The Nine Lives Affair (WIP Updated 08/20/2016)


Hey everyone! I’ve been a big fan of COG so I thought I’d make a game. This story has been buzzing in my head for a while now so without further ado here’s The Nine Lives Affair.

The story is about a circus but the demo is really short. I’ll be working on the customization of the MC in a bit. I hope you guys enjoy what little I’ve written and I’d appreciate it if you guys point out any bugs or typos :blush:


Hey everyone! Long time no see :kissing_cat: There’s something I gotta tell you. When I write a story I start out with a general idea then let my creativity flow. That’s why I haven’t really put up a summary but I’ve got a (somewhat) solid idea of what my story is about.

Summary: Magic is a dying gift. Those few that show an aptitude for it are immediately taught how to use it by more older and experienced institutions/users. Once a person has a good grasp of their magic they use it to help people and better society. But not you. Or rather you were never given the chance. Having been blessed with the gift of magic you grew up in a traveling circus were magical performers seek to amaze audiences across the world with their enchanting and spellbinding acts. Using magic as a means of entertainment and profit is seen as wasteful and selfish in the magical community. So having been shunned from the magical community you only have your fellow performers to stand by you in times of hardships. But is that all you want out of life? To be a performer for the masses or is there something more for you beyond the circus?

What do ya think? I’m not sure I’ll stick with this idea but it’s a good start in the right direction. Anyway I’ve fixed the name customization error and I’m almost done with the intro. Next I’ll be working on writing your performance! So thanks again for taking interest in my story and for giving feedback!

Also I gotta ask but what do you guys think of the stage names I thought up? I couldn’t really think of anything cool :sweat:


Good luck with your wip. Also edited your thread name to include the WIP part, since it helps differentiate threads. Also maybe add in a brief description of your story to help attract people?


nine lives? oh is this got to do with cat? I’ll check this out


I had an error after inputting the name.

Startup Line 87: invalid indent
Expected at least one line in ‘if’ true block

Also, it’s hard to tell how the occupations and clothing (jacket, pin, gloves) connect at first. I chose gloves because it’s the most circusy clothing beside a hat and I didn’t know it would make me a marksman


Seems interesting but it’s a bit to early for me to tell how interested I’d be and what not. Perhaps a summary for it as well?


You should put up an overall regarding the story because I had no clue what it was about.


I found this a very interesting concept so far and can’t wait to see how it develops. The only bug I found this round would be how we’re unable to input our own name. Other than that, can’t wait until the next update!


Very interesting demo so far; i was wondering if you could add more options to the MC’s occupation like say a acrobat and for the item the MC forgot is maybe slippers or a scarf.


I’m very interested in this wip so far. I’m wondering if it’ll have more options of “jobs” in the circus. I hope in the future you’ll post a little bit more about the plot, but definitely I’ll accompany this wip. :slight_smile:


Originally there were suppose to be four jobs but I couldn’t think of another one that incorporated magic. I’m open to suggestions! :grin: