Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



Who are the male romance options?


The mayor your student can be one and Sam the Inquisitor.


What is magic of the sun? I was hinted by Seer Marie, but i don’t really understand…
What are the 3 types of magic of the sun? how do they affect gameplay?
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The Sun magics are...

…under ‘Personality’ on your chracter page:

Optimism / Caution
Humour / Solemnity
Empathy / Calculation

These have a subtle effect on your story and choices in various ways. They are quietly explained a couple of times in story, for example if your mother sends a letter about love and hope. Hope this helps.


what are the differencies ? what are those “subtle effects”?


Well… Cos just dumped me via letter and hopes I find happiness with someone else`and I’m not going to lie, I’m disappointed and frustrated, but mostly devastated especially because his last letter promised we’d find a way to make things work… But I’m also stubborn AF so i guess we try, try again. I’ve read various advice on here about how to make sure it doesn’t happen: mainly making sure there’s a way to travel back and forth?? But how? Can someone go into just a bit more detail or provide a few more clues? I would be so grateful, you’ve got no idea. :disappointed:



The first letter is fine. With Cos relations >= 55 he’ll promise to make things work, as you’ve seen.

The second letter is sent if Cos relations < 50 (not a problem for you, presumably) or the country’s power choice is set to “nothing.” This refers to your opportunity to harness the storms, the negation clouds or the animals as a power source for the queendom.

The advice on “making sure there’s a way to travel back and forth” is accurate but specifically is referring to the power source you chose, which will also function as a travel method for the citizenry.

So hopefully just creating a power source will be enough to fix this for you; best of luck.


Thank you so, so, so much for your help!! I will try out your advice and see if I can keep the romance alive with my sweet, nerdy boy. :sparkling_heart:


In the room that is marked with an eye is “a man or manlike creature…who has several extra eyes on stalks growing from his head.” He is also referred to as a watcher. Is there any extra information on this creature? It seems very out of place.


I don’t think it’s too out of place. I think it was a person affected by vivomancy and divination magic.