Choice of the Vampire - community input [SEE POST 1305]

Question, do vampires in this universe get visibly buffer when they increase their strength and stuff?

I don’t think so. Pretty sure the body you get turned with is the one you are stuck with. I only say that cause when you pick one of the makers it says they figuratively get fat on power or another. You can rp having a buff vamp tho.

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I’m not sure if this has been pointed out before, but I think the way the code checks whether or not to give a choice on what to with Franklin rather than just automatically killing him in memphis_conclusion.txt is messed up. Maybe the “<“ in “*if compassion < 60” is pointing the wrong way? In every play through with a very compassionate MC, she thoughtlessly murders Franklin despite it being very out of character.


If you mean this:

*elseif (compassion < 60) or (discretion < 60)
	If you are leaving Memphis, you must decide what to do about Franklin.

That’s right. If you’re compassionate or discrete, you decide what to do about Franklin. If you’re neither, then you kill him thoughtlessly. This is a pretty easy test to “pass.”

(For historical reasons, opposed variables are reversed in CoV.)

Are you sure your character is actually compassionate?


Well, these are my stats at the time of the scene occurring:

I don’t pass the test with my discretion level, but compassion is definitely high enough to do that. If the code is right, then I genuinely have no idea what’s going on here.

I also suspected that it was an issue with just my version of the game or something, but SisterMaria had the same problem in post 1810. At this point I’m thinking it’s just a minor bug that only happens to certain players, otherwise it would be more well known after what, 10 years of being playable?

Either way, thanks for the input and replying back so quickly. If you still can’t figure out what’s wrong with it after all this, it’s probably not even worth fixing as I know how busy you are. I still absolutely love this game.


the problem is that the hubris stat is high, even if you have high compassion stat the mc will still kill franklin because they are simply too proud.


Turns out you were right about my hubris being too high, since I just finished a play through with both compassion and discretion above 60% and was able to save him. Thanks for pointing that out, even though I don’t think Jason intended that since the code says “or” instead of “and.”


What area of influence did you guys find the most enjoyable in St. Louis?

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I for one have always liked being in control of the newspapers. They’re useful for basically everything: making people believe in West, supporting worker’s rights, plus just knowing you can promote your own point of view rather than just having to read what the politicians and elites want you to read. My other favorite is Washington University, because even though it’s not as useful in my opinion, it’s nice being a vampire who cares about education and the advancement of science/medicine.


I prefer working with the criminals or the futurists.

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So I have a little suggestion. At the beginning of St. Louis, you can have a short conversation with Aichinger if his rapport is higher than Bailey’s about the capitalism of the city. The PC can ask him “Does no one support the actual workers?” to which one of his retorts is something along the lines of “If you ask a worker what he wants, he says to become the der Meister (the master). Could someone who asked Alpheus this question all the way back in New Orleans point out that all he wanted was to be free of his cruel and oppressive masters?

I just uploaded a new build to the beta. It contains a huge collection of bugfixes and such. It also contains checkpoints using the new checkpoint system, including a late-STL checkpoint for people who want to just replay the last chunk of the game.

As silly as this might sound, I’m hoping to finally “release”…ahem, announce the release…of St Louis in Q1.

The main thing that I have left to write is a “I’m hiding from West with Bailey at the Southern Hotel, but let’s do more than twiddle our thumbs.” People were understandably frustrated that running from West was such a “wah-wah” moment.

(There’s about half a conversation there already, but I want to double it.)


Awesome can’t wait to play it

I’m seriously confused - I thought St. Louis was already released?

It was, but we never made sent a mailer about it.

There was a rather significant problem in the release version, and some platform or other took almost a week to approve the patch, and by that time the moment had passed.

@Canix I don’t think it’s that much new content. Mostly small things here and there. This is more about a backlog of bugfixes and then just building out that Bailey scene.

@Link putting a reference to Alpheus is tricky, but I did add a conversation #option to the scene with Aichinger for you.

@Zaya27477 I actually have a chunk of Chicago written, but it’s 13 yeas old and should mostly be used as inspiration at this point. But yes, I’d like to keep forward progress.


Is it hosted on the same link, or do you have a new one?

Same link.

Err: it should be beta/vampire3 ?

Edit: no, it’s now a new link, but it’s in post 1305.


So on the beta when choosing to hang out with Bailey it appears that there isn’t a page jump at the end of choice sequence so the West fight still happens.

Sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

stlouis_geronimo line 812: invalid @{} at letter 343; 'stl_met_pbusch' is equal to 3 but there are only 2 options