Demigods: Rise Of The Fallen God


ok i am remaking the demigod game it is going to have a different plot, now my writing has improved from last time when i made the ninja game, well atleast that wat i think. so this time i want u guys to tell me straight away wat i need to fix no need to be nice if u think i my game is horrible say so and i will change it up… the demo will be up as soon i can finish the demo :stuck_out_tongue: and yeah thats all


wow you work fast :open_mouth:


wat do u mean???


Your always working on something either your working on a new game or helping some one else.


i got lots of time cause i am not in such a high grade i just have like 10 min of homework and then freetime :stuck_out_tongue: well i do have to prac soccer but yeah i got lots of time


Out of curiosity, who is the fallen god in the title?


can`t tell u guys




no i made a new god just made him up


What does your god represent ?


can’t tell it will spoil the story


and u wanted to see my art right here u go:


demo will be out by the end of this week


He resembles Gandalf


who is gandalf??? :confused:


From lord of the rings “you shall not pass!”


oh i dont remember many name from that movie i watched it a while a go


The Lord of the Rings were books before they were movies.


Im seeing the hobbit tomorrow for my birthday…


Happy birthday wired just in case can’t chat tomorrow