Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?



But I’ve never seen the option to call friends with divination after escaping prison. Do I have to just run rather than cast a glamour to allow Espar to escape too? I cast a glamour to escape, me and him part ways, then there’s an encounter with a leper that leads to basically either escaping or being recaptured with no room for calling home. The only option on that path that I haven’t tried is tricking everyone into thinking I performed a miracle but I bet that causes peace and allows me to leave. The only conclusion then is I have to comfort my friend and then just run without casting a glamour, I’m pretty sure it’s almost literally the only option I haven’t tried at this point.


You know what the ancients say…

They think humor is a magic, really anything that impacted the game besides your skill stat and magic stat can be considered magic


After looking around script I’m starting to believe that you only get that set of choices after running from cell after Espar’s distraction, effectively sacrificing him. But that can’t be true, since epilogue for divination ending does include scene accounting Espar(if he’s alive). Either I missing something or there some mistake in script, hard to say without playing this path myself.


It doesn’t have to be an entire playthrough. Do you use chrome?

In developer mode you can collect a saved game, paste it to a textpad, and repeat from there. I do that fairly often because I don’t like having to repeat all the same choices to get to a point.


Just hold your horses for the update, which I think they’ll push very soon. There are a few different things that make the Div climax more difficult to find than intended in the current version:

1. Its choice option was originally intended to be marked with a (requires divination) to draw interest to it, but this got dropped on editing. The other options sound better on the face of it.
2. It did require running ahead of Espar instead of being self-sacrificing, which is counterintuitive.
3. Escaping early from execution could avoid the climax.
4. There was a bug in which players trying to be very peaceful might inadvertently start a war anyway and avoid the peace route.

The update will address all of these in some way.


Sounds like I’ve finally honed in on my issue then after going through almost literally every other option in that path. I’ve never thought to try running ahead, at least not before all of the other options. Next playthrough I might actually get it ‘og’ style. :open_mouth: I’m not particularly salty though, I’ve managed to explore MANY other cool endings during this journey.


Developer mode? Also I have the game online not on Steam which might make a difference. (I was so excited to play the game I couldn’t wait the extra few hours it took for it to release on Steam :joy:)


Just a heads-up: 6 fighting, a lux and 1 ally is NOT enough to defeat the executioner golem. Luckily I was able to blast it with negation afterwards but not before it caused Vera to meet a gristly end.


Tal would have made the difference.


I know. I think any 2 allies can, I know Sam+Vera in that same situation works.


I finally did it, I reached the divination climax! Espar was ran through and died however, and it didn’t help that my negation blast destroyed the body. I imagine if I used automation or vivomancy, Espar would have healed himself with vivomancy and lived. Because I’ve played the game so thoroughly while trying to get the divination climax, I’ve actually already gotten all of the positive results of the climax by other means. Next time I may intentionally fail the empathetic bonds one, but it’ll be hard to have high optimism/humour, AND high calculation since many stat changes tend to shift 2 or three.


Update is live - should be easier to reach the peace path and Div climax now. Also, there is a fun surprise on the very first screen of the game now.


Good illustration, and it actually does rather well on transmitting spirit of the story… Well, provided that Player doing playthrough with good bit of Humor.


So I was doing a replay, dating Tal, and I got to the court and had a really good relationship with the queen. And she invites my MC to get dinner with her, and then at the end of the dinner kisses my MC without their consent. And then after picking the option to explain that my character is spoken for, the narration says I should make sure not to tell Tal about what happened. This bothered me a lot–I don’t think I need to explain why I’m not happy to be forced to keep a secret from my significant other, but I figured it made alright sense that that type of thing might have long-lasting impacts on the way those two characters interact with each other and making it feel natural would’ve been a lot. But I’m really not sure why my character has to accept the kiss? I guess they could have been intimidated, given that she’s the queen, but I really hadn’t been playing them as such and I’d much rather the option to offend the queen than be forced to do that. It made the scene feel pretty skeezy, and really put me off finishing that playthrough


I get glamor climax (dying of rot) even I’m aiming for vivomancy. I know vivomancy can cause rot too (I guess?) but my mc never suffer the effect of rot (until suddenly dying of it with no foreshadowing). I play as a peaceful mc who choose every options related to vivomancy unless it’s morally wrong (like turning people into tortoises). I have a vivomancy pet. I become a saint. I choose vivomancy war strategy (beasts) that is still in progress when I was captured by the Magistarians. I achieve peace on my execution ground and suddenly the rot attack happens when I’m flying home. I have chosen glamor option only once when an assassin attack (before the war started, in order to know who sent him) because other options possibly involve killing him.

Anyone know how to get a vivomancy climax without hurting other people?


I probably should have asked about that myself sooner. Sorry.


Strange , i obtain vivomancy climax without suffering from Rot at all, i bought the book that counter glamour and negation, and study every magic book on vivomanxy like you, i never kill anyone and obtain true peace, when fly back i was attack by dragons but i minimised all of them into puppy size… wheni flew back i immediately marry Vera , ask the queen to start magic academy … so nothing bad happen, clear sailing all the way

I think if you have fateshaper, chose vivomanxy it will max your power immediately


Thank you for replying, from the code, it seems like setting the fateshaper to vivomancy increases the stat significantly, but it won’t push the player into the vivomancy climax otherwise (unlike setting it to glamor, with rot +5, or setting it to automation, with storms +10)


It’s not quite that simple.


Setting the fateshaper towards negation or vivomancy makes those endings more likely on the back end - in war.txt.

However, those endings require you to actually do something to trigger them - either use negation in your factories, use negaweapons, set off the Magisterian revolt, use beasts, or make a tortoise at some point. Automation can happen just by pissing off the skies enough - it doesn’t matter how - and glamor is almost entirely based on rot - burn.


Well, keep in mind that you only got to that moment by flirting with the queen. I’m assuming in the narration that you at least kind of wanted a kiss after that. There was an identical option without the flirting, and if you choose that, she doesn’t kiss you.