Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


She can be a narc, which is why I’m kind of surprised that I keep choosing her myself. I guess DG is too abrasive or just starts to clash with my workaholic and ambitious MC.



Nah, just kidding, I like them too.

By the way, congratulations on finishing the game. Pretty excited to see how it turned out at the end.


I’m glad Tress is a tad less provocative than is the Hedonist. I like not having to hide behind my chair of rich Corinthian leather as I type in my office.

Tomorrow is a new day! Any requests for tomorrow’s character?


Dirty Girl hands down.


McCormick or Captain Califonia


Oh gee… maybe… MOD!! PRETTY PLEASE!



I second McCormick.


In all fairness, with McCormick, I just type like I do when I hammer out a letter or email at work. It’s innate!


I think downfall would be interesting to see personally


What about my boi Stunner?

He needs more love


Unicorn Fish Girl. She needs some love too!




Fuck yeah! Two more days, the suspence is killing.


I second this motion! I am also wondering if she will appear in the new game, as she left at the end of the last one. I am probably in the small minority that picked her for my RO though…


Well… there could also be new heroes or villains to befriend us, nothing is confirm yet until we play the game, there might even be someone like Podigral ? :thinking:


There’s not enough love for my boy Mob :sob:


Good morning everyone, it’s Mob, but I’d prefer you call me Rey. Come to think of it, I’ve really been having some second thoughts about my hero name lately. I feel like I need a pitchfork and a hundred uneducated townspeople.

Anyway, such musings aside, I have a bit of a conspiracy theory going. So hang with me okay? The Manipulator told Captain California and the Hedonist that she would return in May. Look down at the bottom right of your computer screen or just hit your date app on your phone. What month do you see? Yup.

It’s like the author has been able to bend the very laws of space and time to join our two timelines. I wonder if something very very bad will happen in your world on May 20th, the date the Manipulator returns in our world? Hmmm…

I’ll have to give that more thought. A lot more thought. Maybe we’ll figure out more of this when our game releases tomorrow. I’m actually not sure what “game” I’m referencing, but Penelope told me to just go with it. Be safe out there!


So close I’m getting super excited


Why can I not give this more hearts???


Now that all my exams are done I can focus my full attention on being excited for this story.