Need help finding a game?

Hi! :slight_smile:

I need help finding a game, it was made using ChoiceScript and it has its own page in the works in progress section
it also has its own blog/website

i can not remember the name of it though so i am having trouble finding it

you start off by being interrogated by a general or something and get given a truth drug so that you basically say everything about your past, things like what race you were and who your best friend was

i know you could pick between a fae and tiger race as well as others

you could decide if your best friend was charismatic,popular,sneaky,bulky etc

i can not really remember much else but i think you could also choose what to do for your best friends birthday like give to charity or if you had a sneaky best friend you could sneak into a place

i am sorry if i am mixing games up or if i am not making much sense

I think you’re talking about The World Of Aerath: Treason on the Border. Here’s the link, but I think the authors are no longer working on it.

I agree with Sam on that

And a link to the topic itself. Is always nice. (Do love the search function a lot more here than on Vanilla. I don’t have to open a new page to use it.)

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Yeah that is one thing that’s better about the new forum.

Thank you so much everyone, it has been bugging me for a week :slight_smile: