CoG and HG: suggestions on what to play - Consolidated Thread

Hey, I know this topic hasn’t been used for a long while, but oh well, it’s there for a reason, right?

I was looking for games that feature one or both of these RO types (keeping in mind these characters must be male or gender-selectable, and romanceable by a male MC):

  • An ex to the MC - and not an old relationship that was broken because one of the two parties was supposedly dead or any drama of that kind. An actual ex-partner with whom the relationship ended prior to the game’s start, and you’d have the opportunity to rekindle the flame / give them a second chance.
  • An arranged marriage partner - or well, something equivalent to that. Basically, someone to whom the MC would get engaged or a similar status, which could evolve into actual love. Often that trope is used to make that character the antagonist, and they aren’t one of the ROs, and I don’t want that.

Of course, said RO has to be an actual full fledged option, not a small side thing in addition to “proper ROs”.
Also, generally speaking I like story/RP oriented games instead of stat oriented, so if it relies too heavily on stats, I won’t like it. But balanced ones are okay.

Thanks in advance!


The only one I can think of from the top of my head is Rent-A-Vice. The MC has an ex-partner they can more or less get close to. But it’s a really minor thing in the game. There’s just not much romance overall. A good read though. Grim and brutal.


• Vyv from Cakes and Ale (Ex)
• Nicholas Hunter from Ace of Spades (Ex)
• Grand Maestro from Superhero Secret Agent (Ex)
• Darcy from Advances studies in pattern magic (Ex)
• Cass from Odessa dating names (Ex)
• Hades from Fields of Asphodel (Arranged marriage)

Only Cakes and ale is published, the rest are wips. :slightly_smiling_face:
Oh and i forgot to say that in most of the games i mentioned you can choose what kind of a relationship they had with the MC, so they are also romanceable even if you avoid the ex option.


For the arranged marriage, perhaps Crème de la Crème? Your character can get close to someone with a view to make an advantageous marriage, but then genuinely come to care about them.

It’s something they would be pursuing on their own however, no particular partner is forced on them by parents or anyone else.

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I believe I had checked out that game but it didn’t catch my eye as a whole, sadly. Still, thank you for your suggestion!

Oh thanks for that. I only know of Ace of Spades from these. I may not have interest in that specific one, but I’ll be sure to check out the others!
EDIT: okay so, Fields of Asphodel is perfection put into game form? :two_hearts:
EDIT2: Odessa Dating Games is a great thing too, though I couldn’t force myself to make Cass an ex, considering I love the main RO and Bex so much that I wouldn’t go for Cass anyway, and at least with making them a hometown best friend, I’m not teased by their romance. Curiously though, the situation with the royal is so unique that it almost makes it to the arranged marriage category - sure, it’s no engagement yet, but the MC is almost forced into the competition. So it still scratched the itch a bit? Just not the one it was expected to scratch. :rofl:

It’s okay if it’s something the player can select, I don’t mind if it’s predetermined or if the player chooses! It’s just that the only time I had seen that, the character was locked female!

Yeah, that’s the issue. I love that game, dearly, but the two characters I truly like in it are not even good candidates, and besides, like you said, it’s something the MC chooses.
I really like that trope where the MC is forced to be engaged with a specific person, and then you’re given the opportunity to make them actually fall in love (or pursue other people and try to get rid of the engagement - as long as you can go one way or the other).
Midsummer Night’s Choice did something like that if I remember correctly, but the character was either locked female or always the gender opposite to the MC’s, I don’t even know, so obviously it doesn’t work for me even if the game was pleasant enough.

Hmm, now that I think about it, something like that might happen with Javi in Royal Affairs, Crème de la Crème’s sequel :thinking:, though it’s still early to know how it will develop.

