Development of - Treason on the Border (The World of Aerath)


Questions or comments here please, I’ll try to get to them ASAP around other commitments. The game is already well along from the Alpha we will post, but none of the content is truly “set-in-stone”.


What’s it about?


Can’t wait to give this a try.


The title has already got me hooked. Now just need to figure out whats going on. A rebellion or terrorist hmm…


Saw this in the Are you working on a game in ChoiceScript? Let us know! discussion and felt the need to post it for those who haven’t seen it yet:

There’s a decent amount of info on their facebook page too:

Just figured those links needed to be included ^ :smiley:


Thanks for the initial response guys. The World of Aerath is an RPG style fantasy world with some very significant twists. Loads of history and political movements, but the story is primarily about the protagonists role in the conquest of Turania by the forces of the expansionist Empire of Ormath. Parts 2 and 3 will detail further twists and evolution’s in a plot that will span years of quest and military efforts.

(Without too many spoilers): The protagonist finds themselves captured and held for treason against a newly formed military coalition. The exact nature of the incarceration (done during the character generation phase) is a completely different for each player as are all of the choices from childhood. Approximately two thirds of the way through Game 1 we will switch back to the present, except now the character will have a unique background, story and reason for their involvement.

Seven different races, many, many skills, perks, and other persistent stats…

Hope this helps and stay tuned…



Sorry, top should read: Games 2 and 3 will detail… :stuck_out_tongue:


It sounds good. :smiley: looking forward to trying this.


Wow, this sounds very intricate.


Political turmoil, cunning strategies, power…kill your enemies… i like the sound of it…


…Now if only it has an NPC called Emma that you can kill with some sort of poison? ^^

The concept sounds great, very ambitious.
I just hope you stick with it (best of luck)!


@CJW Exactly :stuck_out_tongue: I could imagine Emma like Nero with a arp yelling about city she just burn down It´s burn down ? or burn into … Damn


Hi all! My names Adrian, first time poster. Treason on the Border is a co-authored project between myself and Khaz and I just wanted to thank you all for paying attention to our project!

Glad you like the sound of it, we’re aware that it is a relatively ambitious project (particularly for our first choicescript game) but we have a definite vision for this world and anything less simply wouldn’t be doing the world justice. As far as killing people with poison goes, we have included a race which may appeal to you…they have a particular affinity for mixing all manner of dark and toxic concoctions :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you like the sound of our game, please visit and like our facebook page (as kindly linked by heyyoungblood above). It will be regularly updated with concept art, maps and sample text. Also we have been taking photos of our hand written story boards and flow charts which we shall also post in case anyone is interested in how we are going about creating this story. If anyone has any ideas, questions or comments, please feel free to let us know!


I’ve liked your page :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see this published


Thanks Samuel…noted mate. We’re pushing hard to get the preview done for the 31st which will be closely followed by the Dropbox Alpha becoming available for the community. Testing, tweaking, etc, etc…



Great :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile:


Cool :slight_smile:


Fantastic. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

As promised we have started posting the preview and to do so we whipped up a webpage to display all the information. Please visit to check out what we have put up and to see regular blog posts of what we are up to. As always, any questions or feedback is welcome. Tell us what you think!

We will still be posting on our facebook page letting people know when there are major updates to the website so please visit and hit like to be kept apprised of what’s going on.