Choice of Rebels Part 1 WIP thread

@Jackrabbit “In any case, what is considered humane changes with the time, as morals do.”


@Drazen. Could you, instead of just saying “no” or assertin’ that you believe somethin’ is incorrect back it up with some kind of evidence? Though I have heard myself about thin’s, I 'ave nothing to present here, only stories.




As always, a marvelously helpful comment from Drazen. And with an unnecessary long video too!

This morbid little derail reminded me of the scene during the harvesting rising, when, if you choose to punish all those involved, they try the “just following orders” defense. I really liked that little bit, especially the counter argument presented by the PC. It’s wasn’t just some broad concept of the responsibility of the solider, but it actually referred to the behavior of those involved, which allows for more complex situations.

I mean, it’s nice to have options between ‘helping an old lady cross the road’ and ‘mug the old lady’.

Unfortunately the assignment of guilt of soldiers and even officers varies if your forces are the victorious or losers in the battle/war, or the which nationality/faction are the judges. So the choiced during the harrowing are very accurate.

Apologies, all, but having inadvertently uploaded the wrong files to the CoR Test Dropbox earlier today, I’m afraid that the public test game is no longer working properly.

As soon as I’ve finished the current round of edits – which again, I’m aiming to do within the week – I’ll update the game accordingly. Until then, I’m afraid it’s temporarily not playable. :frowning:

@Jackrabbit, glad you liked that scene, and your steering us back to the topic is warmly appreciated.

@Bagelthief, I was grateful for the brevity of Drazen’s initial response – what better way to note his objection to Jackrabbit’s closing assertion (which also lacked evidence, you may have noted) while avoiding the danger of launching a fruitless debate on moral relativism? If only the video had been equivalently brief. (Eleven and a half minutes? For crying out loud).

@Jackrabbit Spare me your sarcasm. I wasn’t the one who stooped to asserting that the inhumanity and evil of people choking to death in gas chambers was somehow culturally/temporally relative.

@Havenstone Is the upcoming update the fabled chapter 2, or edits to the current content? Just adjusting my expectations, your know.

@Pepper True, but as mentioned in the scene, there is always some wriggling room with orders, and the solider’s enthusiasm, or lack of, when following horrific orders should be taken into account when considering their responsibility. After all, the rebels need to keep the moral high ground, or they become more of a mob.

@Jackrabbit, the imminent update will not move the story forward, though it will fill a gap (the tax collector raid) with a fair amount of new material along 4 different paths.

I’d been hoping to wrap Game 1 at the end of Ch 3, but I now believe the material I’ve planned will work better with one more chapter division. See here for some aspirational deadlines.

I’m not sure what “fabled” Ch 2 you had in mind. :slight_smile: Here’s a guide to how I’m using Games and Chapters:

GAME 1: Uprising
Chapter 1: The Fourth Harrowing
Chapter 2: The Outlaws of Whendward
Chapter 3: Strangers in the Woods [the current draft ends early in this chapter]
Chapter 4: Hounds of Karagon

GAME 2: Storm-Wielder
Chapter 5: Chaos and Telos
Chapter 6: The Dance of Shadows
Chapter 7: A Glorious Season
Chapter 8: The Archon’s Choice

GAMES 3-5: most chapters outlined in my proposal to CoG, but (a) highly subject to change and (b) spoilery.


Chapter 7 seems to be geared up for a major head on battle, instead of the skirmishes most reble groups excel :), cant wait

New page, new link:

(NB: Although at the moment, it won’t take you to anything interesting – sorry!)

I have enjoyed playing this WIP quite a bit. The new prologues are really great. I particularly enjoy the one with the Nun. I know that’s not her title, but that’s how I imagine her in my head.

Nun! Nun! Nun!

As I was writing it, the final branch of the tax collector raid has gone in a direction I didn’t fully anticipate, a bit grimmer than expected… and it’s taking a bit more writing and playthroughs to get it right.

So apologies that I’m missing my Ch 1-2 update deadline (I told you so). I believe it’s going to be worth it, though. I’m hoping to get it done soon, and I plan to spend lots of time on Rebels over the holidays.

Happy longest night, to all my fellow north hemisphereans.

That’s a good reason for being late, much less dramatic than the last ones. I am really interested to see what you’ve written.

Of course it’s going to be worth it. Choice of Rebels is one of the best games.

Yes, it’s nice to have a normal reason like “wrote something I didn’t originally expect to.” Maybe next time it’ll be “decided to finally blitz through the last two seasons of Breaking Bad.” :slight_smile:

But no, no TV box sets til after the update. And thanks.

Nooooo Breaking Bad! NO! Admittedly I must be one of the few who thought it was wonderfully well acted but just couldn’t watch it. So I’d definitely prefer you writing Rebels.

I remember when I watched BB. Some nasty stuff bout getting rid of bodies. Other then that all I remember is Walt saying Jesse would go to hell whn he died if he didn’t cook meth. LoL