Circus of Noir (Future W.I.P)

Note: I’m only posting this to get the idea out of my head so I can focus all my attention on my current WIP A Witches Path. I won’t do a demo until the first part of the story is off to host of games. Plus The story isn’t 100% fleshed out.

Welcome to the Circus of Noir! One of the best rising circus in all of the United States. It has the thrills of its talented Preformers and the chills of its strange Freaks. And you are the latest addition to the Circus Noirs Freak show with the freakish trait of being born with wings. Finally a place where you can be accepted and be yourself without fear or judgement. Or so you thought? In this circus there are two factions: The preforms, normal people who believe they are the stars of the circus and deserves the best treatment. And the Freaks people with strange traits and deformities that want equal treatment from the performers. With all this inner conflict you’re the only one that seems to notice the waves of murders that seems to follow the circus where ever they go. Can you find the killer that might be a member of the circus? Take on the stage name of the Fallen Angel and enchant the audience with your mesmerizing singing voice. Get to know the 6 romance options in each faction and choose a side or find a way to bring peace. Get closer to them in friendship or love and if strong enough join them in their acts. Help the Circus become number one in order to move the show to Paris. So your goals are clear: become one of the best star of the circus, become the best Circus in the United States, help the faction or factions, and stop the murders by finding the culprit and bring them to justice. Or will you become one of their many victims? Choose your characters appearance and the color of your hair and wings. Be gay, straight, bi, or single in this circus tale.

Sooo that’s basically the ruff draft of the story so far. Always open for opinions and suggestions.



Name: Kouji
Gender: Male
Stage Name: Olympus the Strong Man
Talent: Freakishly strong
Age: 23
Info: Circus Noirs handsome strong man who’s strength is legendary. Able to lift cars with one hand and crush boulders with a single punch. Kouji or as he is more known as Olympus, is one of the top performers in the circus. It also helps that he’s very handsome and is often seen with a swarm of girls following him around and watching him work out. Because of this he has developed a cocky attitude especially towards the Freaks but for some reason he seems to have a soft side towards you.

Name: Mirror
Gender: Male
Stage Name: The Prince of Beast
Talent: Animal Trainer
Age: 19
Info: Circus Noirs talented animal trainer who can turn even the most ferocious lion into a lovable kitten. Not only loved by all animals but people who see him will say he is the most beautiful girl they ever seen until finding out he’s a boy. A beautiful boy with an even beautiful heart he treats everyone with kindness. He often try’s to make friends with the Freaks but is stopped by his performer friends. Maybe you can help him?

Name: Dimitri
Gender: Male
Stage Name: Sage of Illusions
Talent: Magician
Age: 21
Info: Circus Noirs master Magician who dazzles the audience with his magical illusions and dazzling smile. Likes to act cool and mysterious which helps him gain fans and admirers. He usually doesn’t give Freaks the time of day but somehow you caught his eye.

Name: Harmony
Gender: Girl
Stage Name: Sookie the Joyful Clown
Talent: Clown
Age: 19
Info: Noirs Circus most popular Clown and star of the clown show. She’s always smiling and bringing smiles to everyone who visits the circus. She can even have to most biggest grouch smile and ball out laughing at her performance. Even with her clown make up everyone thinks she’s cute. Many of the Freaks are annoyed by her for her constantly making fun of them but she doesn’t seem to want to make fun of you.

Name: Gwen
Gender: Girl
Stage Name: The Sky Dancing Princess
Talent: Acrobatics
Age: 21
Info: Noirs most talented acrobatic. Gwen is the star of her family of acrobatics mesmerizing the audience with her elegant performance. It also helps that she is very beautiful and she knows it. Because of her rising popularity she has developed a princess like personality often looking down on most of the performers and especially towards the Freaks. But she seems to watch her attitude with you.

Name: Scarlett
Gender: Girl
Stage Name: The Danger Queen
Talent: Stunt Woman
Age: 23
Info: Circus Noirs fearless stunt preformer. Scarlett was once a stunt woman in Hollywood but got tired of all the safety requirements and equipment so decided to join the circus and make her own rules and stunts. Now she does dangerous stunts such as riding her motorcycle through fire, or dodging live gunfire. She loves the danger and is constantly thinking of more stunts to do. One of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet but is more interested in her work than anything. But it seems like you’ve caught her eyes.


Name: Dragon
Gender: Male
Stage Name: The Terror of the Deep
Freakish Trait: Alligator Man
Age: 23
Info: Dragon is one of the top Freaks of the circus of Noir with the appearance of a alligator that is no costume. With sharp teeth and strength able to bend metal he is very feared by people but loved by kids who he has a soft spot for. He is very protective of his friends and the other freaks and will defend or protect them any chance he gets. Despite his ferocious appearance he is actually quite gentle and well mannered knowing to be carful not to scare people. Sometimes you notice him glancing in your direction.

Name: Wyatt
Gender: Male
Stage Name:Mr.Bones the hungry Ghoul
Freakish Trait: Literally just Skin and Bones
Age: 19
Info: Wyatt one of the more popular freaks in the circus with the appearance of skeleton with skin. Able to eat pounds and pounds of food with out gaining a single pound. He is able to use this in his act by also eating other strange objects such as swords and such. Wyatt is one of the more enjoyable freaks often cracking jokes and being the life of the party among them. He actually would like to be great friends with you.

Name: Ash
Gender: Male
Stage Name: The Black Demon
Freakish Trait: Looks like a Demon from hell
Age: 21
Info: The scariest of all the freaks in Circus Noir, Ash was born with pitch black skin, bat wings, horns, a tail, and red eyes with no whites just black which makes people believe he is a demon. Because of his appearance during his act he scares people with his looks and his pyrotechnic preforming as if he really is demon. But because of his looks he often likes being alone usually staying in his tent. But he seems more open around you.

