Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

@Jackrabbit, a Troper, eh? I’m surprised I haven’t seen as many TV Tropes in use on this forum as I expected.

As for the title – perhaps Choice of the Overlord? Although Choice of Rebels is certainly a nice fit for the series-title. Question: does each installment in the series require the “Choice of X” moniker, or does that only apply to the whole series’ general title?

I was hoping just Choice of Rebels: The Uprising/The Harrowing/The Beginning or something, in regards to the title. Like Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, Heroes Rise: The Hero Project and Heroes Rise: Hero Fall (or whatever it’s called). So just a subheading with the emphasis on the Choice of Rebels.

I second the the name to be Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism: The Game, but if for some reasons you choose not pick such an excellent title, Choice of Rebels with subtitles would be my second pick.

I would actually tend to do nothing more than “Choice of Rebels” Part X/Y/Z to differentiate installments. Even if, in later installments, you ultimately take over, I think the greatest challenge for any revolutionary movement going forward is how to stay true to their principles. In that sense, keeping the focus on their initial “rebellious” act is rather insightful and clever. It neatly frames the whole game as struggling to define the meaning and significance of the first revolutionary acts. Their significance evolves over time for our character’s perspectives, for the society in its political importance, and hopefully for us as real world players as we take in the aforementioned points of your beautifully constructed fantasy. Why not run with it?

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@Anansi, thanks for eloquently making the case for Choice of Rebels as the right title, even if in later games your rebellion has become the new ruling order. That’s been my vision for the title too.

I like subtitles, though, so people can refer to each game by something other than a numeral (or on your suggestion, algebraic variable). :slight_smile:

So the first game has CoR: Uprising as the working title; the last (on current plan, game 4 or 5) is tentatively CoR: Downfall. The ones in the middle are a bit up for grabs, and while I like @FairyGodfeather’s idea of sticking with gerunds, I’ve got CoR: Storm-Wielder as the working subtitle of game 2. Totally up for being talked out of any of these titles, but only for something that really grabs me.

St Nick, no games on the site are required to have Choice Of… monikers. See Heroes Rise, Willow Creek, etc. I’ve grown quite fond of Choice of Rebels, but if I ditched it, it’d probably be for a title that didn’t start with “choice.” Like maybe “Sliding Scale of…”

It’ll always be Choice of Rebels to me. Storm-Wielder sounds intriguing, but it makes me think I’m a wizard, or a priest harnessing the forces of the storms themselves to zap my enemies with lightning. Will that be the case?

I don’t like Downfall though. It seems like it’ll be our downfall and I don’t want that.

‘Choice of Rebels: Downfall.’ - Ah, those fine days, with our PC sitting in the Königsbunker, ranting about the approaching Thaumatarchs and berating those treacherous Whends. What a lark.

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@Drazen, I await with bated breath the YouTube clip with appropriately edited subtitles.

@FG, the meaning of storm-wielder should become clear early in game 2. And the final downfall of the Thaumatarch is one possible referent of game 5’s title. Could also be yours, of course. Or humanity’s.

@Drazen dont forget Babies… For me this is Choice of rebels : Search for a noble parner . Or 50 ways seduce Simon the nun men" but this names look more for a gay xxx market =))

Oh how bout Choice of Rebels: The Takeover

Hmm I like Haven’s ideas and I will await for the next game to be out and to understand the reference and pass judgment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Haven I actually mean it when I say this is the best game on CoG. I liked Tin Star which many give the top title but I’m just not into Westerns and CoR really feels a void I’ve had for a while. Along with that any up and coming games I’ll say are comparable to yours such as death reapers and the teenage paranormal ones which I love but can never take the place of CoR in my heart. :3

Thanks, Beez- I really appreciate it, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the game so much!

Happy Christmas, everyone!


@Beezlebub Well, ‘Merry’ is laced with connotations: Joviality, pleasure, revelry, festiveness and cheer, etc.; ‘Happy’ on the other hand, is straight-to-the-point dullardry. Now, since we live in a world filled with such evils as neon lights, synthesised music, and “Doge” memes, the plebs have grown incapable of comprehending all but the most immediate of concepts.

Long story short, people say “Happy Christmas” to save people the mental anguish of having to comprehend a multifaceted term.

Also, I’m celebrating the holiday in England this year. Most people here say “happy,” most people in America say “merry.” (Not sure how that fits with @Drazen’s explanation!) I default to wherever I’m staying that Christmas.

Every time i read Merry i Think in robin hood men :slight_smile:

@Havenstone Maybe the Colonials are just a little slow. Y’know, the driving force is the same, but the inertia is greater.

Yes, I’ll go with that.

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@Beezlebub No idea, I always just say ‘happy holidays’ :stuck_out_tongue:

@Drazen: Too dull even to recognize our own dullardry, stuck with a word whose richness we’ve lost the power to appreciate? Alas, the lot of the Colonial pleb is a pitiable one indeed.

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Every time i read one of @Drazen his comments my brain dies for a part