Corruptant - Shattered Mind: WIP (Working Tittle) [Updated 11/25/2022]

you and everyone else lol

Writing isn’t easy, and if you don’t have ‘Dedication’, you gonna do a LOT of things…

expect writing what you need to write :sweat_smile: been there, done that. It suck…

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Yeah its so painful. Like… if I was doing this as a job and had to have this next chapter done by the end of the week it would be done in the last two days with some minor errors but it would be done.

I don’t know if just a sadist that likes suffering or a mental thing.

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Probably a mental thing…

To me, writing feel like trying to remove a Tooth. You pull and pull, the Tooth hurt like hell, it even bleed and your whole mouth is hurting. And when your arm get tired and you stop? you find out, the Tooth didn’t move an inch… :rofl:

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That’s some analogy :rofl:

It’s probably my ADHD? But I am not a doctor so I can’t say that’s the problem. I like writing, writing is super easy for me. Because I write fanfictions on the regular as a hobby but sometimes I just hit this thing of severe boredom that I can’t get a word typed. Hate it with a passion


Ah if you have ADHD its even worse, peoples with the disorder have a hard time keeping their focus on something.

You could always try to do it by brust?

Like instead of saying ‘I’m gonna write a whole long ass chapter!’ and then you get frustrated. Do it by how you feel. Feeling like writing? go write. Feeling frustrated? Stop and go do something that shake off that frustration.


for those who are just starting to write do you guys have a suggestion? I’m okay with one or two ideas. :sob::sneezing_face:

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Yeah probably best way to go at it

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This isn’t the place for that kind of question. We do have a thread where peoples gaves ideas you are welcome to use.

Here you go: Game Ideas For Authors


ah, so thats why the progression is so fast, now i understand.

Progression? On what?

If the story is fast paced then my reasoning is this. An Eldritch Invasion, everyone is desperate to get something done and dying is pretty high on the list of things that shouldn’t happen. So why wait around for that to happen? I am making it feel rushed and urgent because that is exactly what it is, I want to give off that feeling.

If the Romance progression is fast. I don’t think so, it fits the scenario because everyone is going into this with the idea that they can die at any given moment. Plus, there are only two characters that got an early lock-in prompt so far and I believe each makes sense for the character.


Dying aye?

Spoilers being: Muahaha now listen here pup, only I love you!
Mc: Don’t know you, don’t wanna!
Spoilers being: Don’t be like that! here, let me show you how to unlock your poweh!
Mc: Eww…now I feel like Harry Potter!
Spoilers being: heh, now you are more badass! Remember: Luke, I’m your father!
Mc: Ewww…you never paid child support you ass!
Spoilers being: Heh come with the territory kid, you’ll get over it!
Mc: I still want that pony!
Spoilers being: Teehee just remember: Tik Tok! Tik Tok!
Mc: I hate Tik Tok! The videos are too short!
Spoilers Being: Roll eyes No idiot! I mean Tik Tok Time’s ticking! Soon hell will come knocking heh heh!


Mc: :kissing_closed_eyes: come on Sol! We gotta before Hell will be upon us!
Sol: :unamused: Not in this life time!
Mc: Whine But time’s running out! We gotta Smooche before we go jump in that Horror Movie place! :kissing_smiling_eyes:
Sol: Disgusted Noise

Mc: :kissing_closed_eyes: My Lips are ready for your fangs!
Hayden: Right…how about rain check?
Mc: Oh come on! Only you can warm them up, my aura-air-conditioner is on full blast! :kissing_closed_eyes:
Hayden: Sorry, rain check? I got to watch the final Episode of Game of Throne! See you later!
Mc: pout Damnit!

Mc: How about a Wig?
Eiris: A wig?
Mc: Yeah, if you put a wig on that butthurt Wolfie guy, I betcha he could be mistaken for Luna!
Eiris: you can’t be serious…
Mc: Sure I’m ! Then you will be free and we will have all the time we want to Smooche! :kissing_closed_eyes:
Eiris: If only it was that simple, for one…Luna isn’t just any werewolf, she is so much more…a symbol, an icon-…
Mc: A smooche Giver! Now let’s K.I.S.S! :kissing_closed_eyes:
Eiris: Sigh…really? Don’t you think about anything else?
Mc: Sure do…Kissing, Bouche-a-bouche, CPR-Smooching…lotta of things!
Eiris: Those are all the same thing…
Mc: But still many things right?
Eiris: :roll_eyes:

The next day…

Spoilers being: Tik Tok! Oh wait…Knock Knock! Its TIME! HELL IS CALLING!
Spoilers being: Oh don’t be like that kid! I told you, didn’t I? Soon, and here we are! Time to buckle up and face the Invasion of a lifetime!
Mc: Not fair!
Spoilers being: Grin heh heh good! That butthurt is sweeter than anything else!
Mc: I didn’t get my Smooche! So post pone this shit!
Spoilers being: Haha can’t do! It is happening either you like it or not!
Mc: Oh yeah? I’ll show you! Start Smooching the abominations as they swarm through the portal :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

Spoilers being: :space_invader: hey now! That’s cheating…you can’t do that! You are supposed to Tremble! FEAR THEM! NOT SMOOCHE THEM!
Mc: :kissing_closed_eyes: You are not the boss of me! I can do whatever I want!
Spoilers being: Damnit! it wasn’t supposed to go like this! FINE! YOU WIN THIS TIME! But I’ll be back with more-…
Mc: yeah yeah…go away!
Spoilers being: Grrrrr damn you brat! Come my minions!
Mc: Oh no! I’m keeping them!
Spoilers being: Ewww…no way! Thats rated…I don’t wanna even think about it!
Mc: :crazy_face: You snooze, you lose!
Mc: :kissing_closed_eyes: Busy Smooching Monsters

Eiris: What in Luna name are you doing?
Hayden: oh Gross…is she smooching…Urgh…Gag :face_vomiting:
Sol:…how do you mortal say it again? How do I unsee this? Pluck eyes out…damn, I can still hear the kissing sound…


I don’t understand what happened but that made me laugh XD


coming back to that lmao

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My mc wield the greatest and most terrifying powers of them all: Smooching! :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Status update on my end.

My windows got Corrupted…heh… get it?

Anyway, thank god for cloud storage because I just lost a little bit of progress but not too much. By that I mean all of my editing work is gone and I just need to start over which is FUN. So I am probably going to hop back to it next week because I am pretty annoyed right now.


An entity from a realm beyond yours that is out for vengeance after being imprisoned on what may be compared to a little speck of dust amid the expanse of the cosmos. I was inspired to get a tattoo from Military Temporary Tattoos | First Responder Tattoos | because Sol, who has been torn from its shape, wanders the Earth in a fake feminine body. a face with smooth black hair and lovely features. A simple beauty that conceals a terrifying reality. Given its history, Sol poses a threat, and earning someone’s confidence is challenging. Sol is unconcerned about this, though, as they are only necessary and completely coincide with his objectives.


Yo! Small update from my end.

My country is experiencing loadshedding daily. My power is off daily for 8-12 hours making it impossible for me to pretty much get anything done and it has been like this for a while. Sorry but I have no estimate on the next update but I am working on it when I can.


You South African :face_in_clouds:


Hey, no rush take as much time as needed.

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