Deadheads - a cyberpunk-themed WIP


Hi everyone. :slight_smile: After months of lurking here and being amazed with the works here, I decided to finally make my own.
I would really appreciate any kind of feedback (constructive criticisms are welcomed), so that I would know how to improve myself better.

Deadheads is a cyberpunk-themed game where you play as a freelance agent - someone who works for different companies as a spy or assassin. In other words, you’re paid by companies to do their dirty work.

In this game, you could play as a hacker, a programmer, a company worker, a bounty hunter, a bartender (information agent), and even an activist. These six paths have their own subplots, which connect to the main plot. I also plan to add companions to the game (in the current version of the game, the names of four possible companions are already revealed, but you can’t really recruit them yet.); but you can always choose to be the lone wolf.

I would REALLY appreciate it if you take the time to play (a part of) the game:

*a sidenote:
Try to play every gameplay differently since the paths are not quite the same. Personally, I think that being a programmer makes you somehow overpowered in the game’s current state, but I guess that would change as the game progresses. There is also a hidden achievement if you play as a rebel. (I like hidden achievements, so yeah. :D) So just explore the game, and try to see what happens if you choose to have cybernetic implants, or if you choose not to be implanted… etc.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:


I’m curious why the name Deadheads?


First thing: In the section where you get fans talking about you, there’s no option to enjoy the criticisms. In-character, when I saw that, I was struck by a desire to have an option “I appreciate the criticisms, they help remind me that I’m mortal.”


“You’ve worked for Xenotech before that this assignment would only be an addition to the roster.” That’s bad syntax, I’d go with “…before, so this assignment…”


@BatGirl916 The title is Deadheads because the main plot is about the people in Althema figuratively becoming “dead heads.” :slight_smile: Of course the title is subject to change as the story progresses.

@Ramidel Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: I’ll definitely add an option to enjoy the criticisms on the next update. :slight_smile: And yeah, I could see now why the syntax would be off. :stuck_out_tongue:


Definitely seems interesting. Although there isn’t much to it just yet.


For your very first game, this looks great, and like the orhers said, it could use a little bit more work here and there


I like it! Only thing is, you might want to tone down the background colour a bit. Stark black gets a little hard on the eyes. A dark shade of grey is far more readable, imo.


I agree with the color also add romance and I will defiantly follow this


Non-binary gender option please?


Bagelthief your name makes me laugh every time I see it xD

And while I haven’t had the time to read this yet I’ll be checking in later. You have piqued my interest.


You should make it so you can upgrade other stats to lesser extents at the beggining.


I tried it, it seems interesting so far.

Just a thing, about the first mission. There’s this option “I accept. As an employee of Xenotech, this war would affect me adversely.”
I’m currently using the bartender front, I feel like you should make this option unavailable for anyone who did not chose the Xenotech Employee front.


@supernovae oh I get it. Keep up the good work. Love the fact you used black as your background color! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Supernovae I like how you made the forum comments with colors for the usernames! That’s really cool, I wish I knew how to do that! If you can code all that then you should have no problem finishing your game. The same with Achievements.

Sorry i can’t give any more feedback, I’m kind of in the middle of something else, but I had to check out the new Cyberpunk!


@gkkiller I actually thought about that too myself. I was wondering if the dark background would cause the game to be a pain to read, but I was thinking that the background makes the mood darker - which is very common for the cyberpunk genre. I’ll definitely try to do something about that, though. Thanks for the feedback!

@StarWarsMaster I am actually planning to add the feature. :slight_smile: I actually have the variables for relationships, but I’m not really sure if I would add it just yet. I’m still pretty new to this stuff, so I think I’m going to focus on the progress of the story first.

@Bagelthief I really want to add the option too, so I would be working on how that would go. Although, in light of the possible romance feature (see above), I was thinking that the player could just go for anyone, and make them roleplay their own sexual orientation. (Although the companions wouldn’t be free for everyone - I plan to assign their sexualities so it would be more realistic) However, if you think that the lack of variety on the gender option breaks away from your immersion to the game just let me know, and I’ll definitely try do something about that on the next update. :slight_smile:

@Dark_Stalker Thanks for the feedback! I’m actually still experimenting on that part especially on the Fairmath feature of Choicescript.

@Altan Thanks for that! I must have overlooked a line of code. :stuck_out_tongue:

@CitizenShawn It wasn’t that easy, believe me! There’s a lot you could learn by just lurking around the forums. :slight_smile: Regarding the username colors, this thread will help you out: Regarding achievements, this thread will help you out:
Thanks for the vote of confidence too! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll definitely try to post an update next week. :slight_smile:


@supernovae I’m familiar with changing the text color and background, and even the button, but how do you change specific portions of text within the paragraphs?

EDIT: Baaaah I figured it out ignore my ignorance!!

Also, thanks, I figured out achievements and now my game feels a little more complete!


@supernovae Yeah, it kills my immersion, as a player (bein’ non-binary myself), and as a reader (this is futuristic so why not non-binary people?). I wish ya good luck, and thanks.


It seems a little weird that we only have one cybersystem, that’s kind of barebones for cyberpunk, especially when we can be a member of the transhuman movement, and we are apparently something of a living legend. Those options suggest we would either have the desire and the cash to go whole hog when it comes to enhancement.

Are cybersystems really expensive? Waiting for the kinks to get beaten out of development?

I mean if we were a struggling street rat it wouldn’t need explanation, but as king of the cyberjungle it’s a bit weird.

Oh about gender, it seems we’re playing a very secretive person, for our own safety. Wouldn’t such a person be glad that people don’t know what gender we are? Everyone looking for the wrong gender is one less person we have to worry about tracking us down.

So I’d suggest either rewriting that scene so it makes more sense, or just taking it out altogether.

And for a pure human run, shouldn’t there be non invasive toys to make up for the lack of cyberware?


And I like how we can steal the weapon schematics at the start, is there going to be more situations like that, that affect gameplay?


Concerning the gender I agree with @stsword it would be better for the MC to keep some ambiguity. The MC could even make it so that most people believe him to be of the opposite gender.