Daughter of Heracles: Friends In Low Places

I look forward to seeing what you have to say about it! c:

haha that sounds a lot like something a Greek hero would say :smiley:


Ok so first off I would just like to say, I quite enjoy greek mythology. Heck I used to watch Hercules and Xena all the time and I really enjoyed the Disney movie and series as well. So when I say this I was ecstatic to play in that world. And so far I have been enjoying what you have so far.

As for critiques; I feel like the story is a bit rushed; it seems like the moments pass way to quickly.

For instance: the begining of the game the player is told they are thr child of Hercules, but right after are told that both parents died and the reader doesn’t even get a chance to chose how thier MC feels about it or how they feel about their family as a whole.

It almost feels like clip notes rather than a story being played out.

As for errors: Thoughout the game you swithed from second person to first a few times.

Like when the children first go on the run you start using “our”
And right after the talk at the dinner you start using first person perspective again.

Sorry if my post comes off to critical; Like I said I enoy anything greek mythology and I just want your stories to succeed.


I agree completely and am working to fix those mistakes c: I’m going to do a lot of editing before I update the demo.

It’s a lot harder taking ideas from my incessant daydreams and actually writing them down in a way that makes sense to others o:

But practice makes perfect and you can only get better by learning from your mistakes so i appreciate the help and please critique the heck out of it, I can take it!



Will we have any issues with the titans?


in book 1? no.

in book 2? big yes.



This sounds so fun, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


As well as most Greek and Roman “heroes” being more like what we’d today label as “vile, rapist scum”.
As @poison_mara was always adept at pointing out on the old Children of the Gods thread.

Since I remember you saying something about it on another thread will the mc still get the option to be a (trans)man and eventually, physically transition?


Yes! c: In chapter 2 there will be several key options to then start the mc’s transition and about midway through the story Aphrodite will offer to use some of her powers to change your physical body’s gender for you.

And in case any one was wondering if becoming a trans man will effect the ROs, Medusa is the only RO who feels a bit uncomfortable about it at first due to her understandable fear of men. The other ROs and your adopted family will all be very supportive of your decision c:


Heroes were in Greek and Rome what today we call terrible villains power hungry and rapist knowledgeable for killing their lovers family in rage rampage. Hercules and Jason are my favourites in that regard. Greeks were very sincere about human nature and how POWER corruption affected people. So they logically portrayed their Super humans and gods under that concept. SUpER ASSHOLES. We are part now of a super hypocrite society so we have super machismo heroes that fake being super good. But looking closely most are homophobic anti women assholes


I think you’ve really got to work on immersion, pacing, and delvoping a writing style. The idea is there but everything is scattered. The Mc is doing actions but there’s no emotion at all. The early years are perfect for this and to establish relationships with the family! I don’t care about what happens to the family, I just don’t. Just because you say they’re siblings doesn’t mean I’ll care enough if they died or not.


I have same problem I would love a choice to say I don’t care or just choosing being in a horrible family that could add so much roleplay value with no much working.

Very interesting so far! I love your writing style and the mythological premise.

Keep up the great work, I’ll be eagerly anticipating updates! :grinning:

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I agree I have a lot to work on and thank you for your assessment c: Chapter 1 is meant to be more of a flashback and I didn’t do a very good job at making that clear during it. I’m rewording a lot of it and hopefully, it’ll make more sense once you have the whole chapter and not just a little more than half.

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I guess because my family has always been a mess and I’m an only child and always wanted siblings I don’t understand wanting those kinds of things
But I’ll try my best to make things a little more varied!


It has nothing to do with want to be unhappy lol. However as role player can choose what were your past and how that affected your character is a deep customization change. also I hate have a family forced upon me because normally author loves assume my character thoughts and desires and everything because someone born from same mother. say someone is my brother don’t magically makes it loveable and want to hear five hours of their monologue. That’s a error many games series committed. Don’t give a good reason to make a character interesting or loveable just put a label saying sibling like that make all perfect.

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Yeeeesss! I played through the demo, even if it’s short i’m still excited for this.


So, @pandaboi helped me decide on making Cerberus into three separate hellhounds that can morph into one big three-headed hellhound! And yes, you will get to ride them into battle >:D

Their names are Cera, Bert, and Russ!

And since I can’t decide on what breed they appear as, I’m going to let you guys decide! c:

These are the 10 breeds I narrowed down to.

  • Siberian Husky
  • Pitbull
  • Great Dane
  • German Shepard
  • Borzoi
  • Dobermann
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Sharpei
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Rottweiler

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While I was gonna have them each be a different breed I think having them be the same would be much easier.


German Shepherds for the win!

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The demo was very interesting :grin:

and you´ve definetly got greek mithology right :joy:
Also I love the idea of being the daughter of Hercules, cause he´s one of the most romanticized cases of greek idiots, thanks to the Disney movie.

I´ll be waiting for the next update :relaxed:

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I’m glad! The update should be up on or before next Monday if I don’t freeze to death c:

Yeah, I was one of those kids who grew up loving the movie and idolizing Hercules, and then I read about all the women he raped and all the kids he had and basically abandoned.


I also felt really bad for Hades cuz he really wasn’t such a bad dude, ESPECIALLY compared to Zeus and Poseidon o: