Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



Man, I’ve had astonishingly bad luck trying to get the Purest Saint achievement.

First time I went that direction, I was going in blind, and hadn’t bought the glamour potion because my glamour was already pretty good.

Second time, I had all the potions, but my negation skill was pretty bad, and ended up not having enough to actually make the potion. Doh.

Third time, I got the fateshaper in chapter 3 and set it to black mage to make sure I had enough negation. You can guess where this is going - despite not really doing anything with negation beyond that, I got sent down the negation climax instead of the glamour climax. (That’s how I got exiled for destroying the palace with negation magic that I barely touched.)

It’s fun, though. I’m very much an optimizer, and your games make it satisfyingly complex to optimize.

edit: What on earth? I just tried a fourth time, and got…no climax at all? I didn’t even think that was possible…

edit2: aaaah, working on a rot cure during peace prevents the glamour climax. Is that intended? You’ve got at least one line (6275 in war.txt) that can’t happen because of that.

edit3: And finally I realize the purest saint achievement isn’t from developing a cure for rot while a saint at all. It’s from getting the miter while remaining a saint. Oh well.


The glamor climax kinda depends on you being rotten to the core, yeah.


Oh, I was still pretty darned rotten.

edit: in queen.txt, lines 8847-8850: Are the outcomes there backwards? It’s saying that you leave a negative-energy cloud residue when you have the wand, and no trace at all if you don’t have it, when the wand is supposed to prevent the death clouds.

No mechanical effect there, but.


My Steam review:


How do I get the potion ingredients to make a cure for rot?


At the market in your hometown; you have to buy both the glamour and negation potions. Which means you either have to buy them when you first get back (in which case I recommend training glamour by scamming a loan), or make sure the market survives, either by not using much automation magic or getting that copper tree in place.

If you’re going to be a saint, you can’t return to the market anyway, so make sure you get them at that first opportunity.


Regarding the issue people have had with updates, we’ve just pushed out what we believe to be a fix to the problem on Web and iOS. If you have any major problems (especially crashes with this new update), please let us know (email me or, otherwise we’ll be pushing the same update to Steam and Android by the end of the week, and hopefully it will make any future updates a smoother experience.


How high does your Negation have to be to scour the heavens once and for all? I’ve had 30 Negation and still failed to do it. Or do you need another stat?


You need automation too


Alright, I’m a bit slow here, but here’s what you do. use Chrome. Go to more tools, developer tools. Choose the “Application” tab on the top of the new window. Go to the tab Web SQL on the right of the new window, open it, select the title of the game, go to persist data. You should see ‘rowid’ ‘k’ and ‘v’. Look for where column ‘k’ is ‘state’

Copy column ‘v’ and past it into a text file. That’s your save

When you want to restore it, go to ‘game name’, and a text input screen will appear with a >
You copy your text file, and write ‘update persist_data set v=’(save file)’ where k=‘state’ then hit enter. It will vanish. If it doesn’t vanish, something went wrong. Look for ’ in the save data and delete them then try again.

Finally reload the page and you should be in your save location with your save stats.


Found a bit of an ending-related bug. Going with heavy negation, I had Vera research counteracting the side effects of heavy negation and got the achievement popup when she came back with a way to stabilize the dark sun, but then went straight to the negation climax regardless. I certainly had massively more points in negation than anything else, but it’s still weird to have a scene where Vera averts a disaster and then the disaster happens.

Also, question about something that’s hinted at but I haven’t seen even grayed out: So if you research dark sun theory you learn that it’s theorized negation should have a solar counterpart, and if you teach Marie divination and then come back later she’ll tell you that in the shadow of death you should use the magics of the sun. Can you actually do this under some condition? It feels like it’d fit as an option with the negation climax and airships.


I think the other magics are love,hope,and humor but I’m not sure. Ya know less showy more subtle.


I wouldn’t think they’d fit the description. Humor is recognized as a form of magic by the ancients, but magic drawing upon the sun is unknown to them, which would tend to imply those three aren’t magics of the sun. Plus you can use their opposite stats to get satisfactory climax resolutions, so there’s arguably six.


Does anyone know how to get the Polychromatic Diamond achievement? Every time I romance Cos, he breaks up with me because of the long distance between Akriton and the capital.

Also, could someone please tell me how to get the dragonrider achievement? I’d really appreciate it. Also, is it possible to have more than one dragon as a pet?


I’m not sure if this is necessary, but on the playthrough where I got it Tal died and Cos took over a chunk of the personal interaction stuff.

Dragonrider is fairly straightforward. You need to use Vivomancy for the kingdom power source and go on a scouting mission across the Negative Sea, which will be on dragonback. That means you can’t let the Neighbor airship capture you, and in all but one of my playthroughs either Tal or Cos accompanied me; when they both died I used pure divination.


Sorry if somebody asked this question before, but is there any way to become a saint despite going through the “Hell” room in the basement of the church and gaining control of the murder golem? Every time I meet the hierophant the murder golem kills them before anything happens, so I think it was designed to not be possible, but I was curious just in case.


I very highly doubt it.


Not possible. The murder golem is out of control even if you take it over.


Haha yeah. I think it was the author’s way of making a statement on lethal autonomous weapons. I still like murder golem though, cause he’s a badass.


Is it bad that giving Tal’s epilogue, I would love a game playing as Noodles or Bear Bearson? :wink: