Corruptant - Shattered Mind: WIP (Working Tittle) [Updated 11/25/2022]

Introduction: Hey! Corruptant is my first attempt at a choice script game with a world I hope to expand upon to create room for the possibility of creating more than one game/story based on the set universe I am creating. I am pretty much expecting to have some errors with coding and such but I did my best to minimize the risk of running into any errors. Please feel free to point out any errors in my writing as well as issues with the code. I will appreciate all feedback if any.


Would it be strange if I told you the world as you know it came to accept the Supernatural into the world? Terribly progressive I’d say.

But what of what lies behind the fabric that keeps reality in place? Will they be able to accept it so easily and all of its implications… will you? The Darkness has smothered the Light. It is calling out but to whom?

A child is born with a curse, a promise of destruction that entails the balance of both reality and nature. Chaos will find you, it will plague your every step. Its whispers will haunt you in your dreams. Its presence will shadow your existence.

With it a promise.



Spoilers for some of the story ahead!

Corruptant is set in a world where the Supernatural does exist and humankind knows of their existence living in imperfect harmony. The story is a blend of supernatural, and thriller, with a dash of some cosmic horror (eldritch). A world where magic is practiced by those with the will to wield it.

A child born from a curse in a human’s womb but marked by a power beyond the comprehension of mortal understanding. You live your life haunted by hallucinations of what you can perceive as creatures from another world trying to reach you.

Due to this development and curse, you lived most of your life alone as it seriously affects your ability to function socially. You have no understanding of why it exists other than the lies that were fed to you because no sound reason exists for their existence.

You were led to a group of supernaturals fighting against the creatures you see in your hallucinations that aim to destroy the barrier between the worlds and consume the world. Your body may be human but your existence is Cosmic. You only need a bump to shed your mortal limitations.

Your curse is the only gift the light could offer to the world. To cross into a world that would otherwise consume others - you alone are the key to victory whether they accept you to be it or not.

  • Play as a man, or woman.
  • Play as an Eldritch-spawn
  • Fight to find yourself, or save the world you know
  • Secure reality and learn about what lies beyond.
  • Become the monster or use their powers to destroy them.
  • Pursue power and knowledge to venture beyond.
  • Pursue companionship among the supernaturals and one of your own - A crude and bloodthirsty vampire. A young scarred Alpha with her kind’s hope in her hands. An egotistical Fae outcasted to serve humanity as penance. A celestial abomination craving power to break through his imprisonment. Lastly, a mysterious creature from beyond, lacking all emotions, seeking revenge.
Love Interest

Sol - Solvinash - The one who eats stars

A creature from beyond your realm, one seeking revenge after being trapped on what can be considered a small spec of dust in the vastness of the cosmos.

Ripped from its form, Sol wanders the Earth with a faux female body. A face with soft features and sleek black hair. A beauty that is easy to approach that hides a haunting truth. Sol’s origins make it a threat and trust is difficult to comeby. Though it doesn’t bother Sol as they only serve a purpose and their goals align perfectly.

Sol’s true form is all but unknown, as Sol only wishes to take back what was stolen, its power.

Princess Hayden - Envoy for the house of Mortis (female)

A murderous and aggressive vampire that slaughtered the original family that claimed the Mortis title. Her father sits on the council after her involvement in bringing them to power and is now tasked as an Envoy to work with other Supernaturals to face oblivion.

Short silvery hair with blood-red eyes. A flawless complexion with not a single mark on her body, an appearance of a pure-blooded vampire but she is nothing but a muddy mix between royalty and peasants. Following the whim of her father and their Lord to be cleansed from the mud… and in turn. Become the Queen of Vampires.

Eris Lowell - Luna’s Chosen (female)

Worshiping the moon comes with a price, a price of sacrifice. Eris was born to be a sacrifice but in turn, she opposed tradition - fighting back against elders and priests alike. Scarred from her upbringing she is now worshiped as the Moon Goddess chosen.

Young and incredibly talented, she is blunt and doesn’t waste time on simple things. A gift of leading her own pack that has been doomed by a war against the unknown… as the chosen she and her family must face it instead of the leaders of Werewolves.

