Corruptant - Shattered Mind: WIP (Working Tittle) [Updated 11/25/2022]

Me too lol :rofl:
So no worries take thy time. :innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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There are a lot of typos and unusual sentence structures. Will you personally revise them or would alpha testers do that instead?

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I am personally revising it.


Oi there @ThousandLostSouls, grammer errors and typos aside… I noticed few problems when I code dived, in stats page under ‘abilities and weapons’ tab the code for ailment ability are weird cause for eyes you used ‘Black Eyes’ instead of eyes and also there shouldn’t be Upper Case for Cold and Pale too.

Also aren’t there gonna be any ability stats for bones, scales?

I do recall saying that the stats screen is a mess and needs to be worked on and that I plan on working on it for the next update around. I am right now busy with pretty much an overhaul of the code seeing as I learned more things as well.


Officially decided that I am going to go through and re-write most of the story to add in different elements and change things that I am currently unhappy with.

So I am going to take the time to ask you guys if there is anything specific you want me to focus on (apart from grammar) story-wise, weapon-wise, character-wise, the freedom within the game, and just relationship-building.

My main issue with the characters so far is mainly Tarragon and Zhurumhan. I might just change them entirely or remove them to replace them with something else.

I will figure that out as I go about it.


I feel their are a little too many characters introduced up front, which can make it a little confusing. I think the two characters you mentioned could be introduced after our first foray into the alternate realm.

It would also be nice if their was a little more to our characters “normal” life before being thrust into action. Perhaps also some more time to grapple on the whole being Eldritch thing, some more time for our character to come to terms with and figure out who they are, perhaps with more discussions with Sol on us being an Eldritch being.

Otherwise I love the story as is and wouldn’t be to keen on any major changes.

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The story’s general pace and flow will be altered a bit. The entire prologue will be a lot longer than before, and how you meet the main cast will be changed quite a bit as well. The world has also gone through a few changes to make sense of a few things.

Sol is unchanged.
Rin is going to feature in chapter 1 rather chapter 7
Eris and Hayden are unchanged.
Tarragon has gone through a bit of tuning.
Zhurumhan has been moved to a different plot and won’t be romanceable. (Someone else will take his place)


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