment on what they look like, depends on what your looking for.
Omnivorous? Doesn’t sound all that strange. How are you thinking to reconcile other fantasy races with the existence of the supernatural? How do they even know that demons exist? If demons are real, why not Angels?
Good to see anything involving traditional Christian Mythology, wish you the best in your efforts.
The only thing that bugs me is the whole “hunting your own race” as that has never really seemed logical to me, much less the motivation needed for that kind of thing as realistically, if the protagonist is committed to eradicating demons, they would eventually have to deal with the matter of what to do with themselves, imagining that they even survive…


I’m thinking that Demon Parent will play a part in raising the MC, but then leave for reasons (that I have yet to think of). And yes, as a half human half demon hybrid, you will face discrimination. If I give the ‘yes’ to other supernatural creatures in the game, then something like this might happen:

  • Werewolves can smell that something’s not entirely human about you.
  • Fairies cast glyphs that keep demons out, and this will extend to you.
  • Groups of humans might hunt or help you or even worship you.

I’m in.

But on a serious note, my biggest question is what will the MC be doing? You mentioned a big bad demon or something along those lines. Ok, let’s say a big bad demon wants to destroy the world and enslave humanity. What would be the MC’s motivation? What would they do? Can we just, I don’t know, let him enslave humanity? If the MC goes to fight the demons why would they? It seems illogical to murder your own race.

DMC is one of my favorite series (except for the reboot; the gameplay was really good but the story was an absolute meh) so needless to say this has piqued my interest.


The reboot Dante is a demon angle hybrid. The original is Cambion which is a demon human hybrid. nephalem and nephilem are two different things. One is a demon angle hybrid the other is a human angle hybrid.

If this takes place in the modern world and supernatural occurrences are fairly common then society should have easily been able recorded supernatural activity thus expossing supernatural society.

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Hi @AChubbyBlackCat .

There are references and tutorials linked in the following for CS scripting help: Master List: Links for Beginners

Anything that has to do with devil may cry I’m in favor of it, you have my support ( And if the original dante is even more )

So far liking the idea it sounds interesting and like it can go places as for romance I always think with any game it should be an option just not the main point of the story like you don’t need it to drive the story forward.

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Ah, sorry. I don’t play the previous title, as you can see. :sweat_smile:

Ah, em, ok. I get it guys.

Plz… forgive me…

Haha! He already mentioned that he read the link already
You’re late to the party.
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This sounds like a lot of fun. I had a thought, but it would change the story drastically each time, so you’d end up having to write different stories for the same game; what if there are different motivations or catalysts for the MC?
Motivation Example: The MC is affected very negatively by the discrimination they receive from being a halfer, so they seek to destroy one of the two species that they descend from.
Catalyst Example: Some amoral humans kidnap them because they want to see what makes a halfer tick, but end up accidentally awakening the MC’s full potential after, say, torturing them to the brink of madness so they start hunting down everyone that was involved in their torture.

…those are only examples of different ones that could be set, but I think it’d be interesting. Not just changing a few story elements, but changing the story all together depending on a choice or two. Though, I probably shouldn’t suggest that to you if this is your first project.

Nooooo. :scream:

Too bad… Maybe next time.

I like this. It’s rare to find stories where humans know about demons, etc, so it will be interesting to see how that works in the world you create! :slight_smile:

Also a good idea. I think it would very limiting- fun, but limiting- and it gives more variety if you don’t follow the sins.

I’m really liking the sound of the ideas you have so far. I’m always down for games like this :smiley:


Hello and welcome!
While I can’t help you with the demons’ problem, I imagine that your story will have a lot of fights and will be action-packed.
I’m coming from a place where people are debating fiction all the time and I’m trying to help people with that kind of stuff. When I heard that DMC has inspired you to make this story, I was intrigued because DMC is a quite powerful universe to begin with (I’m talking that they are capable of destroying the universe itself). From what I have seen here, I know that not many people here are taking the power of their stories (and by “power”, I mean how strong the people from their stories are) seriously, and even if they did, they aren’t focused on it but are focused on romance instead which is kind of understandable. So far, I have seen only 3 stories that has this element in them. For example, in “Keeper of the Sun and Moon”, the full-blooded demons are stated to be capable of destroying entire worlds (which places them at Planetary level of power). I’m not saying that their stories should be like “Dragon Ball Z” but I rarely see stories like that.
So, what I’m trying to say is that if you are going to make an action-packed story, first you need to have a Tiering System which will help you ranking your characters in terms of power. This might help you avoid making Mary-Sue types of character or overpowered characters.
If there are going to be demons and angels, you can visit this place to help you figure out the powers and abilities they may have. There is a lot of useful material that will help you with magic.

I hope that I helped you.
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Hmmm… I’m not sure how to reconcile the fantasy with the supernatural, but I think that also begs the question what creatures are fantasy and what are supernatural.

Demons have made themselves known to everyone; how, I haven’t decided yet. Humans can see them and other creatures can see them, that much I’ve established. I’m thinking that the reason why other creatures regard demons as “the big bad” is because demons are omnivores and are typically the apex predator.

Angels typically imply that there’s going to be some religious force, and a good vs. evil fight/war between the two sides and I don’t know how I would explain their reason to be “at war” with the demons in this world. Since the MC is half demon, I don’t want to fall into the Trope of Good Angels Become Evil because you’re an abomination in their eyes. Very weak.

That is a serious question, and it deserves a serious answer! :smiley:

I’m thinking along the lines of that it is optional that the MC can go out and hunt demons, but I also want your line of thinking to be an option to. I don’t know how far I’ll diverge into story telling yet, but I’m thinking of “solving” this problem by having demons be cannibalistic, in addition to omnivorous. Meaning, you as a half human half demon hybrid are a rare treat for them to eat.

So, the MC doesn’t necessarily doesn’t have to go out and hunt demons, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to hunt down and try to eat the MC. Because the MC is half demon, that means they can benefit from eating other demons to!

It’s kinda weak, but that’s the best I can think of at the moment.

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