Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1305]

I didn’t understand what you meant at first, but wow, that’s cold. Done.

I see you’ve been reading my code. :slight_smile:


For uh… several years now, yes. :stuck_out_tongue: I ran through and looked at all the #todos I could find and have thoughts about. Hopefully it’s not too much lol. :sweat_smile:

Fair enough! I would love to see the Browns continue to do well if we save/own them, but I’m sure you’ve got plans there. Also not a todo per se, but the politics of the 1910s are completely glossed over, which unfortunately means the MC has no real reaction to the Great War. I’d love to see the intermission between STL and Chicago get expanded (or the STL denoument expanded) to cover that period and it’s domestic and foreign developments.

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No, suggestions on the TODOs is great.

Thinking about this last night, I’ve got myself a bit of a problem. I set up the PC to buy Spot, the horse who won the race in question. However, Spot was presumably not a thoroughbred–thoroughbreds don’t have mottled coats. And only thoroughbreds race in the Triple Crown.

So, the set-up there needs to entirely change. Or I need to make room for the Triple Crown to accept non-thoroughbreds? But that seems like waaay too much effort for far too little payoff.

Yeah, I intend to start Chicago much earlier than the current material suggests. The shift happens in 1905, and I want to actually start there, rather than jumping forward to 1919 or whathaveyou.

While some of the basic plot bones of the Chicago section I wrote in 2010 might stay, I’m basically going to have to rewrite the whole thing.


Finished a playthrough (with a decapitation :joy::sob:), found a few typos etc.

Pronoun bug with Maeve reading your letters:

I think this convo is bugged (asking Jesse the same question three different ways):

More pronoun fun:

The choices confused me until I played through a few times, because mustache man isn’t mentioned at this point.


No, Robison is correct. Frank and Stanley Robison.

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Thanks for the correction! Thought that might be the case but with no easy way to rewind wasn’t sure how to double check

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Thanks for those.

More, there’s now a new (very obscure) way to get doom_avoided in that section.

Also, I’m glad you seem to have found a bunch of the new content from the past few months. The real question, though, is did you get to have a barbeque?

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I did not, but now I am intrigued :face_with_monocle: there are so many different options it’s unbelievable, well done. Played the beginning a number of times now and there always something new and surprising. Alas, it seems I can no longer play past New Orleans so the barbeque will have to wait

Yeah, what’s up with that?

I keep getting a random point whenever I restart whenever your grandmother dies. Is that a bug? If not, how can I make sure it goes into willpower?

It’s not a bug, it’s randomized. If you want to boost a certain stat, just don’t raise it beforehand and then savescum until you get it.


Got it. Thanks!

I was testing outcomes for randomtest. I’ve pushed a fix.


I’ve pushed another build to the beta.

This actually rejiggers some of the Choctaw material in the first chapter, as it turns out there was a significant logic bug with the choice of religion.

I also found an unwritten branch of the meeting with Carlos if you summon him to St Louis and fixed that.

Any last minute catches before Thursday are always appreciated!


Last Last minute I know, but I just noticed something. During Andrew’s soliloquy, the Choctaw MC is basically forced to argue in favor of slavery and the Confederacy, before getting a choice in the matter (and the Southern MC is forced into Confederate alignment). While it’s understandable, the MC should have the opportunity to yknow, not argue for them.

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I got the content about Hattie and the child via Chopin but the text after choosing to go with the nunnery still mentioned Annie.

Appreciated what seems to be a new addition to the dialogues with Hiram, just mentioning God. Definitely fitting for some of the more fervent characters.

Speaking of content, I was wondering if there could eventually be a way for a French PC to react to the decline of the language in Louisiana. The constitution of 1864 made English the sole language IIRC.


I know, you just updated and announced, but pronoun error in the convo with Bailey and Draper while you hide from West.

Ordering error in the same convo, should read ‘quaestor of your kind’ for Choctaw MCs. He should also probably be a step more apologetic towards a high Status Chcotaw MC here. Something something one of the good ones.


Seconding this for gens de couleur libres PCs!

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Sorry for the question but is that on purpose now, that when you decide in what neighbourhood you want to live in St. Louis, that there is only the option between Downtown and Chestnut Valley?

Your options depend on your origin and whether you know where the other vampires’ territories are.