Death of Kondo (WIP)


A 70,000-word SF adventure encompassing rescue, rebellion, mazes, and combat. Become a medical doctor aboard a warship wiping out what is left of Europe. You’re on the wrong side of the war, and your daily duties include executions and involvement in torture. What will you make of your career? Will you give life or take it? Seek promotion, or join the rebellious Resistors? Can you find romance? Can you create a drug to end a plague? Most importantly: will you end the war?

LATEST UPDATE: Thanks to all who played around in our demo and helped us fix an unexpected location error. Expect Demo 2.0 soon. Beta testers have been recruited and we’ll ask for more once we receive the first wave of feedback. New draft for beta testers.

The game is currently only equipped with a lead male with a fixed past. We may expand to allow gender switch, but my priority is to create a rich and coherent story rather than to insert “s’s” in front of all the “he’s.”

Thanks to all who have replied with fixes to be made. Beta testers please respond to the thread! Bugs/Fixes:

  • Can’t talk to the man in the park/Finally, finally fixed, but now there’s more non-unicode characters. Le sigh.
  • Got sent to barracks from capital streets/Fixed.
  • Soldier always gets handed contraband/Fixed.
  • Can the enemies ever attack me??/Haha! Yes. Fixed.
  • Text about adding to your health/Removed.
  • Can buy speeder parts from the mechanic even if you can’t afford them/Ha! Fixed.
  • kai’s typo/Fixed
  • “Going north” at a certain part of the maze feels like a loop/Clarified text
  • Can’t carry 1000 meter spool/Fixed


This is interesting. Could you tell more about the story? What is the name of the faction we are working for?


You’re fighting as a citizen of the country of Sahara, one of the three wealthiest countries in the world. In the game’s futuristic world, desert reversal of what used to be called the Saharan desert created an enormous swath of real estate and shifted world power in a bloodless revolution. That development and the effects on population, commerce, and innovation had the impact of history’s Industrial Revolution.

But that’s long ago. Today, Sahara is waging war on an almost-global scale, vying with the other two world powers: Axis (which has basically replaced Western countries) and Halistan (an alleged caliphate controlling much of Eurasia).


Thats very interesting. And basicaly this post is a call for beta testers? Or just an announcement? Because if its beta testing I might be interested.


I can’t wait to see a demo :smiley: look very promising


Sounds good. A doctor stuck on the wrong side of history… yeah, I can see this making me feel like a monster.


Can we create a cure and sell it for high prices so we can get rich?


Seems interesting enough, can’t wait to play.


I am really iffy about whether I’ll enjoy this or not, but color me intrigued.


Fighting On The Wrong side ? So We are Baddies Hans ? Count me in i already betatested some games,But they were mostly set in stone already you know This game seems amazing. when do you expect betatest to start ? i will make some free time so i could do this game justice.


We plan to open it to beta testing soon, probably around Halloween. Thanks for expressing interest!


Beta testing should start around Halloween. Thanks for the support!


If you still need beta testers, I am totally up for it. This seems like a really interesting idea.


I would also like volunteer as a beta tester! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this game.


I would like to be a beta tester too if you need more help :grinning:


I’m in to test as well :smile:


I would love to test this if you need beta testers.


Thanks to all for the encouraging comments and the interest in beta testing! We are hoping to put up a short demo of the game from the beginning, as well as invite interested beta testers by private message to explore the entire story. For now, though (since I’m on call this weekend), there is a limited beta test of some of the most complicated code. Please leave copious comments about bugs!


or you guys Can I test f


Can I test for you guys pretty please! You have such a great idea I want to help you guys out. Sorry this is what my post befor was suposed to say but my Iphone was being stupid and not typing what I was typing.