Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power (old WIP thread, now closed)


Didn’t the game cover the whole semester though? By the end of the game you went on a break from what I remember so a lot more than a week passed


It did, but it feels like only a few days worth of important events happen, especially given that there are no opportunities to boost stats outside of the two study sessions or passing midterms and finals.


I guess they kinda skipped over ordinary/non-important days and just showed the major events.

The problem with stats though is that each archetype only has 3 strong stats and you can’t get high thud without being an acrobat or a soldier so the test is a bit unfair.


Tentatively quivering with excitement for the upcoming release!


Same! I am rather hyped! I quite liked the first CCH! Quite a different look at Superheroism compared to other superhero games published by CoG.


So I only asked if Hedonist was a RO and got quite a reaction… I apologize to opening some hostilities. I suppose I will eventually find out once the CCH2 comes out. :smile:


Sorry :see_no_evil: We drove Eric into hiding before he could answer you.


pick Dirty Girl. lmao


lol yes tomorrow will be like Dirty Girl or Tress. Nice and safe.


I’m sorry, but after bobs’ comment I imagined you peeking up from hiding behind the couch saying this Dx I’m sorry.


Definitely Tress … i am also curious whether we are going to be continuously unmasked to each other :slight_smile:


Pick Mob maybe? Or Stoic (wonder what she looks like)


He posted the Speck short webcomics higher up, she’s the smol girl in the grey hoodie.


(Day Two)

"Morning everyone! It’s Penelope aka Tress, or wait, should that be Tress aka Penelope? Hmmmm.

Now don’t tell anyone, especially Mallory, but yes I’m a little stressed out about the story release in two days. Why am I stressed? Well, let’s just say that I don’t think the author was very fair to me! I mean, the way he depicted events, there’s an ever so slight chance that I’ll come off as, I dunno, tightly wound? Power hungry? And that’s totally not me at all!

Oh gosh, look at the time! I wish I could chat more, but it’s 6:43 AM and I’m two minutes behind on my morning hair care regimen. And it’s not like these brownies are going to bake themselves.

P.S. Thanks for all the votes for me to get my own RPG card next month! This is so meta!

P.S.S. I was serious about you not telling Mallory about me being stressed. I do NOT need to give her more ammunition for those nicknames she comes up with for me."



D’aaawww. I never hated tress but never really was best friends with her. Mostly because I don’t think she would’ve made a good leader, but she’s pretty funny.


Tress is love, Tress is life.


Tress is bae. I still can’t believe I actually managed to get my main RO to get a name I chose.


…I didn’t realize it before but two more days. AGHHHHH.


She’s too “goody two shoes” for me.


Tress was… er… well. She is obviously a positive character, a nice person and all, but I liked her better at the beginning of the game, when we weren’t yet fully familiar. Then she just became equal parts likeable and indifference-inducing. Also annoying and overly sensitive at times. Overall, Origami, Stoic and DG ended up being more important and close to me personally and to my characters than Tress, and I still don’t know exactly what it is about her that rubs me the wrong way.