Coming Soon: Lasombra and Malkavian Clans in "Vampire: The Masquerade—Parliament of Knives"

I should probably say Jordan because Jordan is easily the nicest and least conniving vampire in Ottawa, but I’m going to have to go with Trevor Haidt. Sure, he’s probably involved in some weird stuff, but anyone who spontaneously asks “Do you have any particular interest in ancient texts?” apropos of nothing five minutes after our first meeting can have me.


I have been a big fan of parliament of knives since it was puplished and I can’t tell you how excited I am to know that there’s going to be an update. Thank you so much for this amazing game

if you as a human have the opportunity to be sired by one, who would you pick and why?

I would choose Archon Durand her intellectual no nonsense approach is attention grabbing


I was just wondering since i finshed my Toreador playthrough and found the hidden extra ghoul if there would be a potential new one added as well.


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I’m happy with mommy Corliss, I’d just need to plead her to step on me attempt very hard to meet her standards. Qui would also be a good place I’d like to sit sire, considering he’s one of my favorite characters. Of course, being embraced by the Archon would be an honour and provide me more power/political influence, unfortunately she doesn’t seem interested in sitting on my face the kind to have patience to train a fledgling… So Adeline is a dangerous choice.

Aaand we’re six days away from the release aaaaaaaaaaa I’m so excited!

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romance with sevinc?

My understanding is that it’s more a fling than a proper relationship, but your PC and Sevinc can definitely … spend some quality time together.

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Ok how about Vivian or Arundel as sires ?

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You can’t? In Sins of the Sires I’m pretty sure you play as a Caitiff.

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There is a way to have a clan (is revel in the last chapter i think) in the sins of the sires talk (the 30 coment) you can find how to choose clan

Please move the conversation about Sins to its own thread.

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how to romance Lucca? I just finished the game and I can’t figure it out

To romance Lucca:

Be friendly with Lucca every chance you get in the first few chapters. Go to her first when you venture into the building after the explosion in Ch1. Talk to Lucca during Ch4 and agree to meet up with her after Qui dismisses the gathering. Talk to her at Alicia’s exhibit in Ch5. Continue to spend time with her as much as possible. You’ll be able to flirt with her in Ch6. If you’ve expressed mutual interest by that point, you’ll be able to go home with her after the investigation of Elysium in Ch8.


I really like how we can now choose the classical WoD dots character sheet.


How are you supposed to resist Ophelia at the office again?
I thought I should have a high resolve and composure but it didn’t work out

You need to have a high level of intelligence to resist her otherwise it doesn’t work.

Okay… I’ve tested the expanded game three times so far, and managed to get four of the ten new Achievements. I was thinking that ‘Sword of Caine’ would be achieved by aiding Kashif in his assassination bid - but I just got the same route to ‘Exile’ and ‘Barony Bound’, as before.

I’ve played as Malkavian once, and whilst I liked the new new scenes with Grace and Ophelia, unfortunately I didn’t enjoy the path with the ‘companion in your mind’, which I took to its full conclusion. Ward speaking in riddles in the base game to prolong his reveal was annoying enough - but the ‘companion’ felt annoyingly vague and unhelpful, and the extra path felt too long-winded. I realise some of that was probably deliberate - and I will play the Malkavian path again (if only to get the ‘Face the light’ achievement). Don’t get me wrong - I appreciate the extra content. But I was glad to finally get rid of the annoying companion in my character’s mind. I do wonder if this path was to make us think of those with real-life mental issues of this kind.

My thoughts on some other extra content - the new portraits. Nosferatu Eden Corliss - the horns make her look like some demon… As for non-Nosferatu Lucca (now surnamed Corliss) - ahh! She looks sweet. :heart_eyes: I’m glad to finally see her picture.

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Gosh I love my dots in the New character sheet. I didn’t realized untill now how much I’ve missed them in the previous versions of the game lmfao

Did the Malk path already, going to hit the Lasombra this weekend if everything goes right xD

BTW I’ll ask something that probably no one else cares about: Why did Lucca adopted her sire’s surname?

I actually did wonder about that. Maybe they passed themselves off as actual relatives at some point? Or Lucca found it convenient to have a surname that reminded everyone of her connection to her powerful sire? It is referenced at a few points that vampires often let go of their surnames and even their first names over the course of their unlifetimes. Arundel and Qui chose those names for themselves, and it’s mentioned that Vivian was probably using a different name at the time her portrait was painted.


It actually makes a lot of sense, considering that she was offshore working for her sire for quite some time. Europe is filled with really old vampires that despises the younglings, being tied to a powerful Kindred I’m a good position in the Americas can save your ass, I guess


I played both Malk and Lasombra, and I was blown away by sheer amount of content in this game. Not only DLC content, both playthroughs were radicaly different from my first Ventrue run. :grinning:

I got some questions:

1.Do you have to back Corliss to shed your disguise as Lasombra? I went Arundel, but he said “that’s not the time”, etc. I guess, If Corliss will become Prince, she will have the power to do it.
2. Does Sevinc Fling require to you go through Anarchs path?
3. Two Achievments: Abyss Mystic and The Sword of Caine. I guess, first one is tied with creepy Lasombra guy who lures you into the trap if you did Qui mission. (at least that’s how I met him?) You have to get friendly with him somehow? Can only Lasombra do it, or other clans too? And I guess he can help you join Sabbat? (he certainly seems like the type)
4. I’m not sure are two achievments about getting new ghoul from base game or DLC, but I did not found the way to get them. Would appreciate some advice on that.