Fairmath Help - No Error, but not working

I’m working on my WIP - Devil’s Heart. I’m scripting in some modifications (using the Fairmath system) but when I do a test run, the stats aren’t going up or down. I’m not getting an error message, which makes me think I set something up incorrectly.

This is from startup file.

This is from the choicescript_stats file and where I think I input something incorrectly. Should my stats be *set flesh %4?

This is where I’m using Fairmath in the demo.

This is after I choose an #Option (setting faux_species to “coatl” and flesh to %+3). The Flesh stat should raise from 4% but it doesn’t - as the screenshot shows.

Got any ideas on what’s going on?

The problem stems from using *set in choicescript_stats itself – every time you click Show Stats, those *set commands are resetting those three values back to 10, 4, & 2.


How can I change it so that it doesn’t keep resetting those values?

Quite the opposite. Don’t *set anything in the stats screen.

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Now it’s working! Thanks for the help!