Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



Ah. My apologies, allow me to amend my post–there is a bug wherein despite choosing the non-flirt option of the two options, the queen still takes it as a flirt and then kisses me later.


Ah, okay, thanks. I’ll fix it tomorrow if I have time.


Thanks @Ramidel
I use fateshaper to boast negation but don’t use it much… so true peace in the end

And @Kuria_Aliki, in both my ending, i max out vivomanxy without using fateshaper, just heal people whenever have chance and test riding my dragon with cos , it was easy to boast vivomanxy for me :slight_smile:


Negation on the fateshaper is a cheat, yeah - it gives you the benefits of negation with none of the risks.


Yeah i guess so, or it is a lure or temptation to trick us?

i don’t want to harm the world further in my mindset, i just use it to cure rot …

By the way , will the spectal we release make an appearance later? I kind of wondering he and Abromax will fight one another… then there is 2 Gods or even 3 if MC becomes one too

Imagining War of the Gods with 3 loose spectals :smile:


It’s only a problem if you do start using negation wildly…but it kind of obviates the need for that. Honestly feels like a bug there - though it’s partly my fault. In playtesting, I made the argument that you shouldn’t get a climax without making it happen.

Perhaps the fateshaper should cause dark sun activity too?

And yes, the specter can make an appearance. But he doesn’t care about Abraxas.


there should be an origin or backstory about fateshaper, it is a powerful artifact , only a powerful archmage can made it… and i am curious how such power was kept in it? I would think it was a true gift from a true ancient god to the mage of the world

I am curious about the society about magisterium empire too, it seems a Wizard empire that deserve its own story…

Generally i truly feel the peace ending make the world better, it had such feel good atmosphere for me :slight_smile:


According to Via Verit Abraxas, Abraxas himself created Fateshaper. He set it to Negation to guarantee his specter plan.
You can read it with Ancient history 9


Hey thanks, that is too high for me…


Yeah, quite high indeed. One of my characters ended up with 10 Ancient, so I was really surprised by amount of passages you can decipher from this book.
Guess it make sense, considering that getting this book for free from academy costs you two optional rooms, same as alchemy set. Both of this items could be considered high tier due to their potential to influence playthrough/climaxes.


Yeah, but buying the book is just 250 gold. Much better than finding it.


Okay, that’s fixed. Thanks for helping to catch an extremely subtle bug - this is one of those things people could just write off as intended, but there was actually a missing check against thecla_romance.


Basic price is actually 300, but it changes due to some modificator. And, yeah, buying could be considered easier, unless you going for playthrough that makes it hard/impossible due to absence of money/unavailability of market at particular stages of game.
Same way alchemy set may be easier to buy, but it’s only make sense on some playthroughs, while others prefer to take it at the academy… Or ignore it.


I think the ideal path for any aspiring wizard is to get both lux to get the fateshaper for free in chapter 3 without using your study on making a second lux, the golem, the alchemy set, the other 2 room treasures and a dragon egg. I doubt there’s a more optimal haul than that. (so yes Ramidel I have came around on glamour being incredibly strong for loot now I’ve properly tried it controlling the murder golem is still the most badass however, and I’ve mainly came around because you can still slay the golem, get a haul of books and get a fateshaper early regardless which were my main arguments).

Also ‘True life of Abraxus’ can cost as low as 200 if you have decent charisma and try to sell your lux (your don’t sell it but instead improve all prices for free)


Exception: if you want to focus on Sam’s route or hatch your own dragon, then you don’t want to heal the woman. Route preference, obviously, takes precedence over loot maximization, and the fateshaper isn’t indispensable.

As for the murder golem, I dislike it because it cuts off options. Either I want to be a saint this route, or I want Twimsby as hierophant, and both are annulled by the MG..


All fair points to make. I resent that you called Tal ‘the woman’ though :wink: . Also how does that change anything with Sam?


I didn’t - I meant the old woman who needs alchemy and has no name.

As for Sam, using alchemy on her prevents you from…okay, I’m not going to spoil this. Why don’t you help Sam heal people instead of healing the old woman? Maybe try not selling your dragon egg? :slight_smile:


I vaguely know what you’re talking about :smiley:


There’s a character like that?? If so how do you unlock it?


If you’re the secret town Wizard you can name your own occupation if you so choose. And since it’s a write in you can write in anything.