A tall and muscular woman with faint scars left from her upbringing. Black haired with a tanned complexion and sharp features hide her savage nature behind a strong and stoic facade. For the sake of those that look up to her. The only people she is doing it for.

Tarragon the Exiled (male)

A descendent from Oberon himself. Imprisoned for his mischief against humankind, he is forced to serve them at their every whim. Teaching the magic and also keeping an eye on the human realm for his hateful father.

A short brown-haired man with a boyish face, tattoo-like markings on his body with glimmering scaly skin, and pearly blue eyes. He only brought humans’ attention to the possibility of Oblivion rapidly approaching to do them this one favor and then finally be free of his punishment.

But he underestimated that which awaits him beyond this realm.


A man with golden eyes, carrying the grace of an Angel in the body of a human. Short light brown hair and a sturdy face.

A Nephilim. One that walks among the humans in search of his brothers and sisters alike. Want to break the chains of both heaven and hell that bind them - sealing their true potential. They seek the power that rivals both God and Satan - to free their kind forever.

All of these characters are romanceable by both genders


Blood, gore, cursing, violence, trauma, non-explicit sexual content, vivid hallucinations, disturbing imagery, the possibility of sexual content (maybe)

Ailment effects

Scales - essentially reactive armor
Black bones/nails - Can’t be sensed
Black Eyes - can transfix things you look at
Pale - Hallucegenic aura/pheremones
Cold aura - freezing aura

Current Word count excluding code: 62000± Words

Please Note
I have only written the first chapter and prologue so expect it to be on the short end.

Romances are not integral to the plot and an option for those to experience the story without any romances will be made possible without losing out on anything other than deeper character stories.(might end up letting you learn from it, either way, depends on how the writing pans out.)

There is a polyamorous route planned.

I never used Tumblr so don’t expect a lot from me.

Looking for feedback on:
-Anything related to the writing, flow, tenses, grammar, etc.
-Suggestions moving forward.
-Anything else.

Here are the links!


06/03 Update - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 has been released. I did a little fine-tuning to the scenes (dumped them in a single text folder) so the loading should be smoother.

Just a little bit of introductions to the characters and some of their lore and backstories that you can take part in as we get further.

I added Violet eyes as per request.

I also remembered that you can bold and italic things so used those a little bit.

Almost killed myself trying to figure out why it isn’t working like it is supposed to but I guess that is the joy of coding things.

I think I added a save option. I hope.

The stat screen is updated and I am aware it looks like crap. I am holding off on working on it for just a little bit. I plan to just get most of it planned before touching it… so it will look like a bit of an info dump for now.

Everything is subject to change if something feels offish about the characters or you have suggestions for them. Just leave me a message and I will see what I can do. There are probably a few code errors as well.

I hope you all enjoy this release!

06/14 Update - Chapter 3

Hey everyone!

This one took a while because it got in the middle of some student stuffs - I managed to push it out and I now present to you Chapter 3!

We have a purpose for the sanity stat and how it could possibly future incursions/battles and exploration.

We get to see what we should expect from the other world just beyond ours, and possibly even a hint at a new character stepping into the story. We learn more about what some of them might be hiding.

And if Sol is really being honest.

I am aware that there were some complaints about the POV swap in chapter 2 and I didn’t touch it at all yet due to me just being focussed on getting Chapter 3 rolling. Sorry. I will get to it pretty soon!

On another note, I did format my PC and had to use my backups which weren’t updated to the most recent versions so some old issues might just pop up. I am sorry for that, I tried to find the old issues and fixed most of them.

Feel free to leave some criticisms, and as always, I really hope you enjoy the next chapter :slight_smile:

06/25 Update - Chapter 4

I am back! This one admittedly took long for exactly no reason other than myself procrastinating.

So here you are, Chapter 4. A little peek into the worlds of the characters around you, introducing a few more characters that will warp the way ahead and mostly a little bit more world-building.

I am going to ask, I think I got most of the female being talked to as a male issues - if I haven’t please write down the sentence if you can so that I can have an easier time finding it amidst everything.

