Dashingdon: Need Testers / Feedback for CS Comp Entry

Hello friends and enemies and in-betweenies,

I would like to get a few folks to test out my CS Comp entry so far. While it is in a fantasy setting, it is not really like “The Burden” so please don’t expect nakedity and wacky humor etc. It’s kind of… different so I’ll say that if you did not enjoy reading “Alice in Wonderland” you will likely not enjoy reading this particular story either.

Please PM if you’d like to help out. Thanks!

The descent into madness is what you’re going for I’m guessing? I’d be happy to test it.

Yes. Insanity is my bread and better.
I am willing to help. :slight_smile:

It’s more whimsical than mad or insane. Sent you both a PM though.

Sounds interesting! I would like to test it.