Name: Caroline & Coraline
Gender: Girl
Stage Name: Joy & Sadness
Freakish Trait: Two headed girl
Age: 20
Info: Caroline & Coraline two girls sharing one body with both their heads attached. Despite their situation the two wish to make friends with everyone who visits the circus and hope they will view them as 2 separate girls rather than the same girl. Caroline the right head the spontaneous one often thinking of fun activities to do with others, and Coralline the cautious one often worries about others safety so much she dabbles in nursing to help people. The two are Very popular on stage as comedians cracking jokes that make the whole audience laugh. Both usually have trouble on agreeing on who they like but both agree they like you.

Name: Uma
Gender: Girl
Stage Name: Octavia the human Squid
Freakish Trait: Tentacles as hair
Age: 20
Info: Uma a girl with the appearance of a normal girl but instead of having hair she has octopus tentacles as hair. Very shy about her appearance she often hides her tentacles under hats in order to walk around unnoticed. Her performance includes her using her tentacles to do multiple things as she paints with them using ink she spits out through her mouth to finish the art piece. Her art is then sold after the show usually at a high price. She loves to read and paint, anything that can be done alone and in quite. She is extra shy around you it seems.

Name: Opal
Gender: Girl
Stage Name: Magnificent Madam Oracle
Freakish Trait: Cyclops
Age: 18
Info: Opal a sweet girl born with one gigantic eye in the center of her face like a cyclops. She goes around camp offering her help to people who she knows needs it which has earned her many friends. She is the circus fortune teller dazzling the audience with predictions sand knowing everything about an audience member. No one really knows if she’s truely psychic though but she hasn’t said she is or isn’t psychic. But takes joy in making people guess especially when she gets a prediction right. She hopes to be good friends with you.

Sooooo that’s it lol. That feels good to get this out of my head! Now I can focus on my current WIP A Witches Path. Fill free to voice your opinions on this and I’ll put it in my notes. I’ll work on a demo as soon as my first witch story is completed maybe. Or I just go to the next part of the Witch story. Either way thanks for reading this little idea lol.


im very interested in this. just a couple question 1. around what age are we? 2. why Dragon? i would think Dagon in my opnion would be better. 3. Do we get to chose our wing colors?

  1. Age 19
  2. Yes you will be able to choose your wings colors and which ever you choose will also be your hair color.
    And 3. Chose Dragon because I imagine that’s what his mom named him since he was born with scales, and looked like a dragon lol.

YES I love this!
Ps future waifu sighted go squid girlfriend

Quick questions
Is dimitri really magic or is it just illusions?
And is opal really psychic or is it just fake?


Why does it seem everyone is interested in you? Is it your looks,the way you act,an eldritch ability making people interested in you?


lol maybe he’ll be magic? Might make it the same world as my witch story so maybe she is psychic too?


Well I’m going to have your character very handsome/beautiful and plus… you have wings. You’re like an actual angel lol.



please. i would love the chance to test the waters and provide feedback.


lol would love too but so far this is all I have. Need to workout the whole story.


You sure this is going to be based in America? Mirror sounds an awful lot like a Trap to me! Lol, just kidding :rofl:

Anyways, what would be an interesting twist would be if one of the ROs was the killer, and that (depending on how good the MC’s relationship with them is) the player can join forces with them… :grin:


Lol he is trap basically. And maybe that will be the case. Still have to think of the whole story.


I get inspired by the strangest things lol. This video is what made me think of this story:

And this video is what made me think of the MC:

Strange cuz I didn’t even like that season that much lol.


When you said you will make a new wip i thought it would be your god story ( this is a great idea though)


I’m being reminded of something

Darn it, there was a different demon Ash I was thinking about… King of Fighters?

Everyone seems obsessed with me…


No that’s my series after A Witches Path. But I do have characters and info about that too so if anyone wants to help out with that story I can always post its info.

lol I can see why.

This sounds awesome, will we get to choose the wing color?

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Yup it will match your hair color. That’s another freak Trait you have. Born with hair that can be pink or purple and feels soft like feathers.


This is really quite great for a story. And finally a circus freak choice game :smile:

Ahem…may I ask about the stats? I’m pretty sure there will be Charisma and Perception inside 'cause of the mystery kind of genre. How about the other stats, if you don’t mind me asking?

Also, when did this take place? Is it in a Victorian Era? And there will be more characters (freaks) to add? And by the way, I love the characters too.

EDIT: Dear God, I ask too many questions :sweat_smile:. Sorry! I just got excited there


Hmmm I’m not sure yet? It’s my first dark detective like themed story so will have to think about what to add. I know one will be a stat that increases if your a freak or preformer. So if anyone has suggestions I’m up to hear them.

Probably just based it on this time period for now unless I change my mind and think of a era in the past that will work.

Side character freaks but still characters. Like the person in charge of the Freaks is a bearded lady. And thank you. Really wanted freaky characters that everyone would like to date lol.


Well, I’m excited for this! I mean, I’m excited for A Witch’s Path, too. But still! This is something to look forward to!

I’m sorry, I know that you don’t have that much in mind for this story yet, but do you think we’ll eventually have a signature song? Like in Fire Emblem Fates, there’s Hitori Omou. In Black Butler, they really like London Bridge is Falling Down. Or maybe, we can choose, or type in lyrics, that will have extra meaning for our character?

Maybe ‘Circus Standing’? And it’s one of those bars where Blue is “Freaks” and Red is “Performers” or something? Or maybe there’s a stat bar for Freak and Performer, separately?