Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



Guys pls halp, I have no idea what I’m doing. I got the game and decided to go with Vivomancy builds, my goal was to make a dragon air force and beat the Magisters. Unfortunately, it seems that you always get abducted by their airship and forced to talk to them.

I had a high Charisma build, so I was able to escape with the help of Espar, but then I got ambushed by the Rebel Dragon, and I had to transform into a Dragon myself.

My goal was just to live happily ever after with the queen…(as a human).


I’m pleased to say that the Uber Achievement seems to be fixed (at least on Steam).

If anyone could give me some suggestions for A Walk on the Mild Side, I would appreciate it. It’s the only Achievement I have left to get…so just seeing it by its lonesome is taunting me :wink:


If you make beasts, you’re gonna get an ending and it’s probably gonna be vivomancy. That’s just how vivo works.

I’d suggest mixing negation, glamor, and alchemy if you want a “normal ending” - that is, one where magic doesn’t go catastrophically wrong.


Oh nice! Mild Side can be obtained by choosing to improve Akriton with fast-breeding animals. Cos probably shouldn’t die, because he’s the mayor most interested in experimentation, and you should have a local romantic interest.

Choice of Magics: Achievements

Got it! I usually stopped the clouds from wrecking the town which was my biggest impediment


Thanks, I’ll try doing that. I also played a game where I still went for Vivomancy and Charisma, but this time added some Automation. I used Automation to neutralize the Airship, then stopped the war with the Magisterians, then turned everything tiny in the fight with the Rebel Dragon. Which was sad, because my Fluffball (pet) became tiny.

But I married the queen, and we were both humans. And I was able to switch the kingdom to using automation magic, which may cause problems, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. An uncertain ending, but the happiest one I’ve got so far, I guess.


Anyone know how to get the Winning and The New Pantheon achievements? I feel like I’ve tried everything and am so stuck.


@kgold It would have been cool to make a charisma ring for the queen like we could cos


To win, you need moar power. Then you need to blitz like you’re playing FFX.


Now when I think about it, is there some specific reason to why you can start late V romance if you helping them build Negation-powered factories, but can’t if they doing Academy and you similarly helping?


I think the people of Akriton are more easily swayed by such charms than the queen. She’s got to go full glamor magic to have any effect on the kingdom as a whole. This makes her plot and character a little more interesting, too.


This is the sort of question that would require a fair amount of digging to puzzle out, and then the answer may not be satisfactory. One thing that’s generally true is that the events in that chapter are all set to trigger or not trigger in a particular order, and the academy stuff comes at a rather different time from the results of choosing your power source. I wouldn’t have put in an onramp to romance if I thought you missed the boat to the scenes that would make it an interesting or satisfactory arc. We need the discussion with V of how a romance would impact your existing relationship as mentor and student; in a lot of regards, the romance is kind of a bad idea because of that relationship, and the game needs to acknowledge that. If I allowed a jump back in time to explore it from a later scene, I might introduce inconsistencies.

Having a set order on the scenes with go/no-go based on whether they trigger is a great way to keep down the complexity and still write scenes that can reference earlier ones. But it does make some moves impossible.


@Ramidel thanks! You were right and I got the achievement. Only one more to go…


I was thinking of getting some fanart done; does anyone know what Thecla’s hair color is? Of all the NPCs, I don’t think it was mentioned.

Heh, and though it is too late, I admit I would have been interested to see a slightly different text if your mom overhears the queen call you “My love” when the Magisterians hit.

For that matter, it is rather amusing if you married Thecla, and then get exiled. I think she would seek an annulment then :wink:

Although there might be a slight inconsistency. @kgold - Speaking of exile, if you are married to Thecla, the screen then goes to her taking up a hobby (fanfiction, blacksmithing, etc.) If you are exiled, how would she get the time to take it up? Of course, I guess the exile could relay orders via divination


I don’t think I ever thought of the married-to-thecla-but-blew-up-the-palace-and-exiled corner case before. I’ll check that out the next time I’m tinkering.

I actually left out most details that would indicate an ethnicity to make it easier for people to fill in details as their imaginations see fit. I have a mental image of Thecla, but yours is not wrong.


I completely understand if you don’t; it is just a small part of the story and you have other things. At least the small bug report I sent in should be easy (just a couple wrong genders and a variable showing up in game).


Ah, man, you’ve hit it out of the park again. I was afraid Choice of Robots might be a fluke, but Magics likewise achieves just the right kind of replayability and mechanical crunchiness that makes this kind of game great. (And that go well with delving into the code to figure out how to achieve something!)

That said! One little thing that seemed off to me early on. If you become an official town wizard with very high adoration, everyone in town seems perfectly happy with it, nobody even raising any questions. You also get +5 added to your town_suspicion, presumably because you’ve been outright announced as a wizard.

Immediately afterward, a mob comes to burn down your house and kill you, because even that +5 alone is enough to hit the highest possible town_pushback threshold. And you really can’t avoid having even more suspicion on top of that, from your efforts to help the town. Maybe you intended it, but when I saw that the first time I thought it might have bugged out, because it was odd to go from “people are matter-of-factly accepting your appointment as official town wizard” to “lynch mob.”


Just because you have the support of the majority and the lawful protection of the town doesn’t mean that you have the support of the religious fanatics. That said, it could have been addressed, yeah.


Yeah, but if religious fanatics had a problem with it, I’d expect them to say something at the appointment. They do at <65 adoration. Above that, there’s not a whisper of resistance to the idea.

edit: Ooh, little bug. If you get exiled, you still get to make a choice about how the kingdom regulates the use of magic.

And in the epilogue, line 762 and 768 - if you’ve become the ruler, it will say, e.g., “Your mysterious meetings with player cause even more rumors to spread”


The mob thing is working as intended – if you have adoration as well as town_suspicion, that just silences the people who want to kill you while they’re in a public place. But thanks for catching the exile stuff - that will be fixed in the next update.