Next chapter we are going to go over the consequences of making choices and a good look at your powers throughout the story. This chapter does play out majorly in other characters’ perspectives seeing as you are dead, so just a bit of forewarning. Scenes in character’s perspectives are all dependent on how your relationship and friendship stats are, you will not be making choices for them.

Feel free to leave some criticisms, and as always, I really hope you enjoy the next chapter :slight_smile:

07/14 Update - Chapter 5

I said tomorrow but I just ended up doing it anyway. This only took long because of power issues and me being mostly a idiot. I am just happy I got it done before a month passed.

So here you are, Chapter 5. A bit more world-building and learning a bit about the characters while you try to receive some more of that delicious Eldritch power.

I am going to ask, I think I got most of the female being talked to as a male issue - if I haven’t please write down the sentence if you can so that I can have an easier time finding it amidst everything. (This is a recurring issue and I am going to let it boil down to me being an idiot. I don’t know if it is fixed but I sure hope it is by now.)

Feel free to leave some criticisms, and as always, I really hope you enjoy the next chapter

08/04 Update - Chapter 6

Hey everyone! How are all of you? I am pretty decent despite just multiple setbacks and lazy days. Anyway…

This chapter is short. The reason being spent a lot of time brainstorming about filling the world a bit, the cosmos felt a bit empty and I thought maybe fill it up a little bit more… saw an opportunity to add something more and hope it pays off.

Welp. The more and more I write this choice game I am just realizing this is going to end up being a MASSIVE powertrip.

I have also made the decision to add another romanceable character that will be gender selectable. Will be introduced in either the next chapter or the one after that one - with how planning has been going - either chapter 7 or 8 is going to explore every other character’s story outside the main story.

Excited to get into that as quickly as possible.

By the next update, I should have every chapter revised and edited. I have been putting it off for quite a while because… lazy.

Anyway, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as usual. I haven’t gotten around to upgrading my trust in this website and I don’t even need to explain why at this point because I think you know the reason already.

Thanks for reading. So ya’ll in the responses and the next time I update Corruptant :upside_down_face:


Haven’t played yet but I will but I wanted to say your story premise is a interesting one and I’m looking forward to seeing what you bring forth of your world/world’s.


Thank you! I hope you like it!

Intense!!! :no_mouth:


I enjoyed what you got so far and the promise it holds :smiley:

Did notice a bug to report from what I can tell it involves the question to touch when told or to not do so towards the end. When taking the not touching option the easy going stat goes up when I think in that regard it should be stubborn stat.


Should be fixed now, thanks^^

holy shit that was so good! it kinda has the manhwa feels and i really dig what you got here. while understandable, it would be funny if the mc just gave zero fucks about it but sadly it seems like the hallucinations can touch you. if it cant tho, it would a nice physiological comedy. cant wait for more


What’s here is definitely interesting, although you’re jumping around alot between first person and second person perspective which is kinda confusing to read.


Glad you liked it - will see if I can incorporate it in the story though ^^

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll look into it.

Also when you pick that you have black eyes from your ailment you still have the choice for eye colour which seems odd.
If you choose to reply “Yes Im fine” It takes you to the wrong scene by the looks of it.

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As for the black eyes, you still have the choice of color because you can still see the irises. It reads like this addressing the fact that your eyes are black.

Black eyes

"Considering my so-called curse, it is rather hard to tell what the color of my eyes are.

*Leaning forward, I tilt my head to make it easier to see. In midst of the black, I see ${Eyes} swirls. It is strange to see that it has still some color in it, but it has its own haunting beauty."

Normal eyes

Leaning forward, I can clearly see that my eyes are ${Eyes}.

I just fixed the last one, labels linking the wrong way. Thanks for pointing it out ^^


this looks really interesting I cant wait for more

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I will make the original post a wiki so that you can edit it.

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Damn… This is good,


Neat premise and ill definitely be keeping my eye on this wip, though i wont be jumping in quite yet till there’s more to sink my teeth into.

Good luck with your wip :slightly_smiling_face:

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Understandable, thank you for your kind words!


Are you gonna add save feature?!?


When i figure out how to do it, I can

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Is poly an option in the game? I like me a vampire X MC X werewolf romance.