Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1305]

Still having trouble trying to get exiled. I’ll kill West but my secret never gets exposed :frowning:

new_orleans_governors_visit line 406: Bug: this shouldn't be possible

How do I kill Estefania? I had enough downfall and stat points to defeat West but she was still able to kill me at the fair.

Have high combat stats


I believe there’s a bug with the West combat scene, atleast in the latest Ipad version. My character has Praetor Carlos as dominus, so she knows about silver and I have even tried choosing as a weapon the rifle. I am certain it goes through this sequence atleast:

“You commission the creation of several dozen silver bullets.”

But at the West showdown sequence the game still treats it as though our team (Sabine, Elliot and me) don’t have silver bullets, so west_downfall isn’t enough.

Assuming is the latest version of the code, or atleast the one that runs in the iPad app, if I understand the code, I believe the issue is that the variable has_silver_bullets is initialized to false and never set and this variable controls the various checks in the sequence on whether you use silver bullets or give them to Elliot.

Checking the sub blacksmith_bullets, this doesn’t set the has_silver_bullets variable to true and neither do any of the two places where it is called.

Finally just some feedback, as I’ve enjoyed this game very much. It’s obviously inspired in the World of Darkness, but giving more of that lower powered earlier edition feel, that I actually enjoy this setting more. Might I suggest that if you manage to bring down West without the help of elders like Carlos or Memeskia, one might earn some Status… or atleast some measure of (grudging) respect ?


Good catch! I understand that CoG generally pefers bug reports be sent via email. You may wish to pursue that (if you have not done so already). :grinning:

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Have pieter von whatever as your sire or pick the ambitous tech guy with a knack for business as your character

Also, choosing to build a hospital in volume 1, if I’m not mistaken.

Just pushed a new build fixing several bugs. There are also now resolutions to the Gould plot.


Pushed a new build.

Trying to crack a particular nut, but I don’t think I’ve done it yet.


Sometimes I wonder if Adonis really gives a shit about the Society in the Americas and its secession. Then again he is an ancient creature and Stone’s revolution is not even a century old yet. Perhaps the great tyrant in Rome will see his plan come together by the 2010s…

You know, if Stone had just said “I’m the new super-Governor of Baltimore. Thanks for your support, Adonis!” Adonis would have probably rolled over and gone back to sleep. But some little sh!t from the colonies saying that he’s Adonis’s equal? Yeah, nah. An ancient Phoenician vampire don’t play like that.


Loyalists should just trust the plan, its all coming together…

So, for those paying attention at home, we’re finally going to formally “announce” St. Louis in May.

“What?” you may ask.

Well, we never actually sent a mailer about St. Louis. Or had a real blog post, I think.

Regardless, there’s a huge difference between the current beta version (which you’re playing linked from this thread) and the current published version. This beta version will be pushed to the public in May, along with the announcement.

So, now’s a good time to report any bugs!

EDIT: Also, if you run into any TODOs, your thoughts on what should go there are encouraged!


Functionally, there doesn’t to be any difference even. Stone’s society still works according to the same rules, that is it has the same mechanism of prestation and attributing status. Still has Praetors like Padre Carlos prosecuting the exact same things. At the end it’s does seem like it’s just something petty over who is called Consul.

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Ok, I’ve pushed another draft. In particular, I’m hoping that this draft makes the Annie Jones romance more engaging.

(Not that I’d gotten complaints, per se, but I feel like it wasn’t as successful.)

EDIT: holy mackerel, someone just turned in a really significant error for the first time. It should be possible to get through St. Louis without actually encountering hunters but I don’t think the code allowed you to do that. The fix I just pushed should make that the default, and the encounter arise only if you cross certain thresholds.