Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


You scared me. I thought you were saying we had to wait longer.


Woohoo! It’s in the Upcoming Games Steam queue…

(I won’t be getting much work done the rest of this week)


is totally not excessively checking google play to see if it doesn’t pop up earlier


I’m not either!



slams hand on the table Stoic next please


Guys Guys. Obviously next should be Hijinx. She is clearly the mastermind behind the Diabolical Dozen. Also Nil is just Megacat controlling a drone.


HonkyTonk is pretty mysterious too.


I want to thank everyone who was involved in giving me feedback, suggestions, and/or encouragement over the 2.5+ years this thread has been in existence. This is an awesome group of people, and frankly without all of the beta testers, I would still be struggling through the editing and :butterfly::beetle::cricket: hunting process.

When CCH2 releases, I’ll close this thread permanently and open a post-release thread so I can start with a new OP with some questions to readers about Part 2, as well as suggestions/hopes/wishes/expectations for Part 3. That will help launch me into the project later this summer.

Again, much appreciation and (platonic) love to everyone involved!


… Like my birthday?


It’s May 17 here right now and there’s nothing yet. Sometimes it sucks living in the future :weary:


got the lotto tickets, or the horse race statistics?
we wait…


Just saw it get added to the omnibus on iOS on my end.


you lucky bastard D=



Rub it in, will you D<


Same, I’m buying it right now


Just bought it but to be nice i shant read it till tomorrow. (its still the 16th here)


When it comes on playstore can someone send me a link


I bought it but it does not show up in the HG app


I guess i have time for one more Part1 playthrough