Daughter of Heracles: Friends In Low Places


DOH: Friends In Low Places is a two book series and one of the three games I’m working on as those who saw my post on the interest thread know and I finally have a demo for it! c:
It’s only about a little more than half of chapter one, but I plan to have more out soon! My poor mother slipped on ice and hurt her hip, so I’ll have to play nurse for a while.

Though I planned on focusing on one of my other stories called Military Dogs, DOH was just easier to code and so I got more of it done but don’t fret my werewolf loving friends, a demo for MD is on its way!

This is my first attempt at actually writing out one of my many stories so please forgive me if it’s bad, I just had to give it a try. Hopefully, I’ll get better the more I write! That’s how it works right?

Story Summary :
You are Macaria, biological daughter of Hercules and Deianira, adopted daughter of Hades and Persephone. It’s been 500 years since you sacrificed yourself to save your brothers and the city of Athens from the bitter wrath of King Eurystheus. Living in the underworld isn’t so bad, you have your dogs, your loving parents, your sister Melinoe and brother Zagreus, your best friends Thanatos, Hypnos, and Hecate, and you could never forget precious little Morpheus. But when you notice Minos, a judge of the underworld, acting strangely behind Hades’s back, your peaceful life is turned into a chaotic mess.

While I’ve tried to stay fairly accurate to true Greek mythology, a lot of things have been changed\altered for story plot purposes and also to make some things less…

(also if you are a big Disney’s Hercules fan and never actually read about him then…haha prepare yourself Hercules was not as lovable as we once thought he was and most of the gods were absolute creeps, to put it very nicely :D)

The demo (W.I.P) : https://dashingdon.com/play/penguinarms/daughter-of-heracles-friends-in-low-places/mygame/

As I said there’s only a little more than half of chapter 1 and it’s the shortest chapter i have planned. The rest of chapter 1 and the beginning of chapter 2 will be coming in the first update which will be coming soon once my mom is back on her feet. Here’s what you’ll be getting in chapter 2: You will be able to choose a new name for the MC if you don’t want to keep the name Macaria. You’ll get to choose how you look and how you dress, meet your underworld family and the ROs, and best of all you get to give all three of your doggies tummy rubs! :smiley:

I almost forgot I made a tumblr for my projects so if you have questions about the story or the ROs, want to request an RO reaction, or want to see any artwork\doodles I might make come check it out!


A little bug :beetle:

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Yeah it’s been fixed now! c: Always gotta remember to check those indents, my bad.


that gif alone make you wanna play,…trying the demo now! :grin:

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I’ll try this when I’m a little less sick, but I am curious - you mentioned trying to make it more Mythy, less 'cesty…Any reason in particular you’re choosing to call him Hercules instead of Herakles/Heracles? Hercules is his Roman name :wink:

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Probably marketing ha ha


ok done…

So let me get this right :

Its supposed to be funny right?
we are gender locked to female ?
we are called Maca ?
will there be customization ? romance? yada yada ?
Oh and Hercule didnt pay child support lol let bring him out of tartarus and send him to Judge Judy :rofl:


Will definitely watch this!


I will just leave this hear


For the most part, the story is comedy\romance focused. But there are some fight scenes and things will get more serious later on when shit starts to hit the fan, so to say.

You were born physically female, yes, but as the story progresses you can slowly become a trans male if you so wish c: sorry if I’m not wording it very well.

No, that’s just your brother’s nickname for you, your full name is Macaria but at the start of chapter 2 you get to choose a new name since Persephone thought maybe you’d prefer to start a new, or you can keep Macaria.

Your MC will be fully customizable from your hair, eyes, skin color, body shape, and what your favorite outfit is. You’ll also be able to choose whether your MC wears more ancient styled clothes or modern.

And yes lots of romance :smiley: there are 5 ROs in total, 1 male, 2 female, 1 non-binary, and a secret RO! On my project tumblr you can find a story summary with a list of the RO’s.


So any chance this story is about traveling to Tartarus and get daddy back so we can hand him over…so he can pay Judge Judy for child support…I mean…get revenge or whatever…and we can all run in the sunset chasing Unicorn…or goats ? :joy:


Bwahaha I wish I could see Judy wipe his and Zeusie’s smug faces across the floor


But the story mostly focuses on your adopted family, daddy dearest doesn’t physically show up until book 2 where you may or may not get to say hello with your fist to his face or knee to his groin (i haven’t decided yet, maybe both! :D)


@will is pretty much right eheh

I did debate on it for a while though but I figured most people know him as Hercules. There are so many different names for so many of the characters, sticking with the most known seemed like the best plan.


Do we have any abilities like our dear dad.

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(Language warning)


oh my god, imagine how much child support Zeus would have to pay


All of the child support. All of it.

Wait, that’s probably an understatement.


You start off with just his sword\shield and his lion pelt\spear but he will offer you some of his power at some point, whether you take it or reject it will be up to you!

If my dad was as troublesome as Hercules’ was I dunno if I’d want to accept something that would make me more like him >.>


bwahaha yep, most of the gods and heroes unfortunately were a bunch of selfish rapists! Which will be brought up at times, so i should probably put up a warning for that o:


Being the daughter of Hercules, it would be expected that you would cause a World War (ie Trojan War :two_hearts:) no matter what you would do… so why not take the goods and have some fun while you still could :wink:


I’ll add more pointed feedback as soon as I catch up on my current work-load. I am always interested in these types of adventure-rpg based games.