Cursed Eyes (WIP) [Demo - January 24 - 2017]


Some of you probably know this short comic about becoming an adult. Where the guy leaves the house and then first a human shaped figure labeled responsibilities punches him in the face and then another labeled bills kicks him in the stomach. And he finishes the comic laying on the ground saying: “I waited years for this.”

So I almost about to finish “Path A” and without a reason I swapped files and saw the vast emptiness. That’s when I felt like “Path B” hit me in the face and I miss clicked when tried to retreat to “Path A” and met “Path C”. I guess you need no further explanation how that went. And now I am sitting here hoping all these gummi bears, chocolate, and unhealthy drinks will push me through this.

I just had the need to share this. Don’t worry I haven’t lost my enthusiasm to write this it just was a small punch right in the face. :ok_hand:


Oh no! What program were you using to write? Sometimes you can claw back earlier versions from temp files…


Oh sorry if this was unclear but I didn’t lose any content. I split the paths into different files so I don’t have gigantic walls of texts. I only swapped to a different part where I hadn’t done any work on and was a bit depressed because I still had to do so much. And I am using notepad++ while for correcting the texts I use grammarly and LibreOffice.

But once I lost some but in Windows, if you rightclick a file and go into the properties there is an extra topic the reset files to older versions. I think it was about two or three days ago when I reset one file to the state of the 24th of December. Made a mistake while copying the files into another folder. But everything was fine after that.


Oh ok, sorry I misunderstood and thought you’d lost some files! I know that ‘ugh, I’ve still got to write how much?’ feeling though!


Imo updating in very small parts is pointless, but updating with large chunks is problematic as well since it’ll be harder to catch all the typos and coding problems. Strive for a middle ground. Something between 5-10k words should be fine for an update and if it’s a single path (and people know it) that gets the update, then you’ll have many people playing it (since it’s the only new content), meaning all possible problems will be found out faster.


Happy bad news! :smiley:

I updated the game! However, I only updated one part. :neutral_face:

Also, I had some trouble with DashingDon. Some may know the problem where the files just won’t update. So if you have the same problem open a new private window or you have to empty your cache. Though I hope it just works fine for you people.

I would be really really really be grateful if this time around you could give me feedback on the level of detail to places, interactions, people and overall surroundings. Also if some choices shouldn’t be there or maybe a whole different choice should exist. I always feel like I write pretty awkward conversations. :disappointed_relieved:

Also, a important update happened to the disclaimer! I added violence against children and mental health issues.

Furthermore, I added a new achievement that will stay for the time of development by the name of “Nothing new”. The player will be granted the achievement if his choice leads him to a part where no progress have been made since the last update. In the case of this update, this would be the path of staying awake and going to the stream. If you guys think it is unnecessary I will remove it again.

I don’t know how often people play through such a WIP that’s why I want to say that the choice of your little spirit (Water/Wind/Earth) has a significant impact on some characters.

To finish the post I want to explain myself. I asked you people what kind of progress you wanted and most of you wanted updates on major steps in the story. However, I will be pretty busy in the next few weeks and won’t make any major advancements. So I thought that I would at least give you something to enjoy until I find time to enrich the other path of the story. With all that said: Have fun and sorry for the cruel abuse of the English language. :sweat_smile:

P.S: Since I more or less “rushed” the update there a bound to be mistakes and coding errors so feel free to send me a private message and I will fix them as fast as possible. Also, I will have only two hours of sleep today. :disappointed:

Edit: A like on a reply with an error should indicate that the error is fixed.


There some error when I choose long hair for girl mc and this:

  • It was just a day where a father and his son spent time together
    My mc is girl

And about the update,are we gonna see this stranger again?this is really intriguing and what happened to mc father?the mom condition really sad
And maybe it will better if you put the content warning at the topic it self for other reader to know☺.


Got the following error:

stroll_2 line 422: bad label inhuttwo

I’m also feeling rather worried about the poor mother, as well as concerned for the fate of the father.


Are you referring to Bluechair webcomic by Shen? 'cuz it’s really his style xD

I just wanted to say, when I saw “Cursed Eyes” at dashingdon I was like “hmm… move along” since the game description isn’t that promising.
But now, after reading this thread, I take that “move along” words back. It’s quite promising story, despite some… uh… grammar nazi *cough* triggering *cough* stuffs. (actually it’s more of consistency than grammars)

Can’t wait for the next major update :grin:


Please don’t make trigger jokes. Or Nazi jokes, for matter.



Yeah, I am sorry for my bad grammar. I just hope people can endure it until some divine being with polished knowledge in the English language descends from the waste space of the internet and feels bored enough to support me in my quest. And yeah I probably should improve that lazy description on DashingDon.


The hair issues should be also fixed now. I was in a hurry this morning and only took the time to look up the other smaller error. :sweat_smile:


In my opinion, it’s not so bad for the grammatics or maybe i have overflewn the faults, because i’m reading often english texts and it is also not my natural language. I also don’t know always the right words or grammar rules. I have seen much worse texts in german, so you’ re excused for me. Go on with your story. Im longing for the Continue.


I can correct poor grammar but it would have to be in a plain .txt file.


I appreciate any help with my grammar. So as long as the .txt file is not just one long string it should be fine I guess. So feel free to correct my texts whenever you feel like it. We can talk via private message about further details when you find the time. :ok_hand:


Cool! Looking forward to the end

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