Cobblefolk (WIP)

So I’m a long time lurker on this site and I get lots of ideas but none I have been confident about putting to paper, or code in this case, but I feel confident about Cobblefolk thanks to my friends.

Cobblefolk is a sort of slice of life survival game about a race of tiny humans, I didn’t see many games that did survival or family building so that’s what I wanted to do with my game.

Currently I am working on the character creation, and I plan on updating when I feel I’ve got enough together and working since I’m learning to code as I go.



Tucked beneath the floorboards or nestled in the ceilings, or even creeping beyond the walls. That is where you will find the Cobblefolk. While small, standing no taller than a mouse, they are resourceful and resilient.
The life of a Cobblefolk is a dangerous one, never knowing when you might get caught by a human or become a snack for one of their pets. Unfortunately, most Cobblefolk cannot survive without the risk living within human homes brings, though you’ve heard some stories about Cobblefolk who live outside of houses.
The day is coming, and fast. The day you must decide. The risk of discovery is getting too high, and a choice must be made. Who will go, and more importantly where?


Do note that some ROs are not cemented in one location meaning you can run into them in other places.

The Starter House


Appearance: His eyes are Red and he almost always has a slightly arrogant grin on his bronze skinned face, he wears a plastic top hat with a gold band painted on it (most likely stolen from a child’s toy), clothed in a rather nice long black tailcoat and pants with a yellow shirt underneath. He is normally holding a black painted matchstick with a silver tick.
Personality: Lux is cocky, abrasive, says whatever comes to his mind and is far from afraid to tell people to go fuck themselves. He is jokey and jovial, but can be quite the venomous snake at times. His words tend to bite. He makes no attempt to leave positive impressions on people. Far from it in fact. He actively makes you want to hate him.
He is is also the adoptive father of the impulsive six year old Kit, Although his focus shifts from making you hate him to keeping you at arms length from his baby at all times on penalty of death, unless Kit asks him nicely not to be mean.

Lore (She/her)

Appearance: Her eyes are red with thigh length white hair done up in a ponytail and pale skin its pretty likely that she is albino. She normally has this thoughtful look on her face and wears a soft toggle coat made of a scrap of blue velvet, with a plain t-shirt long enough to go to mid calf and a small messenger bag made from brown couch leather. Her small boots are made of the same leather as her bag, and she wears thigh high black stockings made from a cloth handkerchief. She also has a tiny pair of wire glasses.
Personality: Lore is gentle, quiet, and shy though she does open up to show her the people she thinks of as friends her silly side or when talking about a topic she finds interesting. She makes every effort to learn more about the world.


A white haired and pale skinned Cobblefolk with brown eyes, they look very much like their little sister Lore, its possible they’re twins though Tale is a head taller than Lore is. They wear their short shoulder length hair in a loose ponytail and wear a long grey wool sweater and black pants with brown leather boots.
Personality: Tale is shy and uncomfortable, not uncomfortable for you to be around they just seem to have a hard time being around others. They try to slip away from conversation and will outright bolt for it if you try to touch them before you know them well enough. This doesn’t apply to children or animals.

Other characters

The Starter House


Appearance: A small brown haired as well as brown eyed child with pale skin, this little one cannot be seen without her trademarked brown fox ear headband and tail made from a very soft piece of fluffy carpet. She is usually wearing a purple shawl and skirt made from patterned curtains and a soft cream sweater underneath.
Personality: Almost a 180 from her adoptive father Kit is impulsive, a bit naive, and a total sweetheart who will her best to help out even if its a little dangerous. She is also known to wander off at the most inopportune times leading to the reasoning of her being with Lux when he’s gathering.

Whats done

So far I’ve got the character creation done and am working on year 8 for you all, thats when the story starts.


Hey! I’ve just started playing the demo - your descriptions are pretty cool, both setting- and object-wise, but I’ve run into an error pretty early on. Edit: the same issue doesn’t arise when I choose different clothing, though. I don’t know what the issue might be unfortunately - I’ve little experience with ChoiceScript.


This is a very interesting concept!! I’m excited to see where this goes, I love what i’ve seen so far :smiley:


Ah shoot don’t worry I know that one’s probably and its a quick fix.


That’s such a cute premise :grin:


oh my gosh, i always had peak envy any time i had a children’s book featuring teeny tiny characters living their lives alongside human life, this is such… wish fulfillment?? i haven’t read it yet but this premise is adorable and i’ll be checking it out soon :blush:


First things first I love the name kind of sounds like a bad ass sorceress and I also have a question are these people just humans or do they possess any fairy blood?

Whoa, this is weirdly interesting one.


hmm… well I suppose fairy blood would explain them being so tiny, but they do essentially look like tiny humans.

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I feel a strange overwhelming urge to tell you hi so I’m going to do it hi

Hi to you too, but why?

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I have no idea why this happened I’m impulsive just go with it

Are they like Lilliput people, lol when I heard tiny humans, that’s the first thought I had. From Gulliver Travels or Gulliver and Lilliput.


I was re watching the secret world of arrietty and just saw this wip and now i can fulfill my dream of being a tiny human! I cant wait to read it, it sounds so interesting :’)

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Yeah I was inspired a bit by them though the inspiration is mostly from the borrowers in the Secret World of Arritey so don’t be surprised by any Studio Ghibli references.

Holy Devils!!! Lol thank-you guys for that.


It would be kind of cool even if they don’t have fairy blood The things that they can do still seem magical not because of any magic but just because of how good they are at it if they disappear before your eyes it’s not because of their magic it’s because they’re just very good at it they’ve been doing it all there life

20 of them versus 20 goblins Who do you think would win in a fight?

Anyone else getting an endless loading screen at the next chapter page after designing their character

I do! I don’t know why though