Cyberspace of Gods (WIP, 07/05 Demo Update) (In which you play as a JRPG protagonist)

The game was great so far,plus the summary j gives me so many anime vibes.


Just trying out this one, though at first i’m not really anticipating it, but turns out it’s good!
Anyways there’s a character nama Shian Ganna that i think it didn’t look like a japanese name…? I think it’ll be more cool if the first name is Shion albeit a bit common, and Ganna… um, i think i’ll leave that to you? :sweat_smile:
I think it’s great when you put up a unique name but, if it’s too far (sorry, i’m bad at explaining things) or too uncommon for the others, a common name with a little tweak will be a nice option

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@ShadowKaras Thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying everything so far, I hope you’ll like the rest of the game in the future too! The digimon thing was unintentional, I can’t believe I forgot Tai’s last name even though I watched it a lot as a kid too, haha.

@Laxshan_Jegathiswara Thank you! I intend for this to be very anime so I was worried if some people won’t really like it, but I’m glad you do!

@Kainen Thanks for giving this a try! For the name thing, most of Tsukigami’s names are actually puns on their ‘role’ in the game, haha. ‘Ganna’ is a pun on Gunner. I had another name for her first name at first, but I know it’s hard to differentiate between Japanese names if you’re not used to it and it started with a ‘Yu’ like ‘Yuria’, so I thought of using a sound that the other characters didn’t have. Like you said, it’s not a common name (then again, most characters in this game don’t really have normal names either, lol) but if you know an anime/game called ‘Show by Rock!’ there’s a character who’s called ‘Shian’ (her spelling seems to be ‘Cyan’ in English though) so I figured it wouldn’t really be a big deal. Thank you for asking me about this!


There’s will be punching through enemies? Count me in! Through i try to make an complex character, it always result in a hulk :rofl:
now that u mentioned ‘roles’, i always end making an combination of tank and dps, u know? For example: in dnd 5e, my paladin is focused on being the primary tank, but, at the same time doing high magical damage


I’m looking forward to role-playing as a Gundam, lol.


Just finished the updated demo. It was good. I was really getting into it when I was hit by the cliffhanger. Such as tease. Anyway good job


is the game being worked on still

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Hi there! Yes, it still is! I’ve just been swarmed with other personal life stuff so progress has been slow, but I’m writing it! I’ll probably set up a tumblr page with the next update, and I’ll try to be more efficient in telling you guys how’s the game going, haha.


I can undestand :rofl: but complex character was never a choice for me.
Actually,I love D&D 5E, but you know how long and tedious the process of character building is. Regardless of whether you are trying to build your own character or playing as a Dungeon Master creating NPCs for players, the process of creating characters in the game has been quite tiresome. And I think without online character generators, I would be not able to build my character faster. With the help of online character creators, the process of built-in statistics let me focus solely on the most important and interesting parts of character building. Character building was surely important for yearning for max AC.

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Leon is perfect for me. Too bad he’s genderlocked to female MCs.

I wish he was available to male MCs too


…eh may I suggest a little bit that how about not make cheeky opposite of polite, I want my my MC to be sarcastic but without being rude, I felt too hesitate to pick those cheeky options right now…

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@Psionics321 Thank you! It’s always nice to know that people like my characters, haha. Well, he may not be available for male mcs, but it’s always possible to make a female mc to romance him :wink:

@anon57188313 I was very conflicted on the word choices actually! Though ‘cheeky’ and ‘polite’ are set opposite, it’s less ‘cheeky vs polite’ and more ‘talks a lot vs reserved’ (since you can still be gruff and ‘polite’ as well) but I thought that word was too long to set in the bar :sweat_smile: If more people are confused, I wouldn’t mind changing the word! For now, don’t worry about it too much, as long as you’re not picking the overtly rude options, the cheeky dialog is said in a light and joking way so the characters won’t get offended!


I don’t usually check stats but
outgoing/reserved, then?

i was wondering what type of wepons will we get to pick from

Hello everyone!

Big apologies for the five month hiatus. There were a lot of things going on in my real life so I was busy and I didn’t get to write as much as I wanted, but I managed to churn out around 31,000 words, so the demo is around 79K words now!

For this update, you can…

  • Save at checkpoints! They will be listed like (Checkpoint: Save enabled), so make sure to save during those parts so your data won’t get weird whenever I update!
  • Go left, or backwards!
  • Interact with the last four of the testers
  • Kill some more monsters
  • And see the start of Floor 19.

I’m really sorry for the wait, and extremely grateful for those who decided to stick around! As always, if you find anything strange or want me to improve on a certain aspect, feel free to send me a message! I’ll do my best to respond!


Additionally, I finally made that tumblr blog I was planning to, yay!

There’s not much on there yet, but I hope it’ll be of some use. Send me asks about the characters, about the game itself, anything you want!


Personally I’m holding out hope for a fist weapon.

@pixie124 @Nick_Miller

I already posted it on my tumblr, but I’ll post it here too! The types of weapons you’ll be able to use are sword, claymore, dagger, gun, polearm, (and later on) gauntlet-type weapons!

Oh word that’s dope. I don’t have any social media presence so I tend to miss anything outside the forums lol

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