And in Choice of Romance, the MC gets pressured to marry Torres (by their aunt) or get with the Monarch (by their uncle), but it’s not really an arranged marriage either (there is, funnily enough, a possibility to get into an arranged marriage you cannot avoid — as the bad ending if you romance no one! But no chance of making that one work out :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I thought finding examples of ex ROs would be easier, but surprisingly I’m coming up short there as well. Again, in the Choice of Romance series I think you might be able to romance De Mendosa at first, leave them for the King/Queen, and then rekindle the flame when part 3 comes around, but I’m not certain. It’s also not the most straightforward example…

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The mere fact I just learned thanks to you that Crème de la Crème will have a sequel makes me way too overjoyed right now…

Yeah, not really what I’m looking for, sadly.

That doesn’t really work since it’s basically what the player chooses to do during the game, if I understand you correctly? The romance that turned out sour should be something that happened prior to the game’s start. It’s okay if the player selects if it was a romance or a friendship, for example, but it still must be in the past.

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Okay you’ve actually inspired me now (although I don’t have a WIP thread yet, and I don’t know if the genre fits you), and I believe this is an in-topic question anyway and I want to verify, so - you aren’t interested in proper ex-partners if the break-up involved drama, even if you can rekindle the flame? Or am I reading this wrong (again - I actually first three times read you want drama)?

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I’m totally fine with drama!
What I meant is that the MC and ex must have had an actual break up. Not drama of the likes of - “one of the two was supposed to be dead” or “they were separated by their families”.
Basically, a relationship that has gone sour and was ended by the concerned parties, not external circumstances.

And here I got thrilled about the idea of making a supposedly-dead character a potential ex-partner :sweat_smile: but I guess having the option wouldn’t hurt anyway!

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hey everybody! I’ve been thinking about something and I thought I might ask here… Are there any relaxing games?
You know, something that’s just delightful to read, be it for the way the narrator addresses you, or the atmosphere and such, just suggestions in general for games you found relaxing?

And by relaxing I don’t mean necessarily slow or overly simplified, just like, a nice experience!

I love me a good ol’ thriller and adrenaline filled story, but from time to time I come across games in which either the narrator addresses you in a calm manner, or describe certain situations in a fun, lighthearted and and lovely way, or maybe there’s a certain character that simply makes your MC feel right at home and you just unwind reading it! I was wondering if there were more games that did this!

WIPs are good as a suggestion too! : )


Hmm, relaxing is tough since plot tends to center on conflict. I suppose it depends on what you find relaxing. Even romances can prove stressful for some people. I actually find text-based games relaxing in general because they mostly involve reading. I don’t think there’s anything so idle slash sleep-inducing as a resource management game or crossword puzzle. Gun to my head, I would say the most “relaxing” CoG/HG I’ve played is Tin Star? (That may sound ridiculous to some.) It’s so long that I find the pace is slower (room to breathe) and a lot of the scenery is the open desert. @Cloudinthehead

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I would suggest Mischief in the Suburbs by @Klonoah, if you haven’t read it already.

I wouldn’t necessarily call it relaxing, but it’s definitely one of the cutest games I’ve played.


With the VERY recent release of the first WIP for Bracken Fell, I was wondering if there are any other games, finished or not, where you play a totallly not human MC. As in, not humanoid either. It can be an animal, anthropomorphic or not, or a toy or whatever. Creatures like fox spirits that transform into humans don’t really work either for that specific theme.
And well, preferably with romance!

There’s also The Cain Foundation that I know of and love, despite the very short WIP atm.

As far as finished games go, I know CoG has one with a dragon MC and one with a cat MC, but I’m not really a fan of either - mostly because I find them too stat based.

Have you tried Welcome to Moreytown? :relaxed:

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In my WiP Talon City, you play a fairly anthropomorphized owl. (not sure if/when it will be finished, just 25% done)

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Yeah, I did. Sadly, it’s my nemesis of CoG/HG games :rofl:
For some reason, I CAN’T get my head around it and get a decent ending. So much that I even forgot I had it :sweat_smile:

I’ll check it out, thanks!

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I hope you find one you love!

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I’m looking for a game where you can be very chaotic. Doing the opposite of what people expect just to get a reaction out of them, causing mayhem and confusion where ever you go, that sort of thing.

Also, any stories where you have some sort of disorder/disability? It can be physical or mental.

WIPs are fine, too.

I haven’t finished the game yet but I think Fallen Hero fits your description