Choice of Magics — Your magic can change the world, but at what cost?





Hear that sound? That Fourth Wall, crumbling faster than Akriton Wizard Academy hit by vivomancy wood spell by amateur wannabe mage.


Well, I did add a Divination climax onramp to make it more common, while leaving in the old onramp (so if you find a different way to do the same thing, you’ll know you found the old way to do it and your personal quest is complete). So if you break out of your cell with Espar, there’s now immediately a chance to “phone home” and trigger the Divination climax if you have relatively high Divination. You also need to have a little patience during the execution scene.

This should go live with the next update to the game; it’s not up as I write this, but “pretty soon.”


Yeah, we’re trying to fix a bug in the way we update games that affects Magics a lot. Dan has some time today, so hopefully we’ll push out a patch with a lot of fixes and updates tonight-ish.


good to know, figured it would be a harder check


No more hints on how to do it the old way? :frowning: Unless the part about the execution scene was the hint but I passed the checks during that part and it allowed me to escape and sustain peace.


Is there a way you can follow up on your talk with Fran about betraying your kingdom (or at least that’s what the subtext was)?


Question for the author: What’s this mysterious extra magic that’s hinted at by the fortune teller?


You’ll work it out in time if you read everything carefully. It’s kinda staring you in the face. Sometimes you need more than just your 5 schools of magics, skills and equipment to overcome things.


Looking at the story log, is there a way to escape with Espar but then NOT part ways with him before encountering the leper? maybe it’s a super high charisma check to have him let you go see his wife? It seems like once you get to the scene with the leper, anything you do will lead you to escaping home or being recaptured by guards.


So has anyone figured out how to continue the romance with Cos? It always ends for me when my character becomes the advisor…


Give him something to play with at the capital. That’s how I do it.


Cos may be smart at managing a town, but he is an absolute dunderhead when it comes to common sense. My current play through I am running a divination mage, so when I am at town I do the divination shit, and I end up spying on Cos and finding out he is a shapeshifter. Now what does his dumbass do? He barges into my home with guards, ties me up and throws me in prison then tells the inquisitors I practice magic. Now that isn’t a good way to endear yourself to someone who just found out a dangerous secret of yours. So what does the inquisitors ask as soon as they meet me? Yep, if I knew of any shapeshifters… Whelp Cos, enjoy being gagged up and hauled away with me homie. I’ll be fine, it is your dumbass that will be executed.


I never would’ve executed someone who knows the way to Giant Woman…

Edit: Also, I remember someone was asking if it was possible to further turn into bird or mole.
Well, turn out if you got vivomancy climax and your enemy NOT turtle, then it gonna transform you into either mole or bird depending on what transformations you used before.


I was sort of on a Steven Universe kick when I wrote that.

Anyway, the easiest way to romance Cos successfully is to begin the romance in the second chapter - by dancing with him, for example - and then keep the relationship high. Things that improve Cos’s relationship are helping the town, joining him with his hobbies, and rescuing him from a dungeon - the sort of things you’d expect, with none of them absolutely necessary. When you move to the capital, long distance is a strain on any relationship, and whether he says this separation is going to be temporary or permanent depends on your relationship level and whether you’ve invented some means of travel that can make the long distance relationship easier (and give him a new hobby in the process).


easier way is you can glamor yourself before speaking to them, then ask them where they keep the mages. You should then have an option to lie to them saying you will go with them, and assuming you didn’t do anything to make them not trust you they should leave you alone to pack.


No, bu there is an ending where you learn a lot more about Espar’s business and family. Naturally, it’s a resolution to a Div climax.


On a sidenote, I saw that hosted version of the game was updated today. It wasn’t update with all ongoing fixes/changes yet, judging by glamor_up/talfriendly issue? Sorry if I sound pestering, it’s just that correct working of this scene is important for one of my playthroughs. :grin:


I see, will tricking the citizens into thinking I’ve performed a miracle or starting a revolution lead to the div climax? Otherwise I’m rapidly running out of pathways to pursue to get there and each one is an entire playthrough since I wouldn’t be able to restart there unless I die in chapter 7. If I can’t stay with Espar when I escape with him then I guess the climax IS through the leper encounter somehow.


Regarding Divination Climax, beware spoilers if you still want to get it yourself if I reading script right, you need to call friends with divination after escaping prison. Then, if you have atleast two people who like you, beside the Queen, they should come to rescue you during execution, before Espar usually interrupts. With this, divination climax